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December 14 2007

Bostonist reports from WGA rally. Brief look at today's rally in Boston, with snippets of quotes from Joss (and others), and some photos. I guess post here as other reports come in?

I HATE my chinese professor for not letting me take my exam earlier in the day... but I believe in karma. So maybe she'll probably get an STD! I'm lookin' on the bright side of life.

Joss, I wish I could have been there to support. (Emo tear...)

Sania D.
Whedon also dropped a tantalizing possibility that cuts the studios out altogether. He suggested that the strike might be liberating. Why do shows have to be made without studios? It would be a crazed, insane process--but it's worth considering if the AMPTP won't bend.

This might be the time to start direct-to-internet TV and see if it'll stick (yes, I'm aware a few internet shows have begun; I'm talking on a larger scale). Or independent direct-to-dvd series. I've been saying for a while now that a creator with a following the size that Joss has would be the perfect experimentation of this process. I support thinking outside the TV box.

Any Whedonesquers there? How was it?

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What a great, fun, article! I wish I could have seen everyone in their Jayne hats! I'm googling Joss + Boston to read more....
I couldn't really go to the rally because I had school, but I went to the bookstore afterwards with my sister and *just* got back. It was pretty intense. There was a crazy amount of people there and all the writers had amazing patience to autograph things, talk to people, and pose for pictures (and then re-pose when they came out blurry... why do so many people use camera phones?) After school I saw a bunch of people walking around Harvard Square with Writer's Guild signs, so I guess it was a success.
Hey guys! I'm still in Cambridge for the night and at a "you have 30 minutes and then we blow you up" computer, but I wanted to kvel and say that the handsome young lad pictured in that article is none other than my son! :-D (And yes, that would make me the 'mom' mentioned in the article and on his sign)

Will write a much lengthier and more detailed report (probably with more parental boasting ;-) tomorrow when I'm back on my home turf.
Very brief report from Give Me My Remote.
I was also at the was absolutely amazing (and cold) and I am completely wiped out from the pure wonderful insanity that was today. I'm uploading my pics now and hopefully my brain will be functioning again later tomorrow so I can give the day some justice in review-y-ness.

Here is the linkage:
I was there, too. Great fun was had by me (although I missed the opening speeches) and, I assume, by all. Marching around the Harvard Lampoon building and eating donuts and listening to Jimmy Tingle compare the MPAA to Hitler (sort of...) were all great fun.

Slightly less fun, though still a blast, was standing in line at Pandemonium books afterwards for about three hours to get Joss to sign stuff (though the company in line was great). Mucho fun was actually having him sign stuff and getting my picture with him and stuff. (He doesn't LOOK sick.)
Anyone have a number count?
MySerenity, great pictures. My question: Does Joss have proper winter boots? 'Cause he didn't even do up his coat. No wonder the cold lingers. Sheesh
OzLady, hope you don't have too much splainin' to do tomorrow as to why your son wasn't in school. Wait a minute - that would be an excellent time to educate others about why the writers are striking, so scratch that!!

WoOt! MySerenity! Gonna check out your pics next!

On to Portland?!?!
Why would a biologist specializing in the study of plants report from the - oh, Bostonist! Damn!

Now that I know that *that's* not the subject, it sounds like fun was had by many whilst supporting a serious issue.
There are more pictures here.
Oh, since it hasn't shown up in the pictures yet, the best sign was a banner held by two guys that said "I've never credited the Alliance with an overabundance of brains. - Mal"

STAN: Guys, I think we'd better stay out of this one.
KYLE: Yeah, this is starting to look like something we shouldn't be any part of. Let's go play with trucks or something.

Also home from the event. Had a blast! My kids were also in tow. I'm going to upload pics to the Flickr site shortly. Mine aren't that great.

Joss Whedon is one of the nicest guys in the history of ever. He was ever so gracious and funny. And really good to everyone who stopped by.

Jaime and Rob were also bright, funny and awesome. I was struck by the complete lack of "star" nonsense. My favorite bit was Joss walking past all the people in line waiting to see him at the bookstore and, concerned for their safety, yelled: "it's a cookbook!" Apparently, the people behind me were not getting autographs, but were instead going off with aliens?!?

I could have done with a little less snow, but I guess weather-making is up there with dragons on the WGA list.
I just got home about an hour ago. Because I over slept (and the universe kinda hates me) I missed the speeches before hand. I got there just before everyone moved onto the next location and walked around the castle (or whatever it is.) It was cold, the sun wasn't really out, but there were donuts and chanting, and lots of sign waving. It was great! I think we were almost able to complete a circle around that building/block.
Then everyone moved onto the book store and waited patiently to meet the writers. When I finally got up to the head of the line, I became my usual dork self. I think I was coherent, but on the way home I thought of a thousand other things I should have said. (Being a dork sometimes really sucks.) But Joss thanked me for having an "I am Dua Khalil" shirt on. That made me feel good. (I usually wear it to the mall. I get a lot of people asking what it means acutally. When they seem interested, I take off one of my Equality Now bracelets and give it to them. Has their web address. I have a ton of those things left still. Least I can do, right?)
Oh, and he's sick again.
Maybe everyone should try and send him some healthy vibes! Get that man well!
I'm just glad I got to participate, even if it was just to walk around for a few hours.

m'cookies, not only didn't he do up his coat, he didn't have a scarf on. Men. *rolls eyes*
Very happy-looking fan-and-mentor pic, MySerenity!

He's probably not contagious.

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MySerenity... didn't I see Joss pulling your pigtails? Glad you made it home safe!
It was great! I was in the front row and recorded Joss' speech...I'll post it to YouTube (then link it here?) after this crazy week is over.

Joss was so nice...I waited 3 hours to meet my idol, and could barely articulate a sentence. My mind must be on strike too. But, hey, we shook hands, I got a picture and he signed my all in all, a great day!

Thanks to Joss, Rob and Jamie. It was great to be involved.
Oh, since it hasn't shown up in the pictures yet, the best sign was a banner held by two guys that said "I've never credited the Alliance with an overabundance of brains. - Mal"

Oh man, I just busted a gut laughing. I just knew there was a good strike slogan in Firefly somewhere.

It was great! I was in the front row and recorded Joss' speech...I'll post it to YouTube (then link it here?) after this crazy week is over.

Yay! More Joss Strike footage. I just can't get enough of it. Can't wait for Portland to happen! *hint hint*

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OMG the photos with those Jayne hats are so funny! There may not have been a huge percentage of them, but they do stand out (I wish I had been there wearing mine!).
I like what Joss did to this poster. Also, you gotta love this one, too.

Any chance the Big Purple and his motley crew will come to Milwaukee?

I mean...they might not film anything there now, but Milwaukee County Stadium (Before it became Miller Park) is where they filmed Major League. "Ooh! Just a bit inside!" The Blues Brothers was also filmed there. "We're on a mission from God."

Ooh! New motto for the fans supporting the writers! "We're on a mission from Joss."
XanFan32, Joss did indeed pull on my pigtails when I had my back to him. One of the greatest things ever :)

For me, what was so amazing about yesterday was that I blew my first chance to talk to Joss about how much he meant to me back in 2006 at the Equality Now event that he was honored at (I'm sure everyone has seen the vid of his speech on youtube). Attending that was my high school graduation present and will forever be one of the most meaningful nights of my life as a woman, a feminist and as a human being.

But I chickened out--I froze when I saw him back then and was absolutely kicking myself for over a year later. But the thing is, I knew I'd have another chance to meet him and tell him how much his work as a writer and as a humanitarian means to me. As an aspiring writer for television (just like the big man himself), supporting the WGA strike in any way that I can means the world to me because its all about honoring the writers who came before, bringing justice to the ones we have now, and ensuring that the struggle we are going through now will NOT happen again to the future writers of America.

So yeah, this event was a big deal for me...and for everyone else there. You could feel the energy, the devotion, the browncoats. No one was forced to be there yesterday. They traveled high and low through outrageous weather to support the guild...and Joss most importantly. The man is a revolutionist when it comes to story telling. He is the most intelligent, passionate, COMpassionate, funny, innovative writer and humanitarian I have ever had the honor of meeting.

He is absolutely my biggest hero, idol, icon, etc..etc...because he took this insecure, quiet, shy, 14 year old girl and turned me into the woman I am today five years later. I am strong, confident and completely passionate about television (the worlds you can create, the character's stories you can tell) and equality (I've been involved with Equality Now ever since I found out about it and have since co-founded an organization called WAVE-Women Activists and Allies Vocalizing Equality on my college campus).

I am sorry for the obnoxiously long and over-sharing post, but I just wanted to open my heart and really explain to you all (many of whom I have gotten to know well over the years) what it truly means to me to have had the opportunity to meet Joss yesterday and say "Thank You" for all that he has done for me.
I'm going to start agitating for Toronto. It took a couple of times until we got the advance preview screening up here but we did make it for Joss' Birthday screening, so I figure, I should start now for the WGA rally tour to visit up here. We do have members of the WGA in Canada. And with any luck, just as the date is set and the plane ticket bought, the strike will be over but Joss (sans cold) will decided to visit anyway.
eta, MySerenity, great post. I'm so pleased you got such quality time with him.

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A Toronto event is a great idea. If for no other reason than that they could frame it as a "we'll go up to Canada and film our own series more cheaply"- type thing.

Also, I don't know any exact numbers, but there seemed to be a strong contingent of Emerson College students at the rally yesterday. Hooray for them!
MySerenity, that was a beautiful post. Thank you. (No, really).
And here is the infamous Alliance brains sign.
To Gossi's post, I add an irony-free "Aw!"
MySerenity...I'm feeling a bit of that regret myself. I can't believe I waited that long to meet him and then blew it...I barely said anything to my hero.

But, being there at all felt like my "thank you" for all of his work. Hopefully, I too will get another chance to thank him for his wonderful words.

If you read this Joss, the nerdy gay guy who was with the 2 sassy girls with the white erase boards says "Thank you." :) I'm not very eloquent, but your storytelling means more to me than I could express even if I were.

p.s. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my back shoulder and was hoping a Buffy fan with some skills could help me design it. Anyone interested?
yamsham, someone seems to have designed a symbol renouncing all that is Viking.

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Yamsham, I didn't talk to Joss when I had the chance at Mutant Enemy Day. I was very overwhelmed by being there, and I felt really shy. That's ok. I just hope I get another chance to meet him, and I hope you do too.
Glad to hear I'm not alone in my last-minute-chicken-outiness, Electric Space Girl :)
MySerenity, that was wonderful and dear. It's a rare thing in life when you get a chance to re-play or do-over something that matters to you so much, and I'm glad you got to meet Joss and tell him what his work has meant to you.

I must say something, though, and I so don't want to sound like a Mommy or something, but I just have to say it, anyway. If you've become a strong, confident and passionate woman through the influence of Joss' work, you did most of that work yourself, and more power to you.

I don't say this to undermine in the slightest the impact that his creations have had on you or me or many of us - I seriously had a weepy moment myself over something offhand he said to me on ME Day - I just want to emphasize that if his work has strengthened and supported and enlightened and cheered you along on your journey, you had to be receptive and open and sensitive and smart enough to hear him, and strong and passionate enough to take the steps you've taken to become who you are and do what you've done.

Don't misunderstand me - I love a good hero, and Joss gets my vote for positive and hilariously influential cultural icon of this or any other decade - but I think Joss would be the first one to turn it back on you, and remind you that artists may inspire, but inspiration's only the first step, and you took all the other ones yourself.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day, and I wanna see what you'll write.

"What is my place? How do I fit in? How can I help? Those are the questions all of my heroes are going to be asking themselves because every morning I wake up asking myself that. That and why does my head hurt so much?" - Joss,
Well, the great Boston Rally and Sneezetoberfest of aught seven is officially over. It was fun, and daunting, and galvinizing, and righteous and signy. I just want to say thanks to Jaime "Rob" Paglia for putting it togther and herding me through it, and to Rob "Actual Rob" Kutner for being funny and knowing facts about stuff. And of course, to the organizational peeps, too numerous to namify, who were organized and gracious and fun all day.

And the couple hundred fans, supporters and concerned citizens who showed up and marched with us through the snowy streets of Cambridge. It's very different than marching in L.A. -- people in L.A. all expect to see it, and they're in their cars. Here people stood on the street as we swarmed past, wondering what was up, and sometimes, gratifyingly, even bothering to find out. It was a great place to be.

(And I have to toss a little shoutout to MySerenity, who made me all melty both on the day and in her post. You could pretty much put that post on my tombstone and I'd be proud. Thanks.)

Well, I'm certain that by the time I land in L.A., the AMPTP will have gotten wind of our east coast uprising and caved on all our demands, including but not limited to the soon-to-be-watershed Dragon issue. Bu if I'm overly optimistic, I do know that this Rally was exactly what I and my peers needed -- a shot of adrenaline, sense of soldiarity outside our palmy environs, and a chance to tell you all over and over how grateful and resolved we are, thanks to you-know-who. (I mean you guys. What are you, slow?) If we have to take it to the streets of other cities, we will.

We will not be taking it to streets of Canada just now: this is about our community, and "we can do it cheaper in Canada" is not really the message we're looking to send to our sister Unions. But we appreciate the support.

Last thing: Another fave homemade sign: "We support the volumey text writers." Ahh, happier, more musical and less strikey days...

Thanks you all. Back to the picket lines! -j.
Well, this thread's about to explode!

(Oh, and yeah I guess Joss makes a good point about the "cheaper in Canada thing." I guess I'm jsut excited about the possibility of outside-the-studio's-control production and distribution, which can, of course, take place right here in the U.S. of A.)

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Hey, Joss?

Little ol' me here again.

Just had a thought. Ow.

What about a "Fifty States Rally"? Only...not really all fifty, 'cause...well, Alaska. And Hawaii.

Never mind.
QuoterGal, thank you so much for those kind words--I know they are straight from the heart and I do agree with you 100%. Thanks again, that post meant a lot to me.

And Joss, gah, you need to stop being so wonderful or my heart may explode (or implode?). But I'll take the "thanks" any day of the year from you :)
Nice to see you, too, Boss. :-)

I'm home now, but I am sick as a dog. I didn't get it from Joss (even his germs can't act that fast!), and though it FEELS like the "PBP Plague" this is definitely of the 'home grown, wet feet' variety! Anyway, my apologies for not being more posty; I will still do so soon AND with photographic evidence of the day!
What a great day :)
Please hang in there. The pressure is mounting and they're going to fold.
I hope this means that Joss is home safe & sound, and can get some rest before going back out onto the picket line! MySerenity, your post really moved me too, but of course you don't need me to say that since you know that Joss wants it on his tombstone....
I just want to say to QuoterGal: I wish I'd said that. And I probably will. Which will make me QuoterGuy.
Sweet Fancy Moses, talk about melty.

Um.. I think mebbe I have something in my glass eye.

*is verklempt

Talk amongst yourselves.

(Oh, and Jossir, I done brought you an extra Eddie Izzard "All for one and one for all" strike bracelet back from "Write Aid" last night 'cause you couldn't come. Izzard and Patton Oswalt killed the people in L.A. while you were knocking 'em dead in Boston.)
I went!
So great and I was able to finally ask how what the studios are doing to the writers' work is any different than what file sharing was doing to musicians' work. I wasn't able to get an answer but I WAS told by one Mr. Joss Whedon that it was a good question. YAY! Squee!!
Total fangirl dork but I got a hug!
I only have 3 pics:
I had a great time yelling (for an actual REASON this time.. heh) and singing and trying to not be totally fangirl dork (there is no hiding the fangirl-ism).

Thanks again to Joss, Jamie and Rob for coming out and getting us worked up to get involved.

P.S. I've emailed everyone on's list of contacts at the studios to ask them the question I asked the writers. I wonder if they'll have any answers?

SO much love,

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I am glad that the Boston rally was a success.
Dear Joss (and Jamie, though you may have to pass the message along if he doesn't read here), thank you for not collasping before I made it through the four-hundred mile long line to say hello. You were very good sports. *grin*
*waves to Love's Bitch* Glad you guys had fun at Pandemonium and even more glad that we didn't go. I can't imagine what I'd feel like today if we had! :-)
DruidessKat said:

...I was able to finally ask how what the studios are doing to the writers' work is any different than what file sharing was doing to musicians' work.

Let me take a crack at this, unpopular as I will shortly be.

#1: Because the WGA and the AMPTP signed a contract allowing studios to put certain properties online as promotional materials, whereas recording artists never signed a contract authorizing purchasers of their albums to rip the tracks and put them online for all to download.

#2: Because the studio paid the writers for the initial production of the product, which gives the studios the lion's share of the say in how the product is produced and distributed. Since album buyers only pay for the finished work, they do not have an analogous privilege.

#3: Because the studios take some steps to ensure that the material they put online cannot be easily copied by others who would steal it, thus cheating everyone (including the studios and the writers) out of their share of the profits... whereas people who share music files online do not.

I may add more reasons later as I think of them.

Bottom line: the writers signed a contract that permitted the studios to take actions the writers disliked. Part of the reason they are on strike right now--if I am not mistaken--is to force negotiation of a new contract that will eliminate some of those actions. But up until this point, the studios have been within their legal rights, while people who share music files online have not. Any facile comparison of "Oh, they put somebody else's work online, isn't it just the same after all" won't cut it.

[Edited to set off quote from DruidessKat]

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Thank goodness the storm wasn't so bad that it derailed the rally! Wish I could've been there, but being 800 miles away, I did my best to get involved: I went and got my flu shot Tuesday and thus was suitably sick as a dog on Friday in solidarity with Joss and the writers. Fortunately, Firefly was on SciFi late Friday night and smack in the middle of "Bushwhacked" my fever broke. Must've been a Reaver Fever. O.o
*waves back to OzLady* Hope you feel better soon.

It was insane at the bookstore, lol. Madness, I tell you! My poor muscles are rebelling, but we negotiated a deal and they are enjoying the benefits of heat pads and rest.

I'll have pics from the day and speech videos up later tonight.
BAFler, I think you might be mistaken. I believe that #1 is not covered under any contract, which the studios and networks took to mean that they could do whatever they wanted with online material, while the unions wanted it covered under the existing contracts for the showing of entire television shows on air or on cable. Also #2 the payments the studios make to the writers (and other creative people) are understood to be only partial payments: the residuals are the contractual equivalents of royalties that musicians get. I might add that #3 is only protecting themselves since they have already hung the creators of the shows out to dry.

Perhaps on #1 I misspoke from ignorance--I had heard the version I put forth asserted. But I am correct in asserting that the studios do not have to pay residuals for any promotional material, right? And the shows were not re-aired on television, so the studios were within the letter of the contract. Is it a crappy deal? Hell, yes. But it's legal, whereas most music file sharing is not.

On #2, I am well aware that the writers get paid residuals. They don't get them for promotions, however. And as I said before, since the studios pay money to produce something whereas the music consumer doesn't, the studio gets a say in the distribution of what they've paid for and the consumer doesn't.

As for #3, I did not speculate on the motivations of the studios--I have no doubt that they're primarily concerned with their own interests, as are most people and entities. I am simply pointing out that in those circumstances, whatever their motivation, their actions do not only protect themselves.

Other than a possible misunderstanding on my #1...I'll have to look into it...I fail to see how I am mistaken. I am simply saying that there are, indeed, very real differences between the studio/writer relationship and the artist/consumer relationship when it comes to putting content online. That's all I meant to say, period.

As for the conflict, the writers think the studios were permitted too much leeway under the old contract, so they're striking to change that--which is fine, except that both sides are displaying a great deal of immaturity in the bargain. I responded to DruidessKat's post because I feel there is no need to make a bad situation worse with fallacious comparisons to other situations.
embers, it appears you were right: the WGA and the AMPTP have no mention in their contract regarding use of content online. I withdraw the statement. (ETA: But everything else still stands.)

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BAFfler, on number two I had thought it was obvious that changing the vocabulary doesn't change the facts: calling the airing of an entire episode a 'promotion' is clearly a way of pretending it is something other than the entire episode. Decades ago, when television was new, the networks didn't want to pay writers residuals because TV was free and how could you ever determine a value for airing something for free? Well, obviously, by paying a percentage of the advertising dollars. When the networks (now days) air entire episodes of produced shows online, and load them down with paid advertising, they are trying to circumvent decades of contractual agreements. The networks are telling the writers that they aren't making any money online, but at the same time they are telling their stockholders (publicly - it is all documented) that they are making a ton of money off of the internet streaming of television shows. The networks might be lying to their stock holders (which would be against the law) or they might be lying to the writers (which is far more likely) but that is the beauty of the WGA only asking for 2.5%: they would only make money if the network is making money.
We will not be taking it to streets of Canada just now: this is about our community.

Well, it was worth a try.
Good to see the continued YouTube reporting for those who couldn't make this.
embers, I had thought it was obvious that I had made it clear I regarded the situation in question as unfair. I said as much in one of my earlier responses to you. The fact remains that the studio was entitled to determine what they called a promotion, and their definition was not "out of bounds" under the terms of the contract then in force. Their logic was, no doubt, that by allowing the last several episodes of a series to be streamed online, they kept interest in the series high, which would help sell the DVD box set of the season. (They might well be right in this, by the way.)

Let me state, again, quite clearly, just in case you missed it: I THINK THAT THE STUDIOS WERE BEING UNFAIR. Okay? They very clearly were making episodes available to the public without corresponding residuals going to anyone, which violated the spirit of the contract. BUT IT DID NOT VIOLATE THE LETTER OF THE CONTRACT. The fact remains that under the terms of their contract with the WGA, what the studios chose to do was LEGAL, BECAUSE THEY HAD FINANCED THE EPISODES IN QUESTION AND COULD PROMOTE THEM AS THEY SAW FIT. Hopefully, this writer's strike will change things so that studios will be forced to pay residuals for online airings of episodes.

But my point was, and has been since the beginning, that there is a big difference between studios choosing to stream episodes of a series and consumers choosing to rip the songs off of music albums and make them available online. Simply put: THE STUDIOS OWN THE EPISODES (partly), AND THE PIRATES DON'T OWN THE MUSIC (at all). When I responded to DruidessKat, I was not saying that the studios differ from music pirates in that their actions were right. They differ in that the studios' actions were legal. Therefore, the two actions cannot be considered the same.

Okay? Have I finally made myself clear? My Shift key certainly hopes I have.
Finally! My video is up. Get yer speeches HERE!
(link goes to YouTube playlist of seven clips, sectioned in order)
That was a treat, Love's Bitch, thank you very much.

Fine speechifying, JW -- Power to the Crazy People!
Thanks, Love's Bitch! The audio of your stuff is awesome. The photography is, alas, much like mine. And Youtube cut me off in the middle of the first part of Joss's speech, as it is wont to do, and won't let me get the rest. I'll keep working on it. At least I understand the dragon reference now :)
If we have to take it to the streets of other cities, we will.

And, FWIW, since you've in the past mentioned a possible Northwest stop, this was a subject of conversation a number of us had in Seattle today (a number of us being one from Tacoma and four from Portland) who met with Seattle members of the Guild.

We're going to need some networking action, because the Guild members up here are starting to get locally/regionally organized and talking about events.

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YW, everyone! They were too good to keep to myself. *grin* Not sure if I should have started a new thread for these. Surely someone in charge here can make the call.

Yup, dreamlogic, these were our first YouTube videos... we left the tripod at home and Mr. Love's arm kept getting crampy, thus the giggledy graphics. By my thinking, the speech was the most important part, so video be damned. (Next time, the tripod will not be left behind. Live and learn.)
Hell, yeah. I got the rest of the speech later, and it was worth the effort. Thanks to Mr. Love, too!
Thanks, Love's Bitch, that was great!

Another wonderful speech, Joss.

Myserenity, it is a lovely post and great to read. I'm with Quotergal though, about you being the biggest factor in your own successes.

I hope I someday have a do-over with Joss too. (wistful flashback) I met him out of the blue about 6 years ago when I was incredibly distracted by being at a business convention with my mother and 5 year old son in tow. (What was I thinking?) I did not know who Joss was, but my mother had been talking to these nice men she was sharing a couch with in the hotel lobby before I got there. She introduced us, and when I heard "producer/writer" I got very scared about what my mother, a singer and actress, had been saying and might say next about herself...and about me, a former actress and singer. (Think shameless self-promotion.) It made me want to protect the poor fellow, whoever he might be, so I said "hi" and tried to get my mom and son out of there and on to our next appointment. When my mom said he created a show called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" it pulled me up short. I remember really looking at him hard thinking something really intelligent like, "...Created? Like made up that whole concept? 'Cause that's a really good show. No, you don't just happen to meet people like that in a hotel lobby." But of course, if I had been thinking I would remember that my mother does meet people like that in hotel lobbies and everywhere else. Even so, all that came out of my mouth before I got us all gone was "That's great." (/wistful flashback)


I have no doubt that Joss has no recollection of that meeting, thank goodness, but I was already kicking myself a few minutes later as I explained to my mother that BtVS was a show I had a lot of respect for and watched whenever I had any time to watch TV. Little did I know, that a couple years later I would get to see episodes in order and my respect for the show would turn into love.

I certainly would not have predicted that BtVS would be a huge factor in helping me survive and move on from a corporate job that was sucking the soul out of me. I know, understand and agree with the reasons that helping young girls and boys become confident young women and men is seen as much more important than helping older people deal with life (though we may be the ones raising those young women and men. ;-) ) That does not mean the fact that someone was able to produce within the soul-devouring machine of Corporate America, a well written, artistic creation that reminds us to never give up is not in itself inspirational and incredibly valuable to those of us who have had years of that machine trying to grind us down...and...up. It also helps that this kind of work inspires people to create places like this, where we can come and discuss things that would make the people around us in real life, scratch their heads and move a few seats away.

I am not young, but I am in a much healthier place because of Joss.

So anyway, DO-OVER!

Ah, it'll happen some day...I'll just keep hanging out in hotel lobbies of major cities. The cops all know me now, so I don't get questioned nearly as much as I used to. ;-)
I was there! I made a couple new friends who took my picture w/ Joss at the signing. YAY!!

I tramped around the Harvard Lampoon building in snow and slush, carrying my sign which had been provided at the church (along with markers to add your own slogans); I had a cinnamon covered donut (that was lunch, YAY! and thanks to whoever provided them); and it was a very good day.

I now have a WGA strike button affixed to the sleeve of my coat. I look forward to explaining to anyone who asks about it.

I am so glad I was able to attend. A very good day.
I've said before that I was writing fanfic prior to getting hooked on "Buffy." But no other show has influenced me the way this one has. Because of this show, I went out and bought, and read, Bram Stoker's "Dracula." Because of this show, I have a much larger mythological reference "library" than I used to.

Because of this show, I've made many more online friends, two of whom I met in person at MotorCityBuffy in '05, and another I've yet to meet who is now my best (online)friend, and who is working on a novel called "Willow's Promise" that "gives Tara and Willow the happy ending they should have had." Sorry, Joss. should read this. It's really good.

Whenever I'm feeling depressed (Or, more rarely, suicidal) I pop in "Pangs" or "Fear, Itself." Or maybe the cemetery scene from "All the Way." And Giles' reaction to Buffy confessing her liasons with Spike in "Grave" makes me laugh every single time. (Shoot. Just seeing Tony grinning makes me feel better.)

I'm sure there's a Joss out there for every aspiring writer, someone whose work they try to emulate, and if the strike isn't resolved soon, those influences will be gone. (Granted, there's still the works of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, JK Rowling and others, but no one is threatening their livelihood.)
The Whedonverse does possess uncanny restorative powers, ShadowQuest. Too bad it can't cure Joss's cold.
Mp3 audio recordings of all three Boston Rally speeches, and the Q&A session, can now be downloaded right here, along with a little write-up and some photos.
I finally have my pics and video uploaded. The video is the first half of Joss's speech. It was a wonderful day and I am so thrilled to have been a part of it.



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Cool pix, evolutiongirl! (Some look out and out cold.)
Hi! First Whedonesque post for me, am so thrilled to be able to join! I think no-one is visiting this thread anymore, but - sorry - just have to post, since now I can!

I was able to attend the Boston rally, despite having laryngitis (had to wave my sign without chanting, must have looked rather disengaged, but that was definitely not the case!) Wanted to report here that I observed MySerenity's picture being taken with Joss. Was hanging out in the crowd when Joss and Jaime Paglia just walked up. Of course, total brain-lock on my part - what could I possibly say that would not be completely redundant, irrelevant, and an intrusion (I think he and Jaime were trying to figure out what was happening next, with the walk to the bookstore.) Finally, stuck out my hand and said the world's most banal and idiotic, but at least polite remark - "Thank you for coming", to which Joss replied "Thank YOU for coming" and gave me a hearty handshake. Then he caught sight of the cutest young woman with pigtails, greeted her warmly, and asked her "Could I have a picture with you, if that's not to goofy?" (or something to that effect.) Sweetest gesture, to ask HER for a picture! If I wasn't a fan already, that would have converted me on the spot.

So what I really wanted to say, instead of "Thank you for coming", was Thank you for your work, your generosity, and your entertaining and moving representation of existential philosophy. My mom and step-dad both died this year, within 5 months of each other, and the world stopped making sense for a while. "If nothing we do matters, then the only thing that matters is what we do" kept me going through some dark times.

Wishing all Whedonesquers a wonderful holiday season, and a fair-deal-full and strike-free New Year! And thanks for letting me join in!
Well, speechlady, I'm still reading this thread, and you get my vote for "First Thing That Made My Eyes Get All Watery Today" - which is no mean feat if you consider that it's Christmas eve and it reminds me that I'm an Orphling and that I, too, lost a mom (and a brother-in-law) within days of each other a few years ago at Christmas. And a dear Pop just a few before that...

Buffy and friends helped get me through some very dark times, too - you might enjoy reading these other whedonesque threads to see how often that's true for many of us. And welcome to the room, as we say, and don't forget to wipe yer feet. ; >
So nice to get more stories. Thanks speechlady.
Hope your times are less dark, speechlady, and more sunset-tinged these days. My dad died this year, and against the dark I've lit 1000 (approx) teeny little solstice lights.
We read old threads round these parts, speechlady. My condolences on your and Pointy's loses.

This year I lost some friends and co-workers of disturbingly varied ages, but unfortunately, that is to be expected.

Lights are good, though. I'm going to go put more on my tree.
QuoterGal, Lioness, Pointy, and Newcj - thanks for the warm welcome! I feel quite at home now! QuoterGal, I read the comments you suggested, and now we're even, as you had my eyes watering quite well. Pointy, so sorry to hear of your recent loss of your dad, as well as your loss of your wife, in one of the comments QuoterGal pointed out.

Off to light some more candles!!
Wow, I'm like Mr. Morbidity.

I mean, thank you, speechlady, for your sympathy :)
The Writers Guild East has put up the Boston speeches on Your tube. One is here and you can find the others by searching the Guild's videos.

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