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December 14 2007

Sign up for Sarah Connor Chronicles newsletter and get a free poster. From the FOX site. Quantities are limited to 500 per poster.

Speaking of which, did everyone submit their entry to the poster competition yesterday? Mine is here.

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Nice one! Here's mine, along w/ a desktop wallpaper I made just for kicks.
US only I take it ? Dagnabbit.

(I think your site may be getting Whedondotted lexigeek, won't load for me)
Sad that's US only, but not surprised, as how tv is technically distributed now, we're not really supposed to watch this until they arrive over here.
I ordered my free poster. I might be the only one who thinks so, but my favorite is #2. It's a bit subtler, and kind of melancholy. There's a lot going on there. I can appreciate the Torso-Summer (hey, saw that bilboard in L.A. on the way to ME Day) and Borg-Summer posters, but they're just kind of obvious. I wish I could get two though, one for my brother and one for me.

[ edited by ElectricSpaceGirl on 2007-12-15 02:50 ]
Lexigeek, and b!X, I like both your posters. b!X's evokes at once strength and sadness, and Lexigeek's is quite the power shot. If I had to vote between them, I really would have a hard time choosing.

Am I the only one who, immediately upon seeing the image of Summer with a gun, flashed on the thought Fox was using images from Serenity? Heh.
Chances are this means that 11x17 promo posters will be arriving at comic book stores too. I believe they wouldn't print these only for the online promotion. Nonetheless I applied for the "mother of all destinies" poster.
I also like #2 the best, though I do like torso-Summer as well. Soon as I take that pesky "Fox" off, I'm going to put them in my desktop rotation.

Lexigeek, and b!X, I hope one of you guys wins!
I like the posters but would have real trouble giving Fox my name and address.
Good luck to both b!X and Lexigeek. I like both designs.

[ edited by Lioness on 2007-12-15 03:54 ]
Electric Space Girl, if you want, you could subscribe your brother. I have a family member who's a fan of firefly, so I entered her name and address for one of the Summer posters.
DavidB, yeah, but I won't do that without his permission. And I'd rather tell him about it so he can do it himself.
I ordered dangling torso Summer.
Number 2 for me. Wait, that didn't come out right! Oh, crap, neither did that! I should just log off.
My brother says he doesn't have much use for a poster, since he doesn't like putting them on his wall. He likes these but it really ain't his thing.

More for you guys!
I just wonder if I can trust them... oh well. Not going to do it, out of paranoia.
I too ordered dangly torso Summer. It's just too freakin' amazing to not own. Thankfully, Fox will only have my soul for a year as I gave them my college address.
This was my entry in the poster contest:

Just nobody tell Summer what I did to her face!

[ edited by erico on 2007-12-15 10:02 ]
The first two are my favorites. I HAD to choose the second, though. I hope they don't run out!
erico...really digging your poster.
I like the posters the three of you designed better than Fox's. Good work -- and good luck!
hey thanks for saying! I'm sure there were better posters entered in the contest (nice ones b!x and lexigeek!), but if by some chance I do win, I'll try to snag a few words from Summer for the podcast. Assuming she forgives me.

[ edited by erico on 2007-12-15 22:06 ]
Personally, I am ticked that I, as a Canadian citizen, can't sign up because of my address. Guess it's another reason to want to hate the suits at Fox;)
I don't like dismembered Summer. I like her limbs attached. She has gorgeous, limber limbs. Limmy goodness should not be lost.
Does anyone know how many episodes they filmed so far?
Not that many it seems Simon. Briefly, Josh Friedman was apparently only actually there for the first episode to be locked down, the rest are being edited/post-produced etc. without him. I also read that to get a full half-season, they'll use scripts that he submitted before the strike either without edits or edited by the (non-writing) producers.
... and that's some good stuff Pointy, insightalicious (glad you explained the Catholic stuff though, was Christened a Proddy dog and now i'm nothing so i've little to no idea about the details ;).
Thank you, Saje, tho I fear my explanation may have been slightly crap. I left out the part about how sometimes a Renaissance artist would place someone in contemporary (for 15th century Florence) dress in a biblical scene and have that figure stare out at the viewer to underline the How Do You Fit Into All This point and not, as some critics think, because the artist was just ignorant about how people dressed in biblical times. Again, just a pet theory, but I think my Renaissance art teacher was charmed. Plus, can't pass up a chance to say "homiletics," a word almost as pleasant as "candelabra."

[ edited by Pointy on 2007-12-16 01:38 ]
I too went with Summer Torso. And erico, I really love your poster!
I actually went for the Lena Heady one. (Do I have to have a fan membership of some kind revoked?) (A dismembered Summer on my wall might freak me out after a while, is all.) (And I, uh. Like Lena Heady.)
Uh...violetohara? It's "Hedley" not "Heady." Just thought I would let ya know ;)
Nope. Heady. Check it out. =)
Actually, it's "Headey".
It's dee-mo-NAY, dee-mo-NAY! ;)

(Not to be confused with Headley Lamar...)

[ edited by Haunt on 2007-12-16 18:39 ]
I also ordered the Mother of All Destinies poster ... I'm all for getting something free from Fox Television. And maybe we'll actually see the show at some point, though if there are episodes already in the can the strike won't affect that, will it?
Hey, anyone still watching this thread? I came home from work to find a box in front of my door. I couldn't figure out what it was until I peered closer at the tiny type on the sender's label: "Terminator Poster."

I had totally forgotten I'd put my bid in for one and it's here and GORGEOUS! And HUGE! I got the Mother of all Destiny and it deserves a nice lucite frame.
I got mine today! Though it was all squished and flattened. Oh, well. I'm still gonna hang it on my wall!
I got mine, squished and flattened as well. But I'm hoping in a frame it will look okay. Cool poster, indeed.

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