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December 16 2007

New Official 'The Air I Breathe' Trailer. The newest trailer for SMG's (SMP?) latest film, The Air I Breathe.

... I think they messed up on a few of the characters. Isn't Sarah supposed to be Sorrow? Maybe they weren't trying to reflect the characters and just the emotions...

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I must say, the SMP thing was never amusing.

I noticed the switch as well, perhaps they switched the characters' names.
SMPly the best . . .

. . face to articulate a character's inner life
I live that trailer more than the first we saw.

They didn't spoil too much of the plot of the film in this trailer but it did reflect some really nice moments. It seemed to make sense not to focus on just the characters which share the names of the emotions purely because it's hard not to reveal too much about the journey of each character if they just show moments of sorrow for Sarah's character, love for Kevin Bacon's etc. The film is also meant to show how they're all connected... so it makes sense from that point of view too.
My interest is piqued. From this preview I'm not sure what to expect. Went to IMDB to fill in the holes this preview left. Might even be a film that claws its way into one of three movies I see a year at the theater.
In terms of what a trailer is supposed to do, this fails horribly. It did not tell me enough about it to let me know if I care, and it did not pique my interest enough to make me care. Too bad... it seems like an interesting concept, except I don't get it at all.

That said, if I can figure out a little more about it, I might still see it.
Does anyone know when this movie is due out sa well as Sarah's other movie "Possession"? Thanks.
The Air I breathe will release on Jan. 25, according to IMDB. Possession, which I'm most excited about (Lee Pace and SMG!), Feb. 29.
I didn't know anything about this, but the trailer makes me want to see it. A bunch of good actors acting. Looks like a bunch of seemingly unconnected stories that start to connect, like Crash or Magnolia, but I could be wrong.
Much, much better! I can't wait for this film!!! That cast is amazing. And yep, I can definitely feel that Crash vibe which is fine since I adore that film.
Why is it a "Crash" vibe instead of a "Pulp Fiction" vibe?(1) Anyhoo, it does seem like one of those spaghetti films that winds up being one noodle; and I'm totally good to go with that.

(1 - Here's to hoping a bright person will deliver me some edumacation on a film that predates Pulp Fiction as being a bunch of seemingly different stories that are connected.)
Yep - Pulp Fiction too! I can see it...

Can't think of any other films though, sorry.
Another movie of interconnecting plots... Babel!
Interconnecting plots - does 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' count?
Purely opinion but when the captions start "We are all strangers" and "We are all living in fear" that feels more 'Crash'y to me (because the whole point of 'Crash' was disconnection and how fear and ignorance lead to anger and mistrust). 'Pulp Fiction', despite being a work of genius as far as i'm concerned, used intertwining narratives more for technical reasons, to relate the story in an original, interesting way (though it did also create little character resonances too, it wasn't the point of the film).

('Memento' sort of had an intertwining plot - i.e. it intertwined with itself - which worked well, the story plays out of order so you discover things unexpectedly, like 'Pulp Fiction' but slightly more ingrained into the fabric of the film and its central character)

Hmm, I think I actually prefer the first trailer - this one is arguably more coherent but less impactful IMO and shifts the emphasis away from Pleasure (Brendan Fraser) and his thread about changing destiny (which appeals to me). Maybe they thought it was a bit spoilery ?
Yeah, I felt like the first trailer was one big supercharged climatic scene after another. And while that did make me go, "whoa! I want to know what happens", I like this one better. It's more...serene? But still as intriguing. I felt like I got a good sense of the premise without it giving away plot.

Looking forward to it. And if it's anything like Crash, I'll definitely enjoy it.

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