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December 17 2007

Firefly DVD Box Set for $19.99 at Target this week. Believe it's an in-store special only; not online. Search the racks; it may not be shelved where you would think.

Target has a 'TV on DVD' section and a 'boxed edition' section (which is often tv). You will find it in Boxed Editions this week. I was personally ticked because it went on sale on Sunday (I work at Target for Christmas), but I met Joss on *friday* at the Boston TV Party. So I just had to have him sign all my other things, instead ;-)
Thanks for the "boxed editions" tip; I do believe that was where I found it, after searching in vain in "TV on DVD." Also... the shelf price at my local store did NOT list it on sale, but it rang up at the sale price at the register.
Did anyone else notice that they started putting a "Primetime Emmy Winner" sticker on the box set now?
This is still the lowest price I've seen in a Brick-and-Mortar Store for the Box set, but....
Has anyone else noticed that Target already Had it for $19.95 during late Summer and early Autumn, only to raise it to $24.95 right before the Holidays? It's a good price, granted, but not exactly a "Sale", either.
No, James, the one I bought last night to give to my boss as a late Hanukkah gift does not have that sticker.... 2 days after getting home from the cruise, at the office party, I was trying to explain to him where I had just been, and how this is a fandom for a "thoroughly written" show, in Jonathan Woodward's words. My boss said he enjoys Monk, another thoroughly written show. So now he's going to get to see Firefly.
Check out Fry's Electronics if you have a store near you. Yesterday I got Bones season 1 for $16.99, Bones season 2 for $16.00, and Firefly for $16.99. They also had all the seasons of Angel and Buffy on sale for $17.99 each.

I was going to post this on the front page, but I know that their online store doesn't guarantee prices in-store, and their in-store prices are different than the online ones. Plus, there is a possibility that stores are different (I'm confused as to how Fry's works).

Their website is The one I went to is in Indianapolis, so any Indy Browncoats should absolutely check it out.
No Fry's nearer to me than about 75 miles. And Target's online price right now is more than the in-store price of $19.99.

TD, I take encouragement from the fact that this little "obscure" TV show, 5 years after cancellation and nearly 4 years after initial DVD release, is still getting shelf space in brick-and-mortar stores like Target, where DVDs are only a small part of the total inventory, and thus space is at a premium. They wouldn't put it out there if they didn't expect to sell it.

In the words of I-can't-remember-who, how much more --er, stuff-- do we have to buy before Universal notices and greenlights a sequel??
Dang. I just went to Target on Saturday because they had the confirmed lowest price at $24.99 and picked up Firefly as a gift for my aunt, uncle, and cousin. Now it's wrapped and sealed in a box waiting to go the post office. Kinda hard to return for the sale price, huh? Oh, well. I hope this nice price means many happy people during the holidays. Anyone got a good recommendation on a low price for Wonderfalls?
Prosperina - just take them your receipt and they can refund you the difference. No need to unwrap and take the item with you. You may even be able to do this by phone, so give it a go.
Thanks for the advice, zeitgeist! I didn't know you could do that.

I've got one of those "Primetime Emmy Winner" sticker on the Firefly box set. Very Shiny! Bringing DVD in to work to go to someone's family member stationed in Iraq. They are getting a Serenity Collector's Edition too that I picked up for $8.99 at Best Buy. Looking at the right side of this page Serenity CE is still on sale at for $8.99.


Thanks for posting this, now I'll be able to get a replacement Firefly for $19.99. Whoo-hoo! Never know when you'll need one.

Remember if they are out at your Target ask them if it is possible to get a raincheck.
Yes, Rainchecks are a great idea and most Targets will honor it. I wasn't trying to be Grinch-ish in pointing out the price manuveur(sic).... just pointing out that stores tend to do that this time of year. Target has consistently had Firefly on their shelves, at the lowest everyday price I've seen all year. So my hat's off to them for their support of our favorite Show. :)

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