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December 17 2007

First March of the Mutant Enemy, Part 2. The Mutant Enemy Day Documentary concludes, interviewing more folks, including William Mapother (Lost) and Joss Whedon himself. As someone who was there, this video (and the part before it) shows exactly what it felt like to be there that day.

I missed the water balloon? When did that happen?
I missed the water balloon? When did that happen?

Yeah, it had a tremendous impact on the day /sarcasm. This was a great video essay. I think the moral was, hang out with m'cookies if you want a lot of screen time ;).
I was wondering what the 15000th entry would be.
Felicia Day, you just got Glau'd! ;-)

Apart from FD being overlooked (in Part 1, it took me a while to notice Joss... cause he was walking next to her =), this mini-doc was awesome.

(Post #15000, woohoo!)

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m'cookies and Joss! :D

I missed the water balloons. It was a crowded picket and I missed a few people too. So surreal to see Alan, Nathan and Summer picketing together. I need to see a clip of them walking the picket line in slow motion set to a piece of Firefly or Serenity score.

Does anyone know the name of the composer who sitting at my table at the picnic?

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I was wondering what the 15000th entry would be.

Shiny. I feel honored to provide it. :)

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The water balloon incident happened later in the day. Lynn got hit by some "shrapnel", as seen here.
Of course, I can't be sure who was sitting at your table, ESG, but I do know that the Buffy composer Douglas Romayne was at the picket and the picnic, and that he was smart, dear and handsome.

Um, *blush*, I mean he was there.

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Yes, that was the guy. And yes, handsome and very very nice.
Now now QG, remember you are taken.
How wonderful to see this. I have such a bad memory, it takes videos like this to remember that "Yes, that is what was said!"

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Now now QG, remember you are taken.

But I'm not! :D
I think the moral was, hang out with m'cookies if you want a lot of screen time ;).

Yes, well, I was jealous of all the screen time the grr argh finger puppets I brought had in Part 1. Glad to see that, at the picnic, I sat exactly where everyone could see me stuffing my face on video. {/sarcasm} Yikes!

I will never forget ME Day, but I wish the news about strike talks later that day hadn't been so dire. What an incredible experience, though. And how wonderful to meet so many of you in person!(Thanks for the fancy scarf, QG.)
That dog! Oh, how I loved that dog.
Thank you for these videos. They really help those of us who couldn't be there be there. If you know what I mean.
I second that, jcs.
It really does mean a lot to those of us who couldn't be there or Boston to see these vids and pics and to read the fan reports. So, a big thanks to everyone who's posted anything that let the rest of us vicariously experience these events. It has been greatly appreciated.
Dru and Mal were walking together and laughing! *pause* Or would that be Dru and Caleb.

Thanks for the vid, it made me all teary to see it. Not because of how amazing it is to see these fans support those who literally bring beloved characters to life but how astonished I keep getting at the power of people. Individual people put together are a strong force and are an unshakable voice. It actually leaves me hoping (and not belittling the WGA or anything) that people can so easily get together for greater things, to put a stop to the fighting and the pain and the destruction. Somber. Yes, I get that way sometimes.
Drum roll first post to Whedonesque! ;)

It was a privilege to make these little movies. I remember well what it was like to be in the little town where I grew up (pop. 25,000) and hear about these sorts of events and not be able to attend. I'm glad that those of you who weren't able to come got a little flavor of what it was like.

I wish my camera and editing equipment were a little more capable (I lost an excellent interview with Marti Noxon due to a technical problem). Nevertheless, your kind comments and reflections have done me a world of good. Being a moviemaker in Lost Angeles is a tough path. Connecting with a community of people who have appreciated my work is a great shot in the elixir against the cynicism of this land. And it's been great meeting you folks, too!

Tony T
Thank you for the neat presents, AlphaTone.
Glad to see you got membership, Tony. Welcome to Whedonesque! Loved the videos, now where's the blooper reel? ;)

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I vote no blooper reel. (Remember I admired his editing skills? There's a reason!)
Actually, there's not much more footage than you see in the mini-docs themselves. I shot on my still cam, using mem-sticks, and I only have four gigs of space. I shoot, review, edit the clips on the fly in cam, delete anything that won't play later, and hope I don't run out of space or battery power before the end of the day. bloopers. :( Sorry. What you see is what I shot, for the most part, with some layering and some reworking for the pastiches, of course.
You've done a great job Tony, I really cried over part 1, and I was roused by part 2 (needing to march around the apartment even though I had no sign). I hope you'll have the chance to make more well, really I hope the strike ends too quickly for you to make more, but if it continues I hope you'll continue documenting!
I hope we have another Mutant Enemy Day so Tony can document it. Well, somehow in my head that makes sense.

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