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December 17 2007

Space Western holiday specials. Yes it's that time of year when we get to chat about the Firefly Christmas episode. Hooray!

Awesome, also the Bebop and DS9 entries made me chuckle. Love the bit about Jane Espenson denying it... she will perhaps be bewildered when people start pestering her to "Just admit it, Jane!".
Ah yes, what an episode. The sight of Jayne dancing still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
It was such an awesome shiny hat. I'm surprised I don't see more people dressed as Mal wearing one in all those convention photos. I suppose some things just don't take off like others.
This was always my favourite episode. Especially the scene where the Captain of the Reavers takes the ship's llama hostage...
I *must* see Jayne, Mal, and Wash doing ballet. I just must!
Greg Edmonson adapting Tchaikovsky to Chinese Flute and other exotic instruments... genius!
Oddly, I think that if Firefly had had a chance to run a few seasons and get its niche audience that would go with anything they did... I could actually seeing all that trip-inside-River's-head stuff happening!
I had no idea such a thing existed.
I'd point you towards the website but I don't remember who has it - gossi or the one true b!X.
omigod, WHERE?! Must seee it!
This can't be real, wouldn't Joss or Fox added this unseen EP to the box set???

Gossi, chime in?
Hello? In what reality does this exist & how do I get there? I have never felt so clueless. :_(
It exists in another reality, on account of being a joke (Lioness, you are a scallywag of the first order, what're you doing to these poor folk ? ;).

And i've heard that certain controlled substances can help you get there but I don't necessarily recommend it ;).
Oh .... that reality. Less clueless now :-)
Hey, it wasn't my joke! I just um, helped it along.

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