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December 17 2007

Watch David Boreanaz on Graham Norton Uncut. BBC viewers can catch David on the uncut version of his talk show appearance. Viewer guidance: forget the fact he swears, he pretends to be Simon Cowell.

I saw the end of this last night and I must say it's worth viewing for David's socks at the end (40 odd minutes in): "I've been flying in these for three days".
He was great and I love his shoes.

He also popped up on Paul O'Grady (TV for Old Ladies!) last Monday or Tuesday. It's been nice seeing him on TV :)
Sharon Osbourne seems a sensible substitute for Cordelia (at least as she started out - talentless bitca)... I guess that makes Norton the Host?
that show was hillarious i'm not really a norton fan but i am now : P lol i just carn't get over when david and that lad who pretended to be danny started cuddling lol
I tried watching it and got a "this program is only available to visitors who live in the UK" link. (Darn IP filtering.) Sigh. Are any other yanks able to view it at some other URL?
I'm fairly certain someone has posted how to do this before, but if you set your proxy within your browser to a UK one you should be fine.

You can dig out a Uk one from here (search for Great Britain)

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The first "cut" transmission of The Graham Norton Show is on YouTube - you just don't get to see the socks. Part 1 here.
I don't watch Graham Norton much anymore - I mean, I like him just fine, he's such a malicious elf - but it's always just more of the same, now, and leaves me feeling like I've just eaten a bowl of cheetos or something. However, I used to watch him all the time when his show was first made available to the U.S. on BBC-America, and I just hafta say that David made Graham the absolutely most non-plussed I have ever seen him in that little bit about "dead bodies - real or dummies?"

Maybe I'm a little malicious myself, but I guess I found it just a tad pleasing... probably because it's Graham's thing to embarrass his guests, and this was a bit of table-turning by someone I like. Or maybe I'm just a bitca, I dunno. Oh, and I did enjoy watching Sharon Osbourne with David...

Anyhoo, it's odd and coincidental - I ran into David B. on a plane to Philly last year around Christmas, and last Saturday I saw him at the Grove mall in WeHo.

(Okay, admittedly it could be anyone in that black coat & fedora, but I swear it was David - and we saw him earlier in the Apple store, and that was even more pleasing to me... I could've gotten a better photo, but I absolutely did not want to intrude on his day out with his family, so hence the crappiness of this shot... I have one from the back that's even less distinguishable as him.)

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That hat! Oh David. Boreanazitis!
Of course its also available on the internets ;)
Maybe you have to have seen The X Factor, but that was SO funny at the end.
I don't know about the whole uncut show but the other version is streamed on too :)
Loved Graham's imitation of Louis 1000%!
That was awesome - thanks for the link. (Hooray for being in the UK at this particular moment in time)

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