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December 18 2007

"Waitress" script available at FOX Searchlight. As part of the push for award recognition, FOX Searchlight has posted the scripts for several of their movies for free download, including "Waitress."

"After a moment, the door swings open to reveal DOCTOR POMATTER, a man in his early 30s. DOCTOR POMATTER is not exactly handsome, not exactly not."

Our Nathan, not exactly handsome? Clearly the casting director took liberties with Ms. Shelly's character description!

Love the tag, C.A. Bridges.
Too bad the Golden Globes didn't take a bite of that "Proudly-Presented-For-Your-Consideration-Pie" but the SAG and Academy Awards can still take a bite.
Oooh, the Juno script! Sweet!

I have yet to see Waitress. I should get on that.
yes, ohbejoyful, exactly my thought! I especially love the next sentence "He grows on ya." Which is so true.
I'm kind of surprised that at least two of the four comments above mine didn't say something along the lines of "I bet FOX didn't pay their writers for this, either."
And the people who wrote these scripts will get...

Just as I thought.
Too bad the Golden Globes didn't take a bite of that "Proudly-Presented-For-Your-Consideration-Pie"

Well, the WGA cockblocked the entire ceremony today, so...vindication?
*Useless gushing-like post* Not exactly handsome? No... actually, that is exactly what he is. (And a big dork. Ahh... perfect.;) )

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