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December 18 2007

"Waitress" makes Time's Top 10 movies of the year. The little movie that could has made Time magazine's tope 10 movies of the year, coming in at #9. Yay for Nathan !!

I hope Adrienne Shelly is celebrating with the angels.

Shiny! :) Also noticed that Mad Men made #1 on the TV list, and that Pushing Daisies made it too...
Hey! This is great news, thanks for posting coolpeace. I saw this for the first time just last week (Netflix. Still not sure, are we supposed to be Netflixing right now?), and it charmed the pants off me (not literally, but still). Very funny and dear.

Nathan was a philandering schmuck, though. Didn't realize he had a devoted wife 'till near the end, but he still played it with such genuine kindness and crushiness I couldn't hate him. As if I ever could.

Well, maybe Caleb.

Nah, he was a great villain. :)
Double yay for "Waitress"! I'm sure this will help make the DVD a great gift idea.
I'm also sure Adrienne Shelley is celebrating with the angels, too.
Weird. I'm wrapping my sister's copy of "Waitress" right now!
hey coolpeace! how are you doing??? Great find! this just makes my year! Thanx for posting!
In the Valley of Elah? Are you kidding?
I bought the last special edition Waitress DVD set Borders had in my area. I sooo wanted to put it in my own stocking but gave it to my BFF instead.

The Borders Exclusive with the 10 Pie Recipe cards! I got those for family for Christmas presents. Kept one myself.

Anybody else, if your Borders is out, they can order Borders Waitress Exclusive DVD to the store for you from their warehouse.

boxofficemojo Waitress Video rental figures Rental gross to date 17 million 3rd week #7 rank. Box office Worldwide gross almost 22 million.

Numbers DVD sales chart 340,900 DVDs to date for $6,814,591

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