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December 19 2007

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for 'Angel: After The Fall' #5. This issue will be out in March.

Aww, Angel and Spike making love again. Looks passionate.
Except for the excess of clothing and the absence of hot oil, it's almost Buffy's dream come true. ;)
Yeah, and there's a stake. Kinky.
By the end of issue #4 Spike and Angel will

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Interesting that this lists Joss as the writer. Are the other issues solicited this way?
Okey-doke, so that is Angel. I was having trouble telling upside down.
On a side note, they made an amusing slipup in the graphics for Star Trek: New Frontier. They used a graphic from Justice League New Frontier... so now, it looks like Martian Manhunter is in Star Trek.
*head desk* I really shouldn't have looked. It's not that I don't have that tiny voice in my head that warns me to do such things (i.e. looking into a snapshot the future when you can do nothing about it) it's that I am a long time Spoiler-addict. I thought I was cured, but I only kid myself.

Regarding the cover... Ah, won't those silly boys just stop fighting and SHARE the hair gel? *shakes head disappointed*

FYI, I was going to comment on a pro-slash sort of way, but then I thought I'd be pointing out the obvious. Which like everybody hates. Yeah so, Written by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch, wonder if the "once time" will come up in conversation. Ahhh, be still my slashy heart. ;)
Mirage: I know, me too! I've been trying to avoid all spoilers but I just had to go take a peak. I noticed it said "Written by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch" as well. Maybe it's a typo? Hmmm.

Very nice cover art and...and....yeah, I can't not say it.

I always knew Angel was a bottom.
I always knew Angel was a bottom.

See, I always figured Angel for a top. Or Angelus, anyway. Maybe Angel has become more submissive. Seems like they're fighting for dominance anyway...
Looks more like it's during the fall to me.

Ba dum ching.
Oh, Angelus? Definitely a top. Uh huh.
Lady Brick for the win!

Hey, ATF 2 came out today!
Mmm, yes, it did. And it's gorgeous. Not sure about any one else but I was kinda wanting for the thread announcing it was out so that we can all talk about it, Mr. Lynch.
Thank you, thank you. And a reminder to stop at the comic book store today is a welcome prize :)
I missed my son making a basket in his ball game in order to run to the comic shop before it closed, only to be told that there usual order only covered the reserves. I tsk tsked them, pointing out that they were making me go to the mall, and they claimed that they really did not want me to have to do that either.

The thing is, if they know that the order will only cover the reserves, can't they up their initial order? At this point they are getting their order and reordering the same day, yet the store in the mall seems to have plenty. I'm very confused.
Not much more here for me to say.... except that Angel is totally the bottom, and Angelus is probably versatile. And, um, HOT! sigh.....

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