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December 19 2007

'How much of Joss is Joss Whedon?' blogTO interviews the author of a graphic novel whose lead character is a girl named Joss who finds herself fighting zombies. In the words of the publisher: "Joss's life sucks." (Yes, at least one zombie manages a "Grr, argh".)

Awesome! I used to read (and adore) a comic by Faith Hicks a few years back, glad to see she's got something else published. Looks like I have a late entry for my Christmas wish list...
SLG has a preview available.

In which the pages are utterly and completely out of order.
In order here available is it.
And this is why one should read links before posting them.
Finally, someone else thought the Dawn of the Dead remake sucked.
This seems pretty thin but, assuming it stays ...

I didn't actually hate the DotD remake until the credits (which will sound weird if you've not seen it). I know it's meant to be all nihilistic and so on but it's not earned which means it's just a kick in the nuts to the audience, it's a cheap shot IMO.

Like the look of that preview, wishlisted the book (it's only a fiver from Amazon too, bargain).

Gotta say though, I disagree with her about AXM, I reckon the Purple J-Dub has done a nice job of keeping the action up while still allowing some good character stuff (Kitty/Peter previously, now more Scott/Emma). Can't comment on any other X books cos I don't read 'em (though I think taking an entire population of mutants and reducing them to 198 counts as simplifying - almost rebooting - the universe).
Her comments about the X-Men got me thinking (about how wrong she was). The Astonishing take on Emma explores her love/self-hate relationship with her own plastic action figure looks ("the best body money can buy") and her own partially successful attempt to have plastic action figure responses (the emotional as well as physical hardness of a diamond). Our boy is so intelligent.

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