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December 20 2007

David Boreanaz Taunts British Boxing Fans. DB Speaks on Bones, acting, boxing, and more.

Hmmm. Weird interview. Is it just me or does DB seem like a bit of a wanker with his responses? Don't get me wrong, I love the man. But his answers don't really seem like typical DB to me. He seemed cranky.
I got the impression that most of his answers were a "taunt" of some kind.
Those comments about Emily were surely tongue in cheek.
I guess he was in a mischievous frame of mind at the time.
I want ring side seats:)
Sometimes I think DB doesn't come across that brilliantly in interviews but in this instance I think it's the medium that's the problem. The Radio 1 interview posted a while back also featured him on the Hatton/Mayweather fight and when you can hear his voice, in a fuller context, he's very clearly poking good natured fun, like when guys take the piss out of each other's football teams or whatever - there's no malice in it.

(and with the quickie interviews, you never know the circumstances - he might've been stuck in traffic or something)
Yeah I thought about that too. I guess I was just surprised about his answers regarding Emily Deschenel too. He usually says glowing things about her. Ah well. I still adore him :)
I knew after reading this brief interview, DB's critics would be pleased to read some negative press. Yet, David on the radio and on Norton's and O'Grady's shows clearly was just having some fun. All those interviews were fun and upbeat. It is the press that has the problem, not David Boreanaz. The press seems to like to put a negative slant on things. Even the remarks about Hatton & Mayweather were made in fun, because Mayweather is from Philadelphia, so naturally David would be supporting a home team player.

David & Emily have expressed their respect & friendship for each other in many interviews. Emily on the show the "View" admitted that she is very opinionated and interrupts David when he is talking. Let's see, they work together for sometimes 12 hours straight. Hmm, do good friends & co-workers sometimes get on each others nerves. Yep! Both actors have said they sometimes drive each other crazy with David goofing around and Emily pushing her opinions, but they use it in their acting. Somehow I would tend to believe more of the filmed interviews and nice comments they have made about one another versus the shortened version of an interview in which the writer decides what he thinks would interest the reader. The writer knows a negative article hooks the readers. Personally, I always admire David's honest responses. It's great that he & Emily know how to use their differences as part of the chemistry of the characters ... good acting & an honest friendship.
I liked this interview. I didn't feel anything was wrong with his answers.
It all felt like silly over the top sarcastic and fun to me. Totally understand that that doesn't translate in print. I sit before you living proof.

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