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December 20 2007

Joss is No. 26 on Top 100 People List. He made Pop Candy's Top 100 People of 2007.

Also on the list are comic book creators Seth Green, BKV, Ed Brubaker, Patton Oswalt, and Aline Kominsky Crumb.

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Don't forget Sherman Alexie. Because if you haven't read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, you've missed one of the best books (YA or adult) of the year.
Not USA Today's list. Pop Candy's list.
It's fitting that Joss (26) would be near Sherman Alexie (23). Only because they're both my heroes and fantastic writers (what, this list isn't just for me? Pssh.)

Seth Green is 83. Brian K. Vaughan is 47.

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So Joss and Adam Baldwin are the same height basically? Sheee-it...tall AND brilliantly witty...what CAN'T he be?


And this was a hilariously brilliant little poke at the AMPTP (and the WGA)! Too bad the Big Purple One couldn't have gotten in on it, besides pimping his relatives and their buddies;D
I'm 5'4" and, looking at the pic we took last week, he seems to have a foot over me... so I'd say 6'4" is just about right, Succatash.
That's so weird. He looks shorter than Gina Torres in THIS PICTURE. And WAY shorter than Adam Baldwin.

I know his height doesn't really matter. I'm just curious, I guess.
I have never held up a measuring tape, but I would bet cashy money that Joss is not over 6 ft.
He is a tall guy -- surely no shorter than my husband, who is 6 foot.

If you're around, Joss, please chime in before speculation and legend turn you into a giant.
Joss is a bit taller than I am, no more than an inch. I get my height measured every six months or so for Army height/weight standards. Results vary, but are always between 5'9 and 5'10. So Joss is not over 5'll (using myself as a measuring tape). I doubt that he ever claimed to be tall. A lot of mischief makers submit IMDb information.
Children, have you never heard the story of the giant Whedonganger?
Dinner with Joss: Then Joss showed up. Honestly, my first thought was, Hes really tall!

I'm surprised the Joss Whedon Army would allow the IMDB to be so wrong. Or IS it? (*insert Twilight Zone music*)
Quick! Someone watch the Behind-the-Scenes of OMWF and see if you ever see Joss standing next to, near or in the vicinity of Tony - Tony's 6'. Or, as he likes to say, "Six foot and a half inch."

Is Numfar ever standing near enough to Angel to be able to tell height? (For that matter - anyone know how tall Andy Hallett is? I hugged him, but I'm a lousy judge of height.)

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