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December 20 2007

WGA Picket Line Food Drive Gathers a Ton of Food! Quite literally. Just wanted to help ensure that this collection of small acts of generosity did not go unnoticed. Together they are a mighty steamroller of good will.

My name is Ellie Herman and I wanted to write and profusely thank the incredible Buffy fans who helped the WGA picket-line food drive in Los Angeles on December 7 at Fox! You guys were amazing--we collected, in all, 2,000 pounds (yes, an actual TON) of canned food to donate to a local food bank. A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!!

Moderator Man, you linked to the front page -- you are such a member!

And who wouldn't want to be after this outstanding act of generosity. Congratulations and salutations, can-doers.
I did that as a placeholder until I found a fitting link, which I did :)
I figured it was that or that you'd GONE TOTALLY POWER MAD!

Forgive my impertinence, Lord Zeitgeist.
:) Your impertinence is awesome, its Saje's that has become problematic. KIDDING!!! Or the other thing (evil laughter).
I'm just stunned that that much food was donated in 5 hours. How many shopping carts of food is 2,000 lbs, anyway? I know it's a huge lot, but I can't visualize it.

Hmmm, I wonder how much food we can collect if we have a Mutant Enemy Day 2?
This is really, really cool.
The only problem my impertinence has is, it might be bounded by this puny rock you call a world ! Kneel, kneel before my impertinence ! Muhahahhahaha !

Whoa, sorry, I think my megalomania got out of its box. Gotta watch it closely, it has delusions of grandeur. Where were we ? Oh yeah, ner ner ner ner nerrr *sticks tongue out at zeitgeist*. Consider yourself totally imperted ;).

That is so very cool. Hopefully it's not 1,000 pounds of Tuna and 1,000 pounds of condensed milk cos trust me, condensed Tuna-milk gets old after about the first 500 or so pounds. Well done everyone that took part, fantastic effort.
Actually here in the U.S. there's a nationwide shortage on donations to food banks, and demand is expected to be high. So giving to your local food bank while out running the last minute holiday errands this weekend would be a supercool move.


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Seriously this is great. Warms my oft-discussed cockles to hear such things. We participate in the canned food drive for the food bank at my son's school twice yearly, but I've never heard how much poundage we end up with. Or if it even approaches tonnage!

Good on you gang. *hugs*
Outstanding news! We really love our writers, please hang in there people.
wohoo awesomeness knows no bounds....
We rock! Special kudos to Katie, who was the organizer of the food drive onsite (and I think in advance, too).

I can't think of a labor action that included so much attention to fundraising for others affected by the strike and other charitable actions such as this. This is not just "valuable for winning hearts and minds," but a demonstration that the writers are not just the rich trying to get richer. Team WGA! :)

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