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December 21 2007

Sugarshock makes Webcomics' Top 10 list for 2007. Calls it "easily the best webcomic to come out from an established comic-book publishing house... ever." Meanwhile, ComixTalk's end-of-year roundtable says of online comics, "if Dark Horse, say, treats [Sugarshock] ... as more than a one-off promotional deal, then we'll know we've turned the corner."

Wow. No love for Sugarshock. How quickly people forget.

Lead singer Dandelion is a typically plucky Whedon heroine

I can't tell if I'm happy or sad that people typecast his female characters. Dandelion is such a total spaz-- awesome in a way that doesn't really seem to follow from any of his previous characters.

-- a typically nitpicky Whedon fan commenting on the internet about other people's descriptions of his heroic works
Kissy th' face! I lurve Sugarshock irrationally. Send more soon, please.

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