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December 21 2007

Whedonesque makes Entertainment Weekly's top 25 essential fansites. Included in this weeks "Best of '07" issue. We're in at #8. Merry Christmas, Whedonesquers!

Best blog in the 'verse.
(Checks number 67 off of her "Things to do before dying" list.)

Excellent. Cream rises, and Whedonesque is definitely the cream 'o' the crop. I'm always proud to me a member here.

Cheers, Admins and Mods, you should be proud, look how far your baby has come! :)

That only makes good sense ... Right on EW.

ETA - Oh, I must say something more pithy. The first thing that came to mind was Al Pacino's frothing-at-the-mouth, almost knockdown dragout fight with Tony Roberts in Serpico because old Tony wanted to bring in yet "another guy" to help Serpico's investigation, and Al wasn't having any of it: ... "Oh, you got another guy ... 'pri-ori-ities'" he says sarcastically in that swallowed, nasally NYC dialect that only Al could do back then.

Totally different scenario but EW has definitely got its pri-ori-ties right.

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recent blog posts have singled out subjects like Nathan ''Mal from Serenity'' Fillion (Is the Desperate Housewives star, listed as one of PEOPLE's Sexiest Men, hotter than cover boy Matt Damon?) and James, a.k.a. ''Spike,'' Marsters (He's a singer. And a natural brunet. There are pictures, people!).

Word, NF! *pause* Wait. James is NOT blond? *fantasy of natural bleach blond crashes* And pictures? You mean the curtain/drape kind of natural hair color pictures? WHY haven't I seen those? *eyes narrows for VIP section*
Aw, that's awesome! Very cool. Congrats to all of those here who've made this site what it is.

I must admit, however, I'm a bit miffed that Mars Investigations didn't merit a mention. Come on, our Who's Who alone is noteworthy in and of itself!
Congrats, Whedonesque. It is a well deserved honor. This site is an oasis on the often hostile and endless desert of the Internets. Thanks for everything.
Best kept secret ever.
A very Happy Holidays to Whedonesque - best present ever! Thanks for all of your continued hard work.
We hold secrets. May I tell?
Congrats, it's more than well-deserved.
Thanks, Brian!

Yay, us!!! Whedonesque is my home page on all computers in my life :) Love this place and love you guys!
We beat Star Wars and Star Trek sites? Finally, a list in the proper order. Happy to see Leaky Cauldron on there too.
A very Happy Holidays to the only fansite I visit on a regular basis.
Ummmm seeing as four of the five admins here don't actually live in the States, who were the other 24 sites? (Please no scans btw).
Congrats Whedonesque! Well deserved. Happy Holidays to us!
Well, that's just shiny. This is the only place I get my news. By the way, what else is happening in the world? Hmm. Maybe I should read the paper...
In descending order of ranking: (Star Wars) (Big Brother) (Friday Night Lights) (The Amazing Race) (David Lynch) (Justin Timberlake) (Battlestar Galactica) (American Idol) (CSI) (Radiohead) (Kanye West) (Survivor) (Heroes) (Project Runway) (Star Trek) (Madonna) (James Bond) (Joss Whedon) (The Office) (Lord of the Rings) (The Simpsons) (U2) (Lost) (Harry Potter) (Indiana Jones)
Oh, wow. I'm a relative newbie here (six more days and it'll be a year since I got to join), and I'm just bouncing up and down in my chair and am tickled to death that they mentioned something I posted! (The link about Nathan being hotter than Damon...) Yay! (Yeah, I know it was a totally random thing on their part, but still, I'm tickled.)

I love this site, and am grateful to all of you for making it such a fabulous place to be.
I will take that huzzah, and add another one. It's great to be part of an "essential" website, especially with what this year has brought us, and what we can expect next year.
Congratulations to Caroline, Simon, zeitgeist, herb, soddingnancytribe, Joss Whedon, Whedonesquers of Whedonia and all the other folks that make this BLOG a civilized oasis in the flaming desert of online fan forums.

(Goners is yet another such oasis, but we're waaaaay tinier and in no way known - which is kinda how we like it, for now. Thanks to gossi for that little community goes here, 'cause we know, at least, that you visit whedonesque...)
Hey famous people (and I mean Whedonesquers), I got an update on donated scripts to Cash for the Crew:

Signed Script List
Wooohooo, we've been acknowledged by EW!

Uh oh, we've been acknowledged by EW.

Can't help but get that nagging feeling this is like when a list is published of the really wonderful, cool, and relatively unknown places, in the world to visit... then a stampede of people go there and those special places get inundated with the tourists and kinda messed with.

Hmmmm, perhaps not an accurate comparison. Oh well, with all the informative threads we have here regarding the WGA strike, plus those rousing posts from the Purple One, maybe it's good that a wider set of eyeballs visit here, especially at this time... as mainstream media is shamefully biased. Plus, more promotion for Joss' work, and the many other talented folk by association.

Whedonesque is on my short list of fave sites I check every day. Often only have time to lurk, but I gotta have my daily 'esque fix.
11th Hour - Don't worry too much. It took me years of trying to figure out how to be a member here, or at least hoping to stumble in use my finely-honed powers of perception to figure out when to stop by at the *cough* time period for open member registration.

Yes, this site is well run; a pleasure - I just wish I had more time for it. And wish soddingnancytribe would return.
So willwe suddenly see an increase on .org membership, since it's harder to join the black - unless you're a VIP - aka the purple people - or you do have some knowledge about when there's another oper membership period.
Wooohooo, we've been acknowledged by EW!

Uh oh, we've been acknowledged by EW.


It took me years of trying to figure out how to be a member here.

It took me probably 6-12 months to become a member here. I don't have internet at home so Im not usually around it during the holidays so I had to go the route of asking people to set up an account for me on a holiday (no one ever said they would!) until someone said "I know this guy who knows this guy who stopped using Whedonesque and gave his login info to this one guy but he hasnt ever posted so I may be able to get you an account." Oh, the things we try just to join our friends online. I can't be banned for the comment on how I got my account, right?

And wish soddingnancytribe would return.

Who's that? Is it Nancy Holder? Her email address has gone crazy.

So willwe suddenly see an increase on .org membership, since it's harder to join the black - unless you're a VIP - aka the purple people - or you do have some knowledge about when there's another oper membership period.

Usually open on American holidays so try Christmas. If its not open on Christmas I'll be shocked.
Congrats everyone! This is hands down my favorite website of all time. I only come here like, hmmm... 78 times a day? I enjoy all the daily Whedonverse news and all the witty comments by some amazing people, I actually mean every people.
Must congratulate my friends at with their 4th place. *gnashes teeth*
And We're up.

Usually open on American holidays so try Christmas. If its not open on Christmas I'll be shocked.

I know, I was just trying to be snarky about it.

And wish soddingnancytribe would return.
Who's that? Is it Nancy Holder? Her email address has gone crazy.

SNT, was probably the first poster to be granted the position of a BlueMan in Whedonesque, He became the first non-admin moderator here. Shortly after Damon (zeitgeist) joined him in the ranks, before becoming a full fledged yellowy admin this year.
SNT's been away for a while, I guess for health reasons, and he's surely missed by more veteran posters.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2007-12-21 21:34 ]
soddingnancytribe is a man and he ain't no lady.
Wow, that's great! It took me a good solid year to find the membership open here too, and finally managed it during the Dollhouse days, and since I've become a member, I've barely posted. But there were times in that year when my fingers were itching to reply to something, and I'm sure the future will hold many more of those instances, now with the power of the reply! I almost feel bad for everyone who might stumble upon Whedonesque now without that ability, but then how could anyone even remotely interested in Buffy, Angel, and most definitely Firefly, not already know of this place?
The only site I check out every day ( sometimes more than once! ).

Thanks to all the members,admins & mods and the great purpleness himself.
Ummmm seeing as four of the five admins here don't actually live in the States, who were the other 24 sites?

Simon, stop gossipping about me, it isn't seemly!

Who's that? Is it Nancy Holder? Her email address has gone crazy.

soddingnancytribe has been a mod here for quite some time and is an all around great guy who is much missed. Real life sometimes gets in the way of being able to talk nonsense in the internet all day, so he can't always come out and play. We miss him a lot. He and I share a birthday as well. Spooky.

Congrats Whedonesquers on a well deserved vote of awesomeness. As you are well aware, the site would not be what it is without each and every one of you (well except you, gossi... kidding!). It would just be me trying to get Simon to talk about Riley shipping so that I could put him on timeout and then Caroline would put me on timeout for being a heathen troublemaker (or for liking Pushing Daisies...). Too much typing from me today! Shutting up :)
Congrats Whedonesque! I too spent a year trying to get an account, checking religiously then missing the registration period by one day (ouch), but finally got the very wonderful Christmas present of a membership last year!

You guys make this a wonderful site to visit (with or without membership), so a thank you and very happy holidays to the admin, posters, and that purple guy who keeps showing up for some reason. *shrugs*
Registration will indeed me open between Christmas Eve and January 1st. We don't usually announce it, but hey, I'm feeling festive.

Did we even celebrate our five year existence back in July?
Yay! Five years!

Well, that celebration certainly started late.
I seem to remember the anniversary being discussed, Caroline.

But I, too, must add my congrats to you and to everyone else associated with this community. I would agree that it is essential, and I've enjoyed every day of being a member.
Congrats, Whedonesque. You are #1 in my book, no matter what EW says. You are my homepage, and you have been ever since I started posting in 2003.
WooHoo, I love seeing this site getting the fan cred that it deserves. Congratulations to Caroline and all of the mods for the work of running this site. It is the one site I check as regularly as my email and Facebook - having lurked since 2003 and joined in 2005. Kissy th- Face!
Really? It's only been five years? I'm amazed. Big congrats to the mods who keep things civil around here and to the posters who keep it interesting.
I check Whedonesque more often that I check my email.
Congrats Mods!! This is hands down the greatest site ever, like ESG, its been my homepage since I joined in 2004 (I was a later bloomer, of course!)
zeitgeist, the site would be 400% more correctly informed without me, but what can I say - I love my keyboard. (And it loves me. Don't judge us).

Congrats to WHEDONesque for being, yeah, awesome.
Caroline: "Did we even celebrate our five year existence back in July?"

Oui. Bien sur nous avons discute. Et voilą. (I'm all Miss Piggy-Frenchified today, for no conscious reason. I don't question it, I jest goes with it...)
What Craig said! ;-)

This is just made of awesome!
There's no place like (my) home-page. And what's all this about "panting" over actroids? The idea! I for one devote my attention exclusively to refined intellectual discussion of artistic choices and their socio-political implications and omigosh Sarah Michelle's on another magazine cover!
A big pat on the back to Whedonesque!
Congratulations to all of you on a very well deserved mention.

It's nice to have a place to go where people are friendly, intelligent, have a sound grasp of grammar and punctuation and (sings) where everyone knows your name.

Not to mention the contributions of this site to EN, F4W and the collective social conscience that makes this place FAR more than just another fan site.

I HEART Whedonesque!

We are mighty, but Caroline and the Mods (weren't they a support act for The Who?) are the mightiest. Congratulations, all! :)
I forgot to say: I ♥ Whedonesque. But you knew that.
Congratulations to all the members, the adminsitrators & mods on making that list. I enjoy visiting this site, reading all the links that are posted, discussing things both serious & silly with all of you and I hope that Whedonesque lasts as long as the Bronze has.
All of my finely crafted eloquence would be for naught on this topic --- cuz everyone done said it all before.

Nice to know that EW doesn't just dig the Buffy, but all of the Jossman's work and all his minions, non-evil branch.
I knew I shouldn't have taken 2007 off - I can't claim any credit at all for this richly-deserved recognition. :-) However, I can now say, from a more objective perch, that this continues to be one of the best-run sites out there (where? there!)

I only wish I was Nancy Holder. Merry holidays, one and all.
Oh, keeeewl! Don't be such a stranger, if you can, SNT!
The Return of the Blue Man, welcome back SNT!!
Yay! I'm proud my checking every day to see whether membership was open finally made me part of this great community.

Well deserved recognition.
*waves to SNT*

Congrats to all of those who started this community, who run it so well, and whose contributions always make it a worthwhile stop in our daily websurfing. :-) To celebrate the occasion, here's a start on a list of Top 10 Reasons Why Whedonesque Kicks WhedonAss:

1. Joss posts here, which makes it cool by definition.

2. Lots of other people who are as smart, funny and interesting as Joss post here too, thereby increasing the coolness exponentially.

3. No ads. Well, at least the minimum of ads that show up here have the decency to be discreet.

4. POSTERS WHO DON'T HAVE THE SENSE TO USE THEIR SHIFT KEYS GET CHUCKED OUT THE AIRLOCK!!!! said again: posters who don't have the sense to use their shift keys get chucked out the airlock.

5. ... mmmm, must split, but someone else can finish. :-)
Hey SNT!!! Great to hear from you!!! Congratulation to us, and Merry Holidays to all.
A fine holiday present ! Thanks EW & Thanks To All
You Wonderful Whedonesquers !! Makes me proud to be a very small part :) Happy Holidays To All !!!
5. It's based in Europe, which automatically makes it infinitely cooler. Well, to the non-Europeans anyway.
6. (unless someone has something better). It holds the line. And the Alliance can't match it.
I will admit it to the whole world - my fellow Whedonesquers, anyway ;D - that I squeed in a manner completely opposite of manly when I found this site's inclusion in Entertainment Weekly's The Best and Worst of 2007 issue, in the fansite section. Indeed, I squeed so hard, people though I had pulled a groin muscle ;D

And really! Joss doesn't need no shtinking "official" website when he's got Whedonesque and its spectacularly shiny band of admins orange and blue :D :D :D
While I love the recognition, snarky comments like "nerd-magnet" are still kinda, I dunno... condescending? Can a magazine that caters to people who obsess over some facet of entertainment really say that with a straight face?
Oh, SNT! So glad you came by... I didn't even have to say your name three times like Candyman, not that you're an urban legend. Well, you're a Whedonesque legend.
There he is! Welcome back, SoddingNancyTribe, we've so missed you.

Now, where was I? Oh, purple people...say hun? Lost me in the tailspin there, the people are just us. Plain and simple.
From the great state of Texas, Merry Christmas to all my fellow Whedon-ites.

J.R. (just a mild-mannered lurker)
Joss just seems to attract the coolest people.

(I was a little surprised by #1, though.)
Well deserved. Congratulations!
Congratulations to Caroline and her blue and orange admin/mod minions :D for keeping this site such a great place to hang out.

Welcome back, SNT. We've missed you.
SNT! We miss you, sir.
It is lovely to see you back :).
I haven't been a member of Whedonesque long enough for the new to wear off... does it ever?
Congratulations on a well deserved position on that list! Shouldn't it be #1? It is in my book. ;)
Thank you Caroline and Simon and all who work hard to make this place so special!
SNT, very good to see you back sir. :-)
While I love the recognition, snarky comments like "nerd-magnet" are still kinda, I dunno... condescending? Can a magazine that caters to people who obsess over some facet of entertainment really say that with a straight face?

I think we have to take the snarky with the good. They're really just envious. How many digits of pi do they know?

Seriously, IMO, they are nervous. They don't know how much they will continue to exist in the near future. I think that they might have to make a very difficult decision - to serve the ones who pay them, or go to an uncertain future with people who actually read. The moguls are starting to make it almost that clear-cut.
Hey SNT, good to hear from you fella - apart from anything else it adds colour to the place ;).

Congrats Whedonesque and a big thanks to all the mods that keep it civilized while also keepin' it real, yo, like on the street (which my chauffeur tells me is the thing he drives the Bentley on) and to the Purples for taking the time to engage with your fans and thusly adding the cherry on the top of the melted fudge sundae that is this web log.

And of course, to all my fellow browns for the often hilarious unreality and the insight and the smarts, keep keepin' it unreal ;).
SNT, hello! I was still a lurking non-member when you were last around here, but I certainly remember you. Great to see you stopping in!
Another jubilant "Hey!" to SoddingNancyTribe. :-D

I've been a member here for about two-and-a-half years, and I must say, there's no way this site ain't numero uno. It's the friendliest, most intelligent website I've ever been proud to be a(n admittedly small) part of. I know that I can always come here for sensible discussion, no matter how heated it may get.

(Plus, Joss comes here.)

This is the first site I check every day.
Yay team!! Congrats to all the hard working mods who keep it going every day. This is the most awesome site in the history of ever and I feel ptoud to be a part of it.
And no other site can boast the presence of his
Great Purpleness, which makes us number one, in my book.
Big Congrats!
The #1 site for me, which I check at least once per day. Yay!
Congratulations and Well done to Caroline, Simon et al.
I read Whedonesque for almost a year before I got in, and when I finally did I was excited, intimidated, giddy as a schoolgirl and so happy I squee'd out loud at my cubicle at work at the news.
There is so much smart, funny, informative, and thought-provoking coolness going on here that I too am proud to be a part of it.
"Nerd magnet"? OK.
So...I'm a member of Whedonesque. Does that make me a "nerd"? Really?
[The tall girl jumps up and does Numfar's Dance of Nerdy Joy.] Hell, yeah!! Yaaay! Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Duh, where's my mind! Thank you Caroline for bringing us this room, it's a joy. And Simon, you and your big brain self. Thank you! I'm always tickled pink whenever I enter this room.
SNT!You are back! So good to see your sig again here. I think you were sorely missed.

And thanks to all the mods for creating this awesome space. This recognition is well deserved.
Congrats. It's well deserved.
What's this Whedonesque site everyone is going on about?
Just some wannabe spinoff of that much cooler Fans4Writers site, Bix.
Got me bix, the world is a question.

Or is that an onion, something about layers? Nevermind, I'm else where.
May Santa cover the Whedontree with flashing green lights.
8. Whedonesque is the new black.
Congrats to and all her handlers!

*doing the Snoopy-version dance of joy (cause I know those steps)*
Yay, Whedonesque! I love this place, even though I lurk way more than I post. Which is a good thing since I am not nearly as witty as the rest of you. Which is also good, because I need the entertainment. Thanks to Caroline, Simon, & Zeitgeist for keeping it fun.

I have a Whedony story of seasonal joy. Some time back, a co-worker of my hubby's forced some DVDs up on us and insisted we would love them. It started with BtVS, continued with AtS, and concluded with Firefly and Serenity. Dave loved Firefly/Serenity. I became obsessed with...oh, all of them. Last Christmas, both the friend (Kama, yes--after the kama sutra. Hippy parents.) and I received BtVS box sets for the holidays. Yesterday, Kama delivered her individual seasons 1-7 to Dave so that we could send them to our friend, Sharon, in MN. We'd sent Sharon the Firefly and Serenity DVDs a few weeks ago and her family is loving them. Thanks to Kama, we can step up the campaign.
I'm just glad to be a member of such a great site. I'm usually just a lurker, as I like reading more than writing, but its great, nonetheless.
9. Best arguments on the interweb.

10. Somehow, avoidance of most of the other kinds of arguments.

I also enjoy the grammatical/capitalization correctness.

Alert: some of us like to hear William Shatner sing. Or talk-sing. Whatever. It's hilarious. And I am laughing with him. "Has Been" is surprisingly awesome.
I rate Whedonesque # 1 essential fansite. This proves what I have long suspected -- I have better taste and priorities than EW :)

Congratulations to the moderators, the posters and of course the Whedon!
Yea for Whedonesque!

Yea for SNT dropping by! (We miss you.)

Congrats to all for making this a site worth recognition.

While I love the recognition, snarky comments like "nerd-magnet" are still kinda, I dunno... condescending? Can a magazine that caters to people who obsess over some facet of entertainment really say that with a straight face?

Well I shook my head a bit when I first read that "nerd-magnet" stuff. Then I read the rest of the list and just laughed that they had picked out Joss's shows as "nerd-magnet projects" when they have sites devoted to Star Trek, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings on the list. I guess one really should take it as a compliment. After all, they seem to consider Joss's writing to be the One Magnet to find the nerds and in the blackness bind them. ;-)
Congrats to everyone who makes Whedonesque the coolest place to be! I haven't been posting lately due to work, but I religiously lurk ;) and this site is the best.
SoddingNancyTribe! I've missed you terribly! I hope you and yours are well, and I hope you'll be back in action in 2008, in some capacity. The W just ain't the same without you (and I'm not talking about the Bush). Don't be such a stranger, k?
I'll just reiterate the general consensus of Whedonesque-ellence. Thanks to everyone around the world, from mods to lurkers, who shares their wit and wisdom here every day, or who contributes a vibe of invisible laughter and good will via the cosmic aether. I feel at home here, like I've found my tribe.

And speaking of tribe, hello to SNT -- from my earliest days of reading and finally joining W'sque, I always liked your style, and hope you'll be feeling postier in the new year. Cheers!
Congrats to all Whedonesquers! I can only join the choir; It“s the best and coolest of all places, a place to feel at home in.
...and, Merry Christmas to you all
SNT, welcome back, blue guy!

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