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December 21 2007

Insanely Rare AFTER THE FALL Issue 1 Cover Being Auctioned! There are only 200 of these, and this is the only one signed by Brian Lynch!

That is a great cover. Would love to have them all at my wedding...well except for the ones that could kill the guests.

They can check coats...
oooh man- what an awesome cover! if only i had the money... the bidding's just begun and it is already out of my price range!
I wish there was a bigger picture... I really want to see what it is.

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Who's getting married?
IDK. I think it may just be people dressed up like they would be at a wedding.
ohbejoyful, Brian Lynch himself just got married so I think the special cover design was to honor both his nuptials and his new successful series After the Fall.
What a great idea- was this cover given out to all the guests at the wedding or something?

Sure as hell beats a bomboniere!

And congratulations to Brian and Carrie, too!
As a Buffy/Angel comic completist I really want that. Haha missb, I definitely agree with you there. Bombonieres are awful.
I've changed the URL to Brian's blog entry cause eBay links unfortunately aren't permanent.
Oh, thats true. Thnx Simon
So Brian Lynch's blog says that he gave it to them for a charity auction, but the E-bay page says nothing about *this* sale being for charity. I'm guessing that the original donation was for charity and this is a re-sell? Just thinking out loud. I'm not a collector myself, but I know some people are willing to buy something for more money if it is for charity and this is a bit muddy on the point.
From Brian's blog:

"So a comic store had a charity auction, and i gave them a copy of ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL to sell."

and then later:

"it may be your only chance to get it, as the auction winner has put it on ebay for sale."

So yes, this is a re-sell of a previous charity auction item. It's easy to see on the auction page itself that this is not for charity since that is never mentioned. Except in the part of Brian's blog that was copied to the description after the auction started. If it was for charity it would be very easy to figure out since eBay has so many rules for those.
Well I love it. It's a great drawing.

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