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December 21 2007

Nancy Holder's Buffy the Vampire Slayer course returns to UCSD. The five-week course begins January 23rd.

Nancy has been one of the most prolific authors of the Buffy and Angel novels, and a co-author of The Watcher Files, Volumes 1 & 2 and Angel: The Casefiles, Volume 1.

I wanna go! It be a really long commute, though!
I almost posted about her new comic but thought it unwise.
Ah, my alma mater. Why couldn't they have had this course when I was still there? If anyone signs up, I'd love to hear about the class.

Why can't they have cool classes like that in Michigan? I would so ace that.
Yah, I think the course cost is very reasonable, but it's the 16 hour plane trip on a weekly basis that might just break the budget.

Couldn't UCSD (which I always interpret anyway as 'Uni of Cal SunnyDale!) offer this via online correspondence?

I'd be first in line, and I'd get all the reading done and even have my pencils sharpened in preparation...
Like Einral, I wish this course were at my alma mater when I was there....but that was pre-Buffy, so...
This would be amazing. I know from personal experience. Not from her, but I recently completed a college course in Buffy. What a great experience. I hope everyone who takes this enjoys it. I know my trip through Buffy via school is something I won't ever forget!

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