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December 22 2007

Juliet Landau directs Dracula. She talks about directing a short documentary about Gary Oldman and how this FINALLY led to her becoming 'net savvy.

Personally, I want to know more about Juliet Landau's creative process than Gary Oldman's. Her vamp was so much better than his! I'm glad she's flickin it old-school Amber Benson-style, raising funds for her own film projects via her official site, The video she has there from throughout her career is a trip through extreme thespianism (with rampant homosapien themes, no less).

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Gary Oldmen is always fun to watch, but he sort of creeps me out too. (Not sure why.) I'm more interested in It's Raining Cats and Cats and seeing her play 7 different people.
And as someone born in 1972, I have a tendency to root for others who were as well just a tad more for some reason. (Claudia Black, Rob Thomas, Jennifer Garner, ect.) I know. It's odd.
I'd like to hear how the conversation went when she contacted him to do the docu ... "Hey, I played a vampire, and you played a vampire ..." Seriously though, I would have liked to know how it came together or that she had the interest to do that. Oldman is a Hell of a director (Nil by Mouth) but I read a disturbing article once about his being a staunch Republican (at least in how he views politics here, since he can't vote). I loved his Dracula, so different from any other, but there is a bit of the creepy about him. His was certainly not a vampire you could have many erotic feelings about, unlike Buffy's, except for possibly the "wedding scene" ("there is no life in this body ...").

Now someone needs to do a documentary about Juliet.

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