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December 22 2007

Buffy Season DVDs for $13.99. Finish your Christmas shopping or fill your own stocking at a great price.

The site does say that the DVDs are repackaged--whatever that means. Still, if a person isn't concerned with the original packaging and just wants the Buffy goodness, it's a good deal.

Repackaged in this context probably means they are the sleeves with slimcases, as opposed to the original fold-out cardboard design. Many like the slims best anyways.
Thanks for posting this. I just got Season 6 because my OMWF disk wasn't playing. It's hard to beat these prices.
What's Joss's position on buying DVD's during the strike? I thought it was verboten since it's one of the things in dispute.
Writers make money from the sale of DVDs. So to deny them that money while they are on strike would be a bit silly.
Interesting point, similar to the Police pay dispute we have here in the UK, if the WGA do sign a new contract with an increase in DVD rates is that rate back-dated to the end of their last contract? DVDs are selling now when technically the studios don't have a contract to pay the writers. So if you bought a DVD now would the studios pay nothing? Or the old rate? Or when a new rate is finally agreed will they have to pay the new, higher, rate?

I would buy one of these, I lent my S2 box set to someone who had it stolen out of his car, but they are marked "Not for export".

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