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December 22 2007

Joss Whedon on Dollshouse (sic) and Ripper. A very brief but interesting taster for an 'exclusive' interview with Joss Whedon which they say will appear in the UK Scifi magazine SFX #166 on January 16th.

Lol. They keep calling it Dollshouse and in the URL they call it doolhouse.
Can't wait! Please settle the writer's strike soon.
I wonder if Eliza can sing, and if someone will use the Dollhouse to enact a musical fantasy.

Nah. Who would spend all that time and money enacting a musical fantasy?
Joss Whedon?

I think the whole show will be a musical AND a silent movie.
Interpretive ballet?

Seriously, as much as it's frustrating for us to be sitting here waiting for this show just think what Joss, Tim and Eliza are thinking. This strike could last another six months...
Speaking of musicals, I ardently hope Ripper comes off, because ASH had an annoyingly, tiny appearance in Sweeney Todd which I saw last night after work (and by the way).
zz9, if it lasts 6 months Dollhouse and Miracle Man could be in trouble. Networks normally start shooting pilots within the next few months, and production on these series hasn't even started yet...

It's an interesting time. If I was a gambling man (and I'm absolutely not), I'd place bets on Dollhouse falling to either a January 2009 premiere, or it being pushed back to May '09. If it ends up in a spring or summer slot that's gonna be somewhat... more challenging.

This strike really needs resolving fairly for so many reasons - my own selfish one being: Dollhouse - wah.

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It is just possible that shows will be ordered to series without going through the pilot process this year. The upfronts will most likely be a completely different process than in years past.

They will need a certain number of new shows next fall no matter what. I think this 1st quarter will teach the networks that they can't all be unscripted. The advertisers and the audience just won't support that much dreck.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the show picked up for series without a pilot? It's been a while since I first read the article.
Good points Gossi and Tamara, I think it will depend on how long the strike lasts and if it's settled before the actors contract ends. If it was settled in a couple of months the studios may think they have four months before the actors might walk, pick anything that looks good and get as many episodes done as quick as possible.
How many episodes could you do in four months? Twelve? Half a season?
Buffy's first season was twelve episodes...

If only they had a couple of experienced showrunners who can do things like write a kick-ass episode over a weekend and stuff.

Oh wait, they do!

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Dietcoke, there's seven-show commitment.
Dietcoke, they ordered 7 eps. That doesn't mean the network has to to show them.

zz9, in a perfect world, they might be able to do 9 eps in 12 weeks, but that would include written scripts which don't exist...
Dietcoke, they ordered 7 eps. That doesn't mean the network has to to show them.

Also doesn't mean they will make them at all, should this development deal be amongst those the studios cancel, if they cancel any.
You are right bix. They can trot out the force majeure thing. It will be interesting to see if they do that and who they do it to.
Well that's the most depressing thing I've heard all day. I thought that once contracts had been signed, the studio in question was legally bound to film a pilot (or whatever was stipulated in the contract). Otherwise, aren't the contracts basically meaningless?
Shey, the so-called force majeure clause is common in contracts. Granted, we don't actually know if it's in anything Joss and Eliza have signed, but it wouldn't be surprising if it were.
What’s funtastic is that she'll be playing a host of different personalities.

Funtastic? Seriously? Funtastic?
Funtastic? Seriously? Funtastic?

Simon, I say funtastic all the time. But it's in a dry, ironic kind of way - wherein I'm usually refering to something that is neither fun nor tastic.

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We can still say fandabbydozy unironically though, right ?

(i've developed the slightly terrifying habit of starting out being facetious when I use a word and then gradually using it seriously. It's a slippery slope which can only end one way - badiliciously)

I think it's fairly widely thought that this pilot season is more or less a wash already so it's very likely gonna be 2009 before we see 'Dollhouse' if at all (cross 'em if you got 'em), maybe early in the year if it's a mid-season show but autumn 2008 seems a tall order.

And personally I won't be happy until we get the episode where Eliza has to communicate solely through the creative form of macramé. Though combat fondue also has some appeal.
I tend to go more with craptastic. Keeps the dryness and irony but adds that little bit of venom, as a little bonus.

Never been able to work with fandabbydozy though. Just can't get the Krankieness out of it enough for anyone to take me seriously. ;)

Definitely not holding my breathe for Dollhouse this season but there is that tiny bit of hope left inside me that things may be sorted early enough that the 2007/08 season won't be a total waste. We shall see.
Here's a thought: Right now the networks are desperate for content due to the strike. And among this year's new shows, nothing was a breakout hit. On Fox, Prison Break will not last. I'd be surprised if it gets another season. K-Ville might also be cancelled.

When the strike is over, wouldn't Fox need new programs to fill the holes? Wouldn't they be looking for that new hit? They must know with a project involving the talents and popularity of Whedon and Dushku, they might strike gold. That is, if this is their leap year, the one exception where they are thinking smart.

*crosses fingers* I'm not entirely un-optimistic, but I'm aware of the adversities in this situation. It certainly worries me.

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Right now, I'm rocking a fair amount of pessimism anchored by a dash of blind optimism. Let's see where that gets me.
zz9, in a perfect world, they might be able to do 9 eps in 12 weeks, but that would include written scripts which don't exist...

And cast and crew hiring, set design and construction and so on, yes, I'm clinging to a tiny thread of hope here.

We don't really have TV seasons here so not really an expert but depending on when the strike is resolved they might just say to hell with seasons, just get some stuff on air as quickly as possible.
I think that even TPTB don't know what the hell is going to happen in the next 9 months. No one knows. It's all just conjecture.

I think I like UnpluggedCrazy's attitude. I'm gonna adopt it. The attitude, not the poster.
I vote we make Funtastic the new adjective of choice for anything Whedonverse-related.
Studios have more or less forced this strike, in part so that they can rid themselves of contracts they don't want anymore, but I don't think we should be worried about "Dollhouse". The 7-episode commitment was announced, like, three seconds before the strike, so if FOX didn't want the thing, they wouldn't have gone forward with it. Plus, with the pilot season more or less ruined, the network is gonna run with what it's got for next season. And I don't believe for a second that they'll fill their whole schedule with reality crap; the audience will have grown sick of them by that time.
I agree with dark_tyler, I'm pretty sure that 'Dollhouse' has it's green-light. In fact I only disagree about the statement about the reality crap; I don't think any time is necessary for the audience to grow sick of it, that happened last year: CBS canceled Big Brother due to poor ratings, they can hardly expect that show to save them now, during the strike. Even Fox's Survivor gets worse and worse ratings, and although they expect American Idol to be through the roof, I personally think that show became a parody of itself several years ago.
I don't know if I can say "funtastic" with the right amount of irony. Everything sounds perky when I say it. (sigh)
saje: "(i've developed the slightly terrifying habit of starting out being facetious when I use a word and then gradually using it seriously. It's a slippery slope which can only end one way - badiliciously)"

Me, too, and it frightens me./ironic
No, really./unironic
I'm with RokkRage on this one - I use "craptastic" a lot, but then, I live in L.A., so you'all can see how that might happen.
Working on the WGA strike, and keeping up with the AMPTP's inept spin has also caused "crapalicious" to fall trippingly off my tongue./unapologetically
I sorta collect combodiametric words like this as a hobby./anorakaconteurphilifically
So I am proud and happy to join all y'alls in the swift and systematic degradation of the English language./bondingly ionic and perky
w00t! It's craptacular!/sorrowfully ironic
QuoterGal I belive I speak for everyone here when I say: "Hah?"
Dollhouse has indeed been greenlit for 7 episodes, but just to put it into context -- the original Variety announcement for Firefly was for 13 episodes (before the pilot was made - I'm sure we all remember the pilot fiasco which could have been the death of the show), Drive got a 13 episode order but only shot 6 yada.

I seriously doubt Dollhouse will have big problems, but looking at it from a timing point of view, if the strike goes on a while I can well see it being pushed back. If it ends up midseason I may cry as FOX's track record on midseason launches is appalling.
I believe I speak for everyone here when I say: "Hah?"

I think that's "Ha ha!" (hee hee ho ho)
I like Dushku as Faith, but nothing I've seen from her suggests she can carry a series like Dollhouse (certainly Tru Calling never gave that impression).

Ripper, on the other hand, is at the top of my TV wishlist. I just hope that it ends up as a series and not just a one-off TV movie. Torchwood has shown me that BBC can get something like this right.
Ripper is definitely highest on the wishlist too, but Joss writing and directing for Dushku makes for a recipe probably as addictive as that Colonel's chicken.....
Storyteller said:

I vote we make Funtastic the new adjective of choice for anything Whedonverse-related.

Why not? Buffy's already used it herself. (See her talk with Wood at the end of "Lessons," just before Spike's massive hallucini-wiggins).
It is great that Eliza will get to prove what she can (and can't) do. I have a hard time doubting Joss' confidence in her. I can't wait to see it.

I haven't heard anything anywhere that would indicate that the Ripper project is anything but a 90 minute TV movie.
Looking forward to Dollhouse, can't wait!
Ai ya! Gorramn strike and its unintended consequences! Our dear Quoter Gal has finally been driven if not actually 'round the Bend (see Jayne re: "all bendy") then definitely into its perilous vicinity. QG, if you can resist, tear yourself loose and get at least as far away as -- oh, say Pismo Beach -- where you may escape the foul force and regain your language skills.

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