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December 23 2007

Fighting for the future - a challenge. Joss Whedon and many others we know donate their signatures to the prize. How to win it? Produce a video of any genre about how you would get a fair deal made in the writers' strike.

Shiny poster! Too bad I don't have the video skills. Anyone going to enter?
Three reasons why people should enter:

- The judges include an Oscar and BAFTA winning writer, and JJ Abrams (I don't think he's mentioned on the website, but he's judging). They're huge names.

- You're putting your work right under the noses (or most accurately, eyes and ears) of the creative Hollywood community. You couldn't ask for a more talented, diverse and important group of people to see something you make.

- United Hollywood's videos are into the millions of views in total on Youtube. If The CW launched your work, they would need a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to deliver probably a smaller audience that you're potentially going to get if you entry is good. Think about that for a second.

Basically, I see people all the time saying they want to write, direct, produce or star in something. This is about as good a platform as you're going to get. For serious. You don't even need to do it all yourself. Got a good idea, think you can write? Write something, find somebody online to direct and produce it. You get the picture.

There's a lot of talented people out there who struggle to find a platform into the industry. Here's a platform. Make something amazing with it, and you'll get noticed.

I gots me some ideas. Do you?

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gossi I'd love to take part in this, but I lack the know-how to even know where to start. And I'm a bit...isolated. In other words - I don't have any friends who could help.

I wish all participants the best of luck, though - it's going to be some fierce competition, since I'm sure all fans who come across this are going to want to take part.
Very cool! Looking forward to seeing the entries.

Is anyone else as nerdy as me and trying to find Joss's signature on the poster?
Can you enter the contest as a group?

Is anyone else as nerdy as me and trying to find Joss's signature on the poster?

If you know what his signature looks like, it's easy to find. And I do because I saw him write it! (I admit it did take me a moment to remember that.)

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Note you can click on the image of the poster to get a larger version, and click again to get an even larger version. Anyway Joss' signature is very legible (better than most), thus recognizable.

Other Whedon related signatures are said to include Doug Petrie and Jeff Loeb, though I haven't found those yet.
Thanks, Celebithil! Found it!

So who here is gonna give this a try? I expect many entries from my talented, intelligent, thoughtful Whedonesque peeps!
I agree with you, Gossi.

Ill try and enter. If I get a good idea until the deadline that is.
I can't tell from this if animation is OK. Can y'all?
Dreamlogic, I don't think there is anything to prevent animation so long as it contains the stipulated messages. I would think that animation would be great.
dreamlogic, I can't find anything that excludes animation - and the phrase "any genre" seems to open it up pretty wide... I really wanna see any animation you create.

In addition to Joss & the others mentioned above, another Wheodn'verse signatory is Armin Shimerman - FYI, here's a direct link to all the names.

And just to renew my nerd creds, co-signer France Nuyen gets her own more significant nerd credit than The Joy Luck Club - she guest-starred as "Elaan" in the original Star Trek 3rd season episode "Elaan of Troyius." When this first aired in 1968, I thought she was the very coolest.

I was 13, and Um... I would've thought that if I had been born yet, I mean.

I was 13, and Um... I would've thought that if I had been born yet, I mean


I really look foward to seeing what other come come up with. Nice contest.
I've never done animation before, but what I'm thinking of would be very simple animation, more complex music. I have written music before. Don't know if the idea will gel enough to do anything, but if I get something finished, I'll put it on YouTube for sure.
We open on a courtroom. An erudite lawyer addresses the witness box, only its a freak show of a witness box, its extended to seat eight. Normally filling these eight seats, if they weren't in a huddle, are AMPTP mogul-looking suity-suit, disdainful types. The eight are currently whispering to each other. They break like Family Feud and sit back in their chairs.

Lawyer: Judge, how is this fair? They cant talk with each other and confer on an answer.

We pan to the Judge. Hes a strong-jawed fellow. Heavy lids. This is boring the shit out of him. He wears a baseball cap that reads I love cartels.

Judge: You might have something there.
Lawyer: Ya think?
Angle on the slowly "no" shaking head of all witness. Judge notes this, begins to shake his head no. Lawyer, seeing, begins to shake his head.

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dreamlogic Ok. I'm somehow seeing the Mutant Enemy guy leading an entire cadre of zombies. But it'd done like a flip-book - first him for two or three pages, and then more zombies. Then we get one lone girl. With an axe. And then the words: "One against many is hardly a fair fight." And then a guy behind her with a sword. And then two more gals behind her, with glowing energy things in their hands. And then a tall, dapper-looking Englishman behind them all.

"The WGA stands united against the AMPTP."

And then a whole bunch of people behind the gal with the axe and her friends.

"So do the fans."

Then for a couple of pages the good guys face off against the baddies, with some rather worried looks on the faces of the zombie-dudes, and some confident grins on the faces of the good guys.

"You can't silence genius forever."


"Fighting for the future."

Pile of zombie bodies, good guys triumphant.

"We're all on the same page." know...whatever you come up with.
Whatever I come up with? You've got a whole script, there, ShadowQuest ;).
dreamlogic Yeah but - animation was your idea. I just...expanded on it.

And...I lack artist skills. And getting-it-up-on-the-web know-how.

If you want to run with that, be my guest. Just give me "thought" credit. ;-)
In my plan, I am drawing-less!
dreamlogic Oh. I must have misunder-read you, then.

If anyone wants to "borrow" my animation idea, please, feel free. I'm not saying it's great or anything, but...if you can make something of it, go 'head.
I think I am going to give it a shot if I can talk my friends with video equipment into the project. It should be fun and a good way to feel more involved in helping the writers get a fair deal. I am thinking belly dancing zombies!
Good luck everyone! I lack talent, know-how and ambition to do this, but it would be better-than-awesome if a Whedonesquer won! :-D
I've no skill in this type of things. But I do have a camera, and about a month, so with that alone, I think I'll have to at least try even if it is absolutely lackluster.
In my plan, I am drawing-less!

And belt-less?
Oh...yeah...anyone can use the idea I proffered. Feel free to change setting, actors and dialogue. And the point of it, too. Make it more funny, good, good.

But give me a nod, okay? I mean, if you do use a setting, actors or dialogue...I'd like to be recognized for that, right? Okay, I think we understand each other.

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