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December 23 2007

Checking in with the gang from "Chuck". Televisionary's Jace finally posts his interview with Adam Baldwin, Zachary Levi, and Yvonne Strahovski from his set visit earlier this month.

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Oh my, a fight between Casey and Jayne! That almost fits the old astronauts vs cavemen scenario (and of course Jayne would win, he would totally cheat!). I really do love Chuck, it is so satisfying to see Adam Baldwin in a hit show that really shows off both his fighting skills as well as his comedic skills.
Embers, that was exactly why I *HAD* to ask Adam that. And, as much as I love Casey, I do think that Jayne would win hands-down.
That was a nice read. Love Chuck, and am interested in the Casey backstory. And yes...a Kristen Bell appearance would be divine :)
Jace - wonderful interview! I think my favorite part was Adam telling Sara to live in a gated community and buy a gun....oh, Adam. I kind of love you anyway.
Oh man! What a hilarious interview =) Casey backstory would be lovely, and Kristen Bell is amazing in most anything! Adam is too amazing ^^

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