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December 24 2007

Mutant Enemy Day Interviews in iF Magazine. Part 1 of 4 (I think) in iF Magazine's coverage of the ME Day picket. Nifty format of Q-and-A with As from lots of our favorite people and some of our friends!

Even though I'd read mukes* on ME day this was a delightful read. Enjoyed the short quotes of the folks that deserve bold-type to designate them. Didn't like notion that "everyone" showed up. The hell! Five hundred? If all of Joss' fans showed up the earth would wobble out of axis. So no, we couldn't all be there. Some of us care about the birds, ya know? 'Cause the magnetic field...tilted earth...Shackelton...migrating South? We couldn't be there.

*wanted something bigger than "much" so went to "muches" and played with the pronunciation and "mukes" came from my hellmouth.

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