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December 24 2007

(SPOILER) Review of "Anywhere But Here" in the Comic Book Bin. Issue #10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, written by Joss, features Robin Balzer, winner of the reader contest and new canonical personage. And Buffyfantic spotted another at Newsarama.

I read just enough of this review to realize that it contains spoilers and that the reviewer thinks she's Buffy the Vampire Hunter.

ETA answer to question, "Issue #10 of what exactly?"

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Who is this Buffy the Vampire Hunter she sounds awesome. I bet she hunts vampires. Then catches them and locks them up in a cage and makes them do silly ticks.
Place your bets. Or speculate like mad.
The reviewer also states that the writer is Josh Whedon.

Who is that guy?
Another one of the Lost Misplaced Brothers?

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My first thought was, "For a review, this is kinda sparse."
Then my second thought was, "The hell with the review, I want this book NOW!"

Patience may be a virtue, but it's not one of mine...
Preview, preview, ooh, ah-ah!
Preview, preview, ooh, ah-ah!

(P'raps after everyone's enjoyed their holidays ;-)

ETA belated realization that we've already a preview.

Blame it on the nog. Or the noggin.

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Is this reviewer perhaps not from this reality himself? Everything in the article is just a little bit off. Strange.
Newsarama also has a advance review of this issue.This has major spoilers though for the issue so read at your own risk.

There is also a small review of Angel:After The Fall #2.
This is odd. Two advance reviews of this issue? I haven't read the reviews, but the inconsistencies in how things are released puzzles me. We've had preview pages appear anywhere from several weeks to a few days before publication, and now advanced reviews again, which we got for the first couple of issues and not since. Oh well, Dark Horse not the smoothly functioning machine that some larger company would be. Shouldn't be that surprised, I guess.
Just finished the second review. Ooof! Is there any way next week could get here just a little faster?
It does sound great. The only flaw I see is that the plot summary doesn't quite jibe with any of my predictions.
Oooohhhh! I just can't wait any longer. I think I'm going to have to track down this reviewer, fly to his/her house, break and enter, steal. Then maybe kick over a coffee table or two. And drink his good wine.

I got the impression the reviewer might not be a native English speaker...
Sooooo behind on Buffy. Mustn't look. Must...avoid...spoilers.

How come I didn't know that had a link to Whedonesque in their Buffy section? That's pretty cool.

I know one thing I'm NOT getting for Christmas, and that's The Long Way Home TPB. I did get a Border's gift card as an early giftie, so maybe they'll have it. I'd hate to buy Buffy at Borders but I'm way poor.

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I know that this is petty, but how can these reviews be taken seriously when one refers to "Buffy the Vampire Hunter" and the other one mentions a mysterious writer named Joss Whendon? Seriously.
That review was a little wacky. Even ignoring the typos, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Edit after reading the Newsarama review:

I was a little disappointed to hear that this was another standalone issue, but it sounds like it will be an awesome one. I'm especially looking forward to getting more hints about Kennedy and Kenny the thricewise. Hey, wait. What if they're the same person? And what if Ben is Glory?

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What exactly are you trying to say, The Dark Shape?


Yeah, can't wait for this one! Sounds like this Josh guy knows how to write a good vampire huntin' story.

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Hmmm, I just got issue #8 in the mail last week, so there's still a bit of a wait for the "Robin" episode. Waiting can be so hard ... expressively grinds teeth...
Hey, cool! Can you teach me how to grind my teeth expressively? All I can manage is kinda irritatingly loudly. And a little painfully...
Lots of grimacing but don't bite down too hard - or near your tongue.
Oh. Y'know, that tongue thing could explain the "painfully" part...

(Yeah, I know, off topic. I'm trying to avoid rolling on the floor screaming, "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" like a bleedin' two-year-old.)
Ben cannot be Glory. I saw them in the same place at the same time once. Fact. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, the issue!

The reviewer also states that the writer is Josh Whedon.

Who is that guy?

I'm beginning to suspect that he goes by many names. People who only know his various cleverly disguised codenames immediately stick out as uninformed.

It does sound great. The only flaw I see is that the plot summary doesn't quite jibe with any of my predictions.

I have that problem a lot too, Pointy. I blame the writers. ;)

If you have been following Buffy for a while, the intricate references to past stories and characters and the continuous jumping from scene to scene will be fulfilling. This story enriches the Buffy experience and finally spells out some elements that Buffy proponents had alluded to in the past.

I read that as "Sunfire, you will really like this issue." I only read the first sentence of the Newsarama review-- it looks to be entirely chock full of spoilers.

The alternate reality plot device + the forecast for sadness makes it sound like this issue will really pack some emotional punches. It has all kinds of possibilities. What if Tara lived in the other world, for instance? What if Ben and Glory were somehow working together?
I dunno. This sort of reminds me of Ginny Weasly with Harry Potter. Or Peter Parker. You know, can WIllow remain with Kennedy is she fears for her life? So, because things never go the way I either want or expect them to, I am trying to read the tea leaves. Willow has kept Kennedy away from Buffy? Why? And how did Kennedy already die once? For 59 days, was it? And if Willow blames Buffy for Tara, how does that ever get rectified? I am not sure I like where this is going, but that's me. :-) I never like where anything ever goes, except when it goes where I want it to. LOL.
Happy holidays to you all!
Couldn't resist reading them, spoilers or no, and yep, now I'm going just a tad more crazy until they're on our doorstep (ordered a good number of 'em).

Okay, more than just a "tad."
Welcome, Jerrod! This one's going to be special.

Though probably not particularly lestastic. (I stand by my subtext!)
LOL, Thanks Pointy! Well, some of the issues dealt with seem awfully "lestatic," at least in the subject matter. It's cool that they're getting into that. I'm unsure of exactly what role Robin is playing, but I'm kind of glad the reviewers didn't say. It will be that much more exciting when we read it.
Good to see you here, Jerrod - hope you and Robin had a Very and a Merry. Please tell her we're looking forward to finally seeing her as a Slayer in action, and that next week can't come too soon for us, either... but I'm also glad I'm not spoiled about her role...

To our Special Slayer Gal extraordinaire...
QuoterGal, you're a dear and thank you for the warm welcome. Hope you had a great holiday as well. I spoke with Scott Allie shortly after he got the script from Joss, and naturally he couldn't tell me anything, but he DID say Robin's role in it will blow everyone away. So, no anxiety here, lol.
Hi, this is my first post :)

I think this issue will be my favorite. I hope I won't be disappointed, but whatever happens I don't think it will. It's Scoobies-centric, and I'm a BtVS fan because of the Scoobies. *hugs Scooby gang*

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