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December 24 2007

(SPOILER) reviews Angel:After the Fall#2. "This book takes just about everything that was great about the show and gives us fans exactly what we wanted: More."

And as I am at it, here is another positive review from Horror Year Book.

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Also as someone who rates Angel as his top show, I have to say these two issues have done for me what Im sure the Buffy comics have done to many others, that being complete make them 'sqeeee...'.

Welsey as a ghostly liason, Gunn as a vampire, Spike accepting his destined role as Illyria's pet... so many things are just making me SO excited about where the story will go.

I love Buffy and will be at the front of the line for new issues, but my heart lies always with AtS, and am so thankful to Joss for giving us such wonderful stories again.

So THANKS! To Joss and Brian.
"I have to say these two issues have done for me what Im sure the Buffy comics have done to many others, that being complete make them 'sqeeee...'."

Same here. I am enjoying the Buffy comics very much (especially the Faith arc), but as with the shows, Angel is the one making excited. Like seriously excited:)
BtVS got weaker in it's later years (though it was still A+ television), but Angel was strongest in its final season. Buffy Season Eight is an improvement (so far) over season seven, but "After the Fall" is simply continuing the greatness that was Season Five of Angel.

While I don't agree with the reviewer that "‘Angel’ was always a superior show to ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ because you knew that Buffy and her Scoobies were always going to have their funny moments" (because, let's face it, BOTH shows had their weak points), I feel that After the Fall indeed has a great amount of momentum from the top-notch ending of AtS: Season Five. While BtVS had a greater amount of "WOW" moments, than Angel, BtVS was also a rockier road. AtS was more consistently enjoyable. It seems like that's being continued with the comics because while most of Season Eight has been awesome, "The Chain" *sucked*. I can't judge "After the Fall" as a whole yet--I mean, we only have two issues--but it's certainly continuing the high point that was "Not Fade Away" (my favorite episode from either show).
Couldn't agree with you less about season 8 being an improvement on season 7.

Season 8 still has everything to prove, as far as I'm concerned.

Love After the Fall, though.
Robin and I just read this issue together and I agree with everything said here about it. It has everything we'd hope to see from a televised season 6 and then some. It all plays out in your mind with ease. The characters are spot on (LOVED the intro of Spike) and we paused several times in Issue 2 especially to go "Whoa!"

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