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December 25 2007

Angel Complete Series 50% off at The Angel DVD box set is now priced at $69.99. Who knows how long this will last so put that holiday money to good use today.

Ohh..think that's what it was for one of their lightning deals a week or so back. Thanks for the heads up.
Still waiting for the X-Files set to go cheaper than $165
Ha! I got it this time around. Perfect.
I'll go ahead and state the obvious that shopping at Amazon through the shop link below helps defray the costs of running our favorite site.

*goes off to check after-Christmas finances*

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Thanks. Looks like I'll be getting something I want for Christmas after all.-runs off to find credit card-
I love you for posting this. I almost bought it a few days ago, but thank goodness I waited. Now I have myself a cheaper Angel. Ok, that sounded funny! :)
shucks, I bought it at the "pre-order" price! Oh well. I waited for the blue box for well over a year, so I'm still happy!
*Happy Dance* Thank you SO much for posting this. It's not like I need another DVD set...but, I really do NEED another DVD set, you see. *nods* And, since I've been waiting for this particular lovely to go down in price...*more happy dancing ensues*
Crap... that deal better stay up until tomorrow... my mom tells me one more gift's coming in the mail (hopefully tomorrow), and if it's this, it'd be difficult to return...

I'm also very low on cash, but I know I want this, so it'd help to save money when I finally buy it... which could be now, but it also could be not-now... AAAAAH! DILEMMA!!!!
Ohhhhhhhh, I'm so tempted, but I think I'm going to wait. The waitiness of the cash poor.
You can also order through our Amazon shop if you want to support Whedonesque.
Ugh, after I already paid the $100 a few weeks ago! Oh well, it was worth it to give it as a Christmas present, and to finally have it at all.
Thank you so very much for the heads up. I was pretty bummed about not being able to afford it, but now I have just enough!
Ahh! Man, I bought this just before Caroline posted about the Whedonesque store. I had totally forgotten about it!
Thanks for posting this. Already have it, but been wanting to get it for my boyfriend.
Woo! Thank you for the heads up. I was planning on buying it after Christmas, and 50 % off is one hell of a deal (pun intended).

Bought it through Whedonesque, to support my favorite site!
Thanks so much -- I'm almost finished re-watching the series on my home-taped videos, but next time, it'll be on these cheap DVDs! Yay!
I can now geek out for cheap :)
If you're a DB fan, you can also get Season 2 of Bones at Amazon for $20.99 - that's the cheapest I've seen it since it's release.
Ahh! Man, I bought this just before Caroline posted about the Whedonesque store. I had totally forgotten about it!

Arrgh, guess I didn't state it obviously enough upthread after all.

Arrgh, guess I didn't state it obviously enough upthread after all.

m'cookies, Caroline one-upped you with a direct link. ;)
JerrodBalzer, if you (or anyone) bought the box set from Amazon within the last 30 days, you qualify for their Post-Order Price Guarantee if you paid more than $69.99. Just click the Contact Us button on the above linked page and send them an email or call them/have them call you!

[ edited by thiscloud on 2007-12-26 18:50 ]
thiscloud, you are awesome! I knew about the Pre-Order Guarantee but not the Post Order one. I just went on there, not even ten minutes ago. They called me and refunded me the $30 extra I paid. That just made it so much sweeter.

Thank you for that heads up!
If anyone is still interested, it's still on sale for $69.99 on Dec. 26 at 8:43 pm EST. I tried really, really hard to find a coupon code but couldn't find one for DVDs. But $69.99 is still an awesome deal. Hopefully mine will get shipped soon! My wonderful fiancee got me the Buffy box set for Christmas, so now my collection will be complete!
Wow, it's Merry Christmas from Whedonesque to read this news, and then Merry Christmas to Whedonesque by using Caroline's link. I finally got my boxed set of "Angel," and had a chance to support the best blog anywhere. A happy holiday for everyone! :)
Is any one else bitter that they already have all five seasons and they paid the full, original $59.99 each for them?
Just me?
But if you had waited for this, you would not had them to watch and enjoy for all the time since you bought them, bubbletoes.
Amazon hates me, I'm out of money!!!!
There are options bubbletoes if you wanted the big box. I mean, you can always sell back your individual sets. Places like FYE take them and give you money (or credit) for them. You can offer them up on Amazon or Craig's List. *shrug* I'm selling back Buffy now that I have a big box.
As soon as I'd first heard of the Chosen Collection coming out, we sold all of our Buffy and Angel sets on ebay for a nice figure. We'd assumed with the full Buffy set coming, Angel wouldn't be far away. Well, it was a little farther than expected but it's all good now. We'd watched the individuals enough that we feel we got our money's worth in regards to whatever we didn't make back in selling them.

And the DVDs are exactly the same so it's just a matter of taking less space on the shelf. As far as the difference in price, it's a given that there will be a significant difference between the release prices and their value years down the road. The X-Files is another great example of that, as well as the Star Trek seasons. You pay according to how long you're willing to go without.
I have most of X-Files so it would be more inexpensive for me to just complete my collection by buying the individual sets. I didn't have any seasons of Angel (I had S1 but had sold it back, and was waiting for a good time to buy 2 to 5 when the big box was announced) and only had up to 4 of Buffy at that point. Since I had watched most of Buffy anyway, it wasn't a big deal if I took my time getting the sets. If the slimsets were $20 each (pretty much bottom barrel price) it would cost less to round out my collection ($60) but since they're steady at about $25 to $30, it would be about $75 to $90 to complete Buffy, and I was willing to spend a tad more to get the big box and get some of my money back for buying the individual sets.
Hmmm. I'm trying to decide if it's worth the hassle to buy this and sell off my original giant folding boxes. Does anyone know how much FYE will pay for them? They aren't going for much on Amazon. I guess most people would rather have the slimsets.
I've gotten as much as $15 for a DVD set, as long as it's in good condition. I bought my sets (the original foldy ones, not the slimsets) for about $30 to $35. As long as they're in good condition, it doesn't matter if you bought them brand new or used. It's not an eyeball estimate either, they check the sets and if there are no scratches (as far as they can tell) they scan it and if there is a demand for them, they'll offer you a price. They give like 15% more if you get store credit instead of cash, but I prefer cash because a lot of things in FYE are overpriced.
Consider me donated. Spread the holiday cheer.
Bubbletoes, remind me to teach you how to get stuff cheaper. I never paid $60 for any of my seasons. That's what I learned in college. How to live as cheaply as possible.
If you're going to try to sell your DVDs try the more local chains. Here in Boston we have Newbury Comics and they give a decent price for DVDs and CDs. I'll be giving mine to my sister to spread the Whedon joy.
Oh, and I just checked Amazon. It's still on sale.

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