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December 25 2007

SMG's Christmas gift for Santa. Here's the perfect Christmas find from YouTube, a cute little SMG leaves Santa Claus a selection of Little Debbies. Happy holidays, everyone!

Thanks! I thought the only commercial she's known for was Burger King, but that was cute.
that was adorable.
Awwww, I'm plotzing from the cuteness.
If it hadn't been pointed out, I would have never known it was her.

Awww... lispy lil SMG!!
That's cute. I also wouldn't have known it was her. Merry Christmas, all. Or Slay-mas, even. ;)
I recognized her when the commercial cuts to Little SMG waking up in bed. For a second it looks like an older SMG.
That didn't look like her to me. I guess I'm the odd duck out.
thanks for sharing
Wow...McDade's. That brings back memories. ;)

And is the dad played by Gary Cole?
That's so pathetic, it's adorable. I agree with electricspacegirl, it really looks like her when she wakes up.
That was amazing. If it weren't for the eyes, I wouldn't have even recognized her. And I knew she wasn't really a blonde, but wow that's dark hair...
Great find buffy Singalong. SMG has reportedly done over 100 commercials. She did around thirty ads for Burger King and at least two ads for Duncan Hines. I suspect there are a few more commercials waiting to be found.
I couldn't have called it, myself, but now that I know, that is so the Sarah nose.

The ad is... well, ad-y, but Sarah is predictably adorable. What a fittin' find, Buffy SingALong - thanks for sharing that...

(For Christmas, I asked Santa to let the Buffy Singalongs continue. I hope the Scrooges loosen up and let you do 'em again...)
Yeah, freeze frame at 16 seconds, and there's pretty much no doubt.
She looks exactly like the girl in the Burger King adverts, the girl in 'Spenser: For Hire' (episode 'Company Man'), and the girl in the opening credits of the pilot episode of 'Girl's Talk', all of which I have seen. I don't think there is any doubt - it's her.
That's a cute Christmas commercial, but I like this one, especially because she breaks off an icicle to defend herself.
That's a cute Christmas commercial, but I like this one, especially because she breaks off an icicle to defend herself.

I love the first one, but did Buffy forget that ice can't kill vampires? I wonder who won those walk-on Buffy roles.
Adorable :) (even if ads from the 80s always make me feel ancient - argh)
electricspacegirl, according to the archives, Jessica Johnson of Maryland won the three-day trip for two to participate in "The Prom."
I wish somebody could locate one she did for one of those companies thta helps people keep in touch, like Sprint or hlalmark. She and another little girl were shown dancing ina meadow in a flashback (she was alot older than but still pre- AMC) a nd then it shifted to t he adult version of one of them.
If you look closely you can tell it's her, same grin.
And I recognized Gary Cole. Groan, I'm gettin' old, I mean, i know how old I w as when she was born, but still Cole is younger than I am and he was playing her father, groan.
(DOn't know why this is affecting me; leaving aside she's married and I'm too old for her, she isn't even my type. I guess at my age you find yourself looking for things to get upset about, in spite of what Hank Jr. said.)
Maybe it's just me but that really doesn't look like or sound anything like her. The little girl in that video looks a bit older than SMG did at that age and she also seemingly has blue eyes.

Sarah in 1988:
The girl in the commercial seems to have slightly ehavier features than Smidge in the epsiode but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't ehr since that can change form time to time. And Im not good at picking out eye colors on film.

Gad, even at ten she was tiny for her age.
I'm with those that don't think it's her.
Yeah, I don't see it.

It's funny that Gary Cole is the dad and mystery child has the Cindy Brady lisp.

Huh, in the BK commercials SMG had no lisp, and she was younger, right?
Here is a link to the infamous 1981 Burger King advert. I still think the Little Debbies advert is Gellar.
I don't get it either. The Gary Cole part, that is. If that's Gary Cole then I'm David Boreanaz. :) As far as if that's SMG, I was convinced it was FutureBuffy at second 11.
I'm on the fence as to whether that is SMG or not.
That Spenser For Hire clip is so cute. Poor lil' Buffy is actually afraid of hospitals.
Chelleatrix - SMG had a bit of a Noo Yawk accent but nope, no lisp.

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