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December 25 2007

"The Long Way Home" is #6 at Randy Myers lists the Top 10 Graphic Novels of 2007, and Buffy is included.

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Here's the same article via the San Jose Mercury news:

Shout out for my local papers! Woo woo.
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Ahh! More east bay folks on whedonesque...I am home for the holidays and stumbled across that article, too. Neat!
What? I dont have a registration at all and I could see it.


Here's what the article says about Buffy.

6. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home," by Joss Whedon and Georges Jeanty (Dark Horse, $15.95): C'mon, Buffy fans, quit complaining about how life lost all meaning when Buffy and company went off the air. You now have the next best thing to a Buffy movie -- it's called Season 8 in comic book form. The best news is that it's just as fun, addictive and clever as one of this decade's best TV shows. Hats off to Whedon; the guy's a genius.

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I could read it. Didn't need to register. No big surprise it's on the list :p
That's creepy. Last night it went to a login page and today it goes straight to it. Don't know what happened but no complaints here. Thanks!
From the Elmira Star Gazette

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer": With Buffy creator Joss Whedon overseeing and even writing some arcs, you can actually hear the characters converse in your head.

My only complaint with this book is that some months take as long as 31 days. I cannot get enough of it. I usually buy the latest issue within an hour of the comic book store unlocking its front door and start reading it when I get in my car (but before I start driving) (even though I live in an area where there are no laws explicitly banning driving while reading) (that I know of).

We're still in the question-raising part of the season, and the biggest question so far is, When do you kill people? Joss does not shrink from dealing with the issue of how people shrink from dealing with the issue. Buffy consciously addresses the question in its simplest form -- she'll kill people who are trying to kill her. But we're left to wonder what role she played in sending the unnamed slayer off to die on a suicide mission in issue 5. And my favorite moment is her wordless reaction in issue 9 during her phone call with Giles. Is she finally realizing, trying not to realize, both? She turns away from the issue at that moment -- a decision in itself.

Joss has expanded the scope of the series not only in comic terms (the unlimited special effects budget) but politically, socially, psychologically and morally. I am so glad he's writing. In his dreams begin responsibilities.

(Also, as showrunner, Joss has brought out the best in BKV, sharpening his already considerable skills. I bet BKV would agree.)

ET subtract a "scope" from a sentence in which I used the word twice.

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I'm glad everyone is impressed and enjoying the series. My friend and I were talking about this the other night, though. She is getting tired enough of the pace to stop buying the comic, and I have to admit that I do not blame her. Comics really seem to be slow and light on content. I plan on continuing to buy them, but this series has not convinced me that comics will ever be a medium of choice for me.
I agree that the pacing can -sometimes- be tiresome. But that is how comics are written. And Joss pretty much has the characters nailed when it comes to their "voice". They are right that this is the next best thing, to a movie/film endeavor. I'll be buying this comic till the cows come home. First comment too! Woot!
The pace thing took m a while to get used to. When i bought my first Angel comic (The Curse) I finished reading it within 2 minutes and that it?

However I have gotton used to taking my time.Savouring the words in my head, hearing the actors say them. Taking time to enjoy the panels.

Also it helps when the comics are written by Whedon, Vaughan and Lynch, who fill them with so much. Those three (along with Peter David on the Spike vs Dracula series) really pack a lot into each issue.
Greetings, CowboyGuy, (named after the strangely neglected character in the plays of Arthur Miller?)

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Comics really seem to be slow and light on content.

I'm of the opinion that JW's comics, despite being great reads, are not yet up there with the genre giants, by which I mean Moore, or Gaiman, or Ennis, or Miller. Or Eisner. I defy you to read the Sandman series, to pick my favorite, newcj, and then continue to believe that comics are inevitably slow and light on content. But I do think that the Buffyverse books don't match the shows in depth and story, which may be a function of them being shows first.
The comic books give Joss a way to add to the depth of the stories told by the shows, and he's not wasting the opportunity. Giles' cold-blooded murder of Ben was a major development in his character that never played out as a change in his relationship with the other characters. After "No Future for You," Buffy has to deal with him engaging in preemptive assassination.

(David Fury originally had Giles reveal the murder of Ben in "Lies My Parents Told Me" 7017, but the scene got cut. I wonder if we'll get such a scene in season 8.)
iF Magazine has Buffy & Angel in its 2007 Top Ten.
/agree with SNT. That will be all :)
Greetings, CowboyGuy, (named after the strangely neglected character in the plays of Arthur Miller?)

Well it's more like named after Riley who, in Restless, portrayed the strangely neglected character in the plays of A.M. :)
It's my favorite Riley moment. I use this name on all forums of Buffyverse.
The Buffy series has drawn me back into comic shops, when I can get there. And I agree with the comments (complaints?) that the pacing is slow. But even after having bought each issue I just got the compilation and that worked a lot better for me. So I'll keep on with the series, even getting the alt covers where possible. Any new (canon) content is good content.

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