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December 27 2007

Sci-fi film babes through time. Check out the group that come top for the 2000's. Also a Whedon link with the lifetime achievement award.

Awesome. Our ladies at Numero Uno for the 2000's. Yes, I could not have chosen one over the other, (Kaylee) no, couldn't have done it.
Yay for the Firefly/Serenity women. And Leeloo, even though she has nothing to do with anything here...
The women of Firefly certainly are beautiful.

And much like madmolly, though I don't want to choose any one over the other, I'd prolly end up going with Jewel...
I might have been impressed had the women of Firefly/Serenity made it on a serious list of Sci-Fi movies, instead of a list containing bad movies, filled with actresses wearing a scant amount of clothing.
I agree with menomegirl... though, hey, Gillian Anderson. I almost spit out my water when I saw the Weird Science reference.
FTA: Looks, brains, personality, butt-kicking hotness.
Ain't it the truth, ain't it the truth!
Pretty balanced list for a "hot babes" thing. I found myself nodding my head with their choices. You certainly can't argue that all these women are amazingly attractive. And Weaver coming out in the top spot is just gravy.
double post monster strikes!

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What? No Elsa Lanchester for The Bride of Frankenstein?! Or Ann Robinson's Sylvia Van Buren in the 1953 version of The War of the Worlds?! And what about Brigitte Helm's portrayal of Maria in Metropolis?! Sacrilege, I tell you!


Definitely a varied list and a generally good indicator of attractive female leads in major science fiction films...though a lot of the roles were admittedly for their era's version of T&A. warms my heart -'s just acid reflux ;D - to see the ladies of Firefly and Serenity whooping ass and taking names to nab the #1 spot for the 2000s :D
As usual with these lists, they left out more than half of my favorites, but it's certainly good and proper to see the ladies aboard Serenity get their due ;)
Hurray for vixens of Serenity! Could I pick one over the others (Gina, Gina, Gina!)...maybe. Depends on mood. (But Gina, Gina, Gina!)

Thought I'd see Tanya Roberts for Sheena. Her eyes, those lovely eyes... ahem.

(Summer, Summer, Summer!) Oh, fie! I'm vexed.
Those are our ladies. Go them! Kick ass with your feminine wiles! And though I'm a straight chick, I always love Kaylee. Of course, it's because I am/was a bit similar to her, and used to have/adore that ability to see the good in everything. So it's not the same reasons she's on a Hot Babe list, but still...

I just find it hilarious that One Million Years B.C. was on the list. That movie was hilarious in a "this doesn't even NEED MST3K" way.
YI might have been impressed had the women of Firefly/Serenity made it on a serious list of Sci-Fi movies, instead of a list containing bad movies, filled with actresses wearing a scant amount of clothing.

Though I agree with you on this menomegirl, it's nice to get recognition for the girls. The fact that the awarded the position to all the women warms me up to them. All of the women are gorgeous, physically and character wise.
Jez...I didn't know that was Claudia Black in Pitch Black...

Firefly girls definitely deserve it though...
Yay for the gorgeous, kick-ass women of Firefly/Serenity, and for giving Sigourney Weaver's Ripley the "lifetime achievement" award. I can't think offhand of any glaring omissions except Jodie Foster in Contact. And I was delighted to see Madeline Stowe mentioned for 12 Monkeys, one of my favorite movies ever.
But the real treat was seeing the progression of women in Scifi from nothing but "the girl who needs saving" eye candy, to genuine characters and heroes in their own right.
Can't wait for the TV list, as this one indicates that the site is heavy on the whedonverse love.
Not a bad list, it really is heartening to see the progression from very "scream-queen", T&A heavy through to better rounded but still hot as hell characters.

Ally Sheedy was hottest of all in 80s proto-geek classic 'Wargames' though, she should've been in there for that and not 'Short Circuit' IMO. And I had a huge crush on Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as a result of 'The Color of Money' but it waved a hearty cheerio to any semblance of reasonableness when I saw her as Lindsey Brigman in 'The Abyss' - sexy, brave, smart, cool-headed and graceful under (literal ;) pressure, just a great character (OK, she owed a fair bit to the "Lifetime Achieving" - couple of times ;) - Ripley but that's fine with me).
I saw "Alien Resurrection" and "Titanic" in the same time period. It was a quid pro quo, my best movie-going buddy agreed to go with me to see AR if I went with her to see "Titanic." I remember thinking that they were pretty much the same story - a pretty, young, fragile-ish woman, and a stronger, highly-competent character racing together around a giant doomed ship. The difference being that in AR the strong competent character was played by Sigourney Weaver, and in "Titanic" by Leonardo DiCaprio. And with all due respect to Leonardo DiCaprio, I knew that if I were hoping to survive on a giant, doomed ship I sure as hell would rather have Sigourney Weaver as a strong, competent companion.

(Notice that she managed to save both Winona Ryder and herself, and DiCaprio snuffed it - and he didn't even have to fight any alien creatures.)
I kept wondering when Sigourney Weaver would show up, and she def. earned the lifetime achievement award. I watched the first three Alien movies in one week to take notes for my book, and (this is totally serious), that's when I realized I was either bi or a lesbian b/c I had a massive crush on SW as Ripley. She's still on the top of my list of actresses: gorgeous and ass-kicking. If you saw her in "Death and the Maiden," you'd be seriously scared: You don't want to f*ck w/ Sigourney Weaver. And speaking of which, no actor delivers the word "f*cked" w/ more conviction than she does. In "Death and the Maiden," she has taken a man captive b/c she believes him guilty of crimes which I won't describe to avoid spoilers. In one scene, her husband asks her, "What if he's innocent?" and she answers, "If he's innocent, then he's f*cked" with utterly cold conviction and emphasis. *shudder*

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