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December 28 2007

Nathan Fillion to appear at Florida FX Show in January. Other verse guest at the show will include Nick Brendon, and Elisabeth Rohm. FX 2008 is January 25-27, 2008 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

As of now Nathan is scheduled at the FX Show and the Phoenix Comic Con which are occuring the same weekend. I have emails and voice mails out to both events to see if there is any info about the what, when, where, and why of it all. So hopefully something will be sorted out before either event. Who knows maybe he will do both.

I received the following e-mail response from FX Show;

We have confirmation from Nathan's agents that he will NOT be attending Phoenix and WILL be in Orlando that weekend. Not quite sure how that one got mixed up, but he will be here!!

I still have yet to hear back from the Phoenix event, however, I will let you know if I hear more. Since Phoenix was a charity thing, I wonder if Nathan even knew he double booked himself.

Well it looks as if Nathan will not be at the Phoenix event but he will be attending FX Show.

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Come on Chicago! Come on Chicago! Isn't there a convention of some sort that he can attend out this way? *Insert whimper*
Poor Nathan, burning the candles at both ends. He is rumored to be appearing at Phoenix ComicCon on the 25th that same weekend. I believe the Az Browncoats are doing something with his charity KNTR. Not sure if it is still happening, just something I heard might happen.

Fingers crossed.

I was already planning on going to the FX Show again, to meet Nicky and Greg Grunberg. I had a blast last January (met Kristen Bell, Zachary Quinto, Hayden Panettiere, Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass, Christina Hendricks, Colin Ferguson, and others).

If Nathan also shows, well... damn. That would just be shiny. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but will also understand if the communication got crossed somewhere and he's scheduled to be elsewhere.
FX took the Nathan announcement off their front page, but he's still listed on their Guest page. Still waiting for news...
I just read a post at PJ Haarsma's site saying that Nathan will not be attending the con in Phoenix. He will be going to the FX con.
Well, I am sad and disappointed. That's all.
It is true that Nathan will not be attending the Phoenix Comicon. Due to a mix-up of dates, Nathan was double-booked for both cons. It is important to note that Nathan offered to keep the gentleman’s agreement he made with PJ Haarsma and Matt Solberg when he discovered the conflicting dates, but PJ refused to put his good friend in the position of breaking his signed contract with the FX Show. Everyone involved is deeply disappointed and we apologize for letting the convention attendees down.

PJ Haarsma and Kids Need to Read will still be attending the convention and we hope to meet all of you who are going. We’ll have auctions, give away free buttons and we’ll still have our panel without our star. We may not have an overflow audience, but we’ll have fun all the same. Please stop by to learn more about our organization’s efforts to help foster a love for reading among young children.
I am glad to hear that KNTR will still be there. I will be happy to bring my books by.
Thank you so much, madmolly. We are conducting a drive in February for the Odessa Brown Children's Clinic. They serve low-income families and offer books to every child who walks in their door. They lost most of their funding for the program (they depend on private funding), so we have taken them under our wing. We will be thrilled to accept your books!

Please introduce yourself to me. Ask for me at the booth. :)
Hey Ninja MALi-

My first post here!

I just wanted to say that PJ is very interesting and witty! I enjoyed meeting him last November. I loved hearing his many late night Halo adventures with Nathan & Alan...especially since I am a Halo fan myself! Hope you all get a chance to say "Hello!" :-)
Maybe Nathan could tape something to show at the Phoenix Convention.
Spacegirl32 | December 29, 06:46 CET

Uh oh, Doppelgangland territory. *backs away slowly, turns and runs for her life*

heheh. Spacegirl, maybe we should get together and start a spacegirl-band.

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