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December 29 2007

The most memorable TV moments of 2007. Finding out about Joss' new show 'Dollhouse' was pretty fantastic.

Most memorable moment for 2008:
The writers strike being settled and Dollhouse going into production :)
What chazman said!
Finding out about Dollhouse.
Any episode of Damages.
BSG 2-part finale.
Lost finale.
Last couple of minutes of Sopranos finale.
Any time Serenity was shown on HBO.
Finding out Chuck and Life were given an order for the rest of the season (but that news was diminished by the non-extension of Journeyman)
- Finding out about 'Dollhouse'.
- "Are you zen or not ?" ... "I'm Zen-ish" from 'Life'. And 'Life' itself obviously ;).
- 'Jekyll' (numerous moments, most of them featuring Jimmy Nesbitt)
- Finding out who was gonna turn up in that room towards the end of 'Battlestar Galactica' S3.
- The "hot-jump" in 'Battlestar Galactica' S3 ep 'Exodus Pt 2' (yep, technically shown in 2006 but it was such perfect television that it was still with me in 2007 so i'm having it and that's that ;).
- Dan sitting down the first time to sleep with his clothes on in 'Journeyman' and "I'll always come home"
- Dan sitting down the second time to sleep with his clothes on in 'Journeyman' and "Then i'll keep a light on".
- The Wonder Woman costume in 'Bones' ... What ? ;). Actually, it wasn't just the costume itself, there's a bit where Emily Deschanel does a spin, clearly exactly as she/Bones did when she was a little girl which was incredibly cute and funny/sweet.
- The remembrance service in 'Family of Blood', 'Doctor Who' [new] series 3.
1. All Along the Watchtower from the quotes till the end note (although the vocals suck on the song- sorry but they do) - Battlestar Galactica
2. Kara Thrace meeting "God" in Maelstrom - Battlestar Galactica
3. "Kara Thrace is the harbinger of the apocalypse; she is the herald of death" from Razor - Battlestar Galactica
4. the purge of Dharma - LOST
5. the "Everyday" sequence from the Simpsons "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpsons Mind featuring that beautful music by Carly Comando - the Simpsons
6. the news about Dollhouse
7. Twin Peaks Gold Box DVD
8. John From Cincinnati begins, tells it's tale and unfortunately ends
9. the last 5 minutes of the Sopranos (I have never been so tense while watching TV. The directing was just so -woah)
10. My So-Called Life gets the DVD treament it deserves, including a great commentary track for the pilot.
HM goes to Summer Glau for playing a freaking Terminator!
I'm sure there were others but I am not remembering them at the moment for some reason.
Oh yeah Lee's monologue from Crossroads Part 2 of BSG. Damn good writing and acting on that one!

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Agree with:
- Lost finale. That show makes me nuts, sometimes driving me to "hater" territory, but that final moment blew my f'in mind.
- The BSG "hot-jump". I watched it this year, so it counts for me too. Hot Dog!
- "Life" in general. "Dig a hole... Fill it up." in particular.

- The Dillon Panthers playing the State Championship in Texas Stadium (Friday Night Lights).
- The Supernatural S2 finale, "All Hell Breaks Loose", and the way the 2 parts opened with "Foreplay / Long Time" and "Carry On Wayward Son" respectively.
- Every time Sarah was in her underwear on "Chuck".
- The night Conan's show kept getting interrupted by an alarm in the building. He (and Paget Brewster, "So we could die") turned it into comedy gold.
- Finally, the fact that in 2007 I was able to see all of the above in HD. (Sarah. Underwear.)
Hi-def underwear ? Sounds itchy ;).
Minor Spoilers below

-"Ripper" announcement. (Please don't let it wayside-fall)
- Dollhouse announcement
- Kate steps out of the car
- Jane Fonda kisses Stephen Colbert
- Michael explains to the office that he hit Meredith
- Jon Stewart interviews Lynne Cheney
- Abraham Lincoln curses out Kyle
- Noah takes one to the eye (and lives to tell)

The Lost finale/cliffhanger had my heart in my throat - the showrunners proved they could not only get back on track but deliver a 1-2 blow to the solar plexus of viewers by changing up their own game! Fantastic.

Hugh Laurie's 2007 Golden Globes acceptance speech for House. Every speech he gives is a jewel. It's not every actor that can think on their feet, but the Brits seem to be damn good at it (sadly, YouTube has pulled every copy of the video of this one).

ETA: (Oh Crap) How could I forget this. The Joss-directed episode of The Office - flat out wonderful television.

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Nearly went thru the ceiling when Joss announced that "Ripper" was a go. I was floating for days. Then, we had the "Dollhouse" announcement. Well, lets say I got a little too excited over that one. I'm all better now. Still seeking a cure for withdraws of smart television. Yeah, appears hopeless, but I'm hanging in there. Glass half-full!
For me, the most memorable TV moment of 2007 was the Doctor Who episode 'Blink'. Nothing else comes close that I can bring to mind.
Oh Yay, I love doing these.

1)hearing about Dollhouse
2)Torchwood, start to finish
3)Too many BSG moments to count, but definitely the reveal of four of the Final Five along with the inspired use of All Along the Watchtower. And (may technically nave been first shown in 2006?) the entire ep Unfinished Business.
4)last moments of The Sopranos finale
5)Life, and the divine Damien Lewis being .... well, just divine. And a show this good, this smart and unique, getting picked up for a full second season.
6)learning that The Wire is returning to HBO in January.
7)learning that James Marsters will be in not one but two eps of Torchwood this upcoming season.

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