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December 30 2007

Firefly - Disc 1 for an Aussie $1.00. And it looks like the Serenity Collector's Edition is being released in Aussieland.

Serenity - Special Edition (2 Disc Set)
includes 30 minutes of NEW bonus content! Available Wednesday, 05 March 2008

No mention of Cast commentary.

includes 30 minutes of NEW bonus content

Presumably the Sci Fi Channel special and Session 416, since as near as I can recall, everything else was already on the original AU release.

So hopefully, the cast commentary is on there as well.

Wish they'd release Firefly Disc 1 in the USA for a $1.00 We could hand them out at Serenity charity screenings.

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I know they bought a whole lot of the series hoping to put them in special 'collectors tins' and sell them as a limited edition set, but when the stock arrived, they didn't actually fit the tins. Maybe this is their way of getting rid of that stock? Only conjecture of course.
Well if there's going to be an R4 release, hopefully it means there will be a R2 release as well. Though I did check the BBFC site recently and no sign of anything new on the Serenity front.
I don't think it's related to the problem with the collector's tin (which is due to be re-released in the new year when new stock arrives) because the $1 disk is just disk 1, not the whole set.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this Serenity "special edition" too... i really hope it does have the commentary - even though I've already got the region 1 version

thanks for the link Anonymous1

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Good news about the Australian release of the 2-disc Serenity, but I must say I much preferred the cover of the US version.

I hope this is a sign that the R2 (UK) version is on its way.
If they're going to practically give them away for a buck a pop, maybe they should just, you know, GIVE them away?!
They'd make a great gift with purchase (buy any TV boxset and get a FREE Firefly DVD)which TV Merch were doing with 'Veronica Mars'.
But then again, this may draw in more people to the verse, which is all of the good.

At that price, though, I'm going to order a whole bunch and donate them to the local library. Anyone care to join me?

ETA They also have 'Angel' Season 1: Disc 1 and 4, Season 2: Disc 1, 2 and 4 and Buffy Season 2: Disc 2 for $1. And the 'Spike' and 'Willow' collections for $1.92.
There goes my DVD buying embargo...

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Does that mean they put them back to $1? we noted over on Soz that they had jumped in price to $14.95 each disk. also there's been no sign of any disk past disk one ever having existed lol.

luckily i got in before the price hike, so i have plenty for our charity event. oh look, it is indeed back to $1 each. not sure what that was about. do international orders too.

i might get the special ed aussie version, but i too, love my US cover one.

as for the tin mess. i dont know whats happening with that, but i hope they sort it out too. i dont care if it doesnt fit in the tin. i just want the tin. lol
Sweets. Was wondering when the super extra special collectors edition as coming out here. Don't mind buying 2 if it means it might help to get a second movie made.
Thanks missb, for the idea of donating to the library. Bought, paid for, and will be donated ASAP. I bought that special edition too, but I don't think it is a collectors edition, is it?

I also hope there are cast commentaries, but if there's not, I'll just buy it again when they bring out one that DOES (In Australia).

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