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December 30 2007

Common Rotation on the radio 7pm New York Time tonight. Adam Busch's band Common Rotation can be heard on the radio or via the internet tonight at 7PM New York time (30.12.07). There is also a new Common Rotation newsletter.

"Common Rotation will be performing on David Garland's Spinning On Air
Spinning On Air is heard Sundays, 7-8 pm on WNYC-FM 93.9 in the NYC area, and world-wide on After broadcast, the show can be heard anytime in the Spinning On Air archive at

Spinning On Air can be heard live anywhere, through All the pages on the website (including the show page when it's active) have a column on the left titled "Listen Live," with various connection options including a good quality 32k mp3 stream, and during music hours (which should include Sunday, 7 pm) an even higher quality 96k mp3 stream. Enjoy ya'll."

Seems like a nice way to end the year: )

And Common Rotation's latest newsletter can be found here.

Thanks for the info debw. I'll definitely be listening. I love these guys!
There are also some very nice photos on Flickr.
The linked page says that Amber Benson attended the session, and that toward the end of the show .

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I cant believe I actually lol'd...
i'll be listening tonight
Won't be able to watch it tonight, so I'm glad it will be up in the archives. :)
Those pictures! I want that house. I want those people in that house that will belong to me. And Amber . . . that is all.
I'm listening, it is coming through loud and clear, and I'm really enjoying it! Adam and Eric do sing great harmonies, I've been a fan of Common Rotation for many years. Their MySpace is very cleverly written (I'm not sure if it is always written by Adam). And I think Pointy's spoiler isn't true... but I'll be continuing to listen.
Edited to add that I'm enjoying the sing-a-long portion now, and there are photos from the session up here at flicker.

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The Common Rotation gig in Toronto last year was one of the best 'concerts' I've ever attended - not only because they are superb musicians, but because it was held in such an intimate venue - not a living room, but the next best thing to one.

The radio show was excellent, and yes, Pointy's spoiler was a tad off ; -) (Although Amber was present (and quite vocal!)
A link to a recording of the show is up.
That was an hour well spent listening. The harmonies draw you right in, then you notice the subtler beauties of the phrasing, which is really excellent, possibly because they've been singing together for about 15 years, possibly because Adam Busch is a professional actor. It is a tribute to his skill at acting the part of Big Bad that I don't like liking him as a singer.

The host recalled seeing Adam and Amber Benson together in a restaurant and his wife (I think) asking, "Didn't Warren kill Tara?" Amber says they found love in the afterlife.

Talk about meeting cute.
Pointy, when I first met Adam Busch at a photo op, he stood up and was such a polite young man, I figured I would never see him as only Warren ever again! Of course that was before I heard the beautiful harmonies and fascinating lyrics which made me a big Common Rotation fan.
. . . he stood up and was such a polite young man . . .

That's like ten times more terrifying!


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