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December 30 2007

Happy birthday to Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku! Eliza Dushku (who played Faith, and will - if all goes well - star as Echo in Dollhouse) was born on this day 27 years ago.

Still not sure if this is postworthy news, but I accidentally found out from IMDb's front page birthday thingy so I might as well post it here just in case.

Happy birthday, Eliza! :-D
Woah. Twenty-seven? I was just thinking the other day she doesn't look a day over twenty-five. Shocked! Shocked I am that she's such an old fart!

about to hit the big four oh myself so nyeah
Happy birthday, Eliza, you were the best and the baddest Big Bad (in my book) on Buffy and brought great emotional depth to your subsequent journey from villain to hero. Looking forward to seeing you unleash all your potential in Dollhouse.

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Posting birthday greetings is a Whedonesque tradition, Vince, so postworthy, yes. (And the date jibes with last year's so it looks accurate enough). Happy birthday ED (and ZM).
Happy Birthday, Eliza!
Happy mirthday, Eliza.
Happy Birthday, Eliza!

Honestly, this is one of the beautiful and talented women in the business and doesn't get nearly enough starring opportunity in TV and movies. I mentally cast her in female roles of novels all the time. Look forward to "Dollhouse" with great optimism and a mental picture of the "Executive Producers Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon" credit.
Happy Birthday to one sexy lady :)
Wow, pessimistic title. "If all goes well"?

But hpd, Eliza!
yay...happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Eliza.
Wow, cool. It's my birthday, too! But I have the unfortunate business of being 30.
Happy birthday to qenvic2, too!
Happy Birthday, Eliza! ^_^
That depends on how you look at it. I never said that all is unlikely to go well. Just that it needs to in order for it to happen. You know, with the strikey things.
Happy birthday!
Let's get the strike finished, the writers paid what they want (cuz they bring us amazing stuff), and see Dollhouse on TV already!
Happy Birthday Eliza - you young punk.
Wow. The girl's not even 30 yet. I feel old. Happy birthday regardless, E.D!

And as this is my inaugural comment, allow me to say hello to all in Whedonland!
Happy birthday, Elisa, looking forward towards your next show. What's that's saying, "Break a leg?"

Wishing you well, Elisa! :)
Best birthday wishes to Eliza. (I bet you that she always gets combined Christmas/Birthday gifts, too!)

Here's hoping your 27th year is a happy and, hint, hint, productive one.
Happy Birthday, Eliza!
Happy birthday, Dushku-san!!
Many happy returns!
Happy happy joy joy to you, Eliza! (It's my inaugural comment as well, Roland, so woo-hoo for us)

And as a December birthday myself, I will say on behalf of December birthdays everywhere: please keep them separate from Christmas, even if one is smaller than the other. It drives most kids nuts to get a gift and hear "This is for both!"

Looking forward to Dollhouse!
Happy Birthday Eliza! Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to Dollhouse!!!!
Happy "B"day Eliza!
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Dollhouse.
(throw me in as the third inaugural commentor)
Many Happy returns Elisa. May the coming year see all your wishes come true (especially getting Dollhouse in production with that Joss guy).

*waves to the first time posters* .... Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner that is one clever screen name ;-) Now I'm feeling really ancient because I get it.
Happy Birthday Eliza!
Happy (belated) Birthday Eliza, many more.

(I actually thought she was younger than that but she's still exactly as pretty as I always thought she was ;)

And to qenvic2 (30's only meaningful in base 10, stick to binary and you've another two years ;) and possibly zachsmind (how "about" are you ?).

And hey to the newbs - welcome, willkommen, bienvenue, err, yep, that's the extent of my foreign language skills ;).
Yaaaaay. Happy Birthday Ms. Dushku. Bring on DOLLHOUSE.
Happy Birthday Eliza!!

All Eliza fans and future dollhouse fans, come visit the new dollhouse forum!

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