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December 31 2007

Part Two of Mutant Enemy Day Q & A in iF Magazine. Wherein we learn more about what some of our favorite Whedonverse folks and friends think about the strike, Joss and the meaning of life (okay, maybe not that last one ;-).

It's great to read that, and to get a sense that the impact of that day just keeps on going, and going, and going. *cheers*
I have to mention that I am really impressed by the passion and clarity with which Mr. Ben Edlund speaks about the strike. I have been a fan of his work for even longer than I have adored the collected works of Joss Whedon, and yet again, he gives me another reason to like and respect him.

"This is a gold rush period, and we’re watching corporations try to take everything."

What a great analogy. Go forth, bold strikers, with the pick-axes of our enduring support and the gold pans of determination!
Quotes from Eliza Dushku, Nicholas Brendon, J. August Richards, Ben Edlund, Jeff Bell, Juliet Landau, Steve DeKnight, Ron Glass, Harry Groener, Tom Lenk, Michael Fairman, David Fury, Doug Petrie and fans. And rabble-rousing. I'm a big fan of rabble-rousing. And yes, Raggedy Edge, I do think Ben Edlund is an amazing speaker and writer. Between the entirety of "Smile Time" and the song "The Ballad of Canton" all by itself (let alone the rest of "Jaynestown" and the picket line quotes), the man is my hero forever.

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