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January 01 2008

Strike You!: five-minute satirical short film. A comedic sketch showing a day in the life of writer, "Matt" during the Writers' Guild Strike. Featuring Meredith Salenger who played 'Grace Newman' in the Buffy episode "I Only Have Eyes for You". (NSFW due to adult language).

Created by: Matt Boren, Meredith Salenger, Phil Eisen and Richie Keen

Starring Matt Boren, Meredith Salenger, Richie Keen, Phil Eisen, Jessica Golden

This video offers clear evidence of why writers are necessary. The message being sent is...everyone hates writers? Everyone blames them? There's no understanding in the world by people who should understand? At the end they say they didn't write anything down. Nooo, really? Didn't show. Well, okay, a little. A lot. It was horrible. As an evidentiary piece this is pure brilliance!
This is a very weird video in terms of, well, having a point. More to the point is voting here at the TV Guide poll.
This video really didn't make any sense to me either. What was the point?

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