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December 31 2007

Joss Whedon - the song. It's off the album "O Great Queen Electric, What Do You Have Waiting for Me?" by Chris Zabriskie. Anyway, Happy New Year. Here's hoping it's going to be a great year for all of us.

Cheers to gossi for the heads up on the song.

Happy New Year! We still have five hours to go here. I hope I can stay awake that long.
Happy New Year, everyone! One of my resolutions is try and stay positive on behalf of the writers out there. Be well (and dang, I want to listen to that whole song, now!).

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Happy New Year, Whedonesque crew, Whedonesque veterans, Whedonesque newbies and lurkers!
Happy New Year, all! We've got 2 hours and 42 minutes to go, but I'm off to bed now. I might have to work 12 hours tomorrow or I might be off or on call. I find out at 5:30 am.
Happy New Year to all, but especially to Joss and the writers - may they win soon and create for us all they have in their pretty little heads. Especially Dollhouse.
Trust Simon to find the perfect link for New Year's Wishes. Happy New Year to Caroline and the Mods* and all the Whedonesquers. Health, wealth and happiness to us all.

* who ought to be singing their own Joss Whedon song, it seems to me.
Happy New Year, Whedonesquers, both new and old!
Sadly, I've spent most of 2008 sleeping. I AM hangover free, though, having learnt that it's far better to linger over one bottle of really good champagne than it is to slam down shots of cheap alcohol.
And, yes, I concede that I must be getting old. (I still snog random strangers at midnight, though, so don't count me out yet!)
My resolution this year is not to make New Year's resolutions, but to treat each new day as a chance to change, grow and improve.
Happy and safe New Year wishes to you all!
Happy Happy New Year Whedonesquers!
I wish good health, love, prosperity and happiness to all for 2008.
If you can't kiss someone nearby at the stroke of midnight, hold someone dear to you in your heart....and smile.

Happy new year, all. My phone crashed when the clock stuck 12 - apparently there's a year 2008 bug, who knew?
Happy New Year and May 2008 bring us all more Whedoney goodness!
Happy New Year to those in 2008 and to those yet on the threshold. (And to the now 6250+ membership of this fine place. Gulp.) Still almost 5 hours to go here in Cali . . .
And SNT - Welcome back to moderating. You've been missed.
Should old acquaintance be forgot
It's probably not a spell
Echo's getting a mind wipe
In her Dollhouse from hell

For Mutant Enemy, my peeps,
Big arcs, bigger ensembles
We'll drink a cup of kindness soon
As the AMPTP crumbles.

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Well, I am spending the New Year doing the overnight shift at my radio station. I hope to at least keep a few New Year's Celebrators awake and alive with news and talk. Here's to a great '08...and maybe an end to the Writer's Strike after the champagne is gone.
Happy New Year! Hope 2008 is a good one!
Happy New Year!..less than an hour left of 2007 for me.
Speaking of New Year's (and since someone's mentioned the AMPTP), don't forget to get up in the New Year Morning to see if any TV network covering the Tournament of Roses Parade dares to show the Fans4Writers skytyping message(s) overhead.
jolly good new years to you all.
Happy New Years to all--to a good year!
Happy New Year!

Thank you, Joss, for your blood, sweat, and tears of creation. I deeply thank you for the gifts you've graced my life with. Have an excellent '08!

Whedonesque, thank you, too, for creating a place where we can practice our love to Joss. I'm sounding a might presidential. It's the libationses's fault.
Thank you, Joss, for your blood, sweat, and tears of creation.

I just thank Joss for his blood.

Happy New Year, Whedonesqueteers!
Happy New Year to everyone with such good taste!

Those that have yet to discover the Whedonverse, may you find it in 2008.
Happy New Year, all. 2007 was pretty damn good, Whedonverse-wise: Buffy Season 8 (including a Faith arc), the Runaways arc, promises of 2 Firefly comics to come in 08/09, and the Dollhouse announcement. Ok, so things were good fictionally-- I do hope our namesake's health is back to normal nowadays, and that the strike has a happy ending for the WGA (and other guilds too). To an even better 2008!
Happy New Year to everyone here at Whedonesque!
Don't forget SugarShock, Sunfire. That was a scrumptious treat, too!
Happy New Year!

Health, happiness and prosperity to all for the new year.


To bed I go.
And, finally, 2008 on the Left Coast. Bedtime!
Still 35 minutes to go, here in the middle of the Pacific ocean. My first New Year as a proud member of the most fascinating, literate, witty, website in all of internetland. Happy New Year to all, may the writers soon get their due, may perfect health be restored to the Great Purple One .... and good riddance to 2007 ;-)
Popping in to start my shiny new year off right!

Happy 2008 to everyone around the world of the Whedonesque persuasion who helps to make this place such a rare, informative, inspiring and amusing interwebby oasis of intelligence and wit -- and wherever you are, Joss, I raise a frothy glass of champers to you and your marvelous brain, with warmest wishes for your continued (and greater!) success and happiness.

And you know that thing you do? Well, please, just keep doing it, okay? :)
Happy new year!
Happy new year.
It's been 2008 for a while in blighty, but to be honest it has a more of the same vibe to it so I'm dusting off last years resolutions, they still apply.
Happy New Year everyone, hope it's a cracker for you all.

... having learnt that it's far better to linger over one bottle of really good champagne than it is to slam down shots of cheap alcohol.

Where ? Where do you learn such arcane and yet wise ... wisdom ?

(i'm actually not too bad, just knackered)
Happy New Year! *looks over three pages of resolutions* Eh. Man, these things do pile up. Hmm, I wonder what's new on TV. Oh, wait…
Happy New Years, Whedonesquers!
Happy New Year to all Whedonesque veterans and newbies! (I think that's everyone ...)
Happy New Year to all my friends at Whedonesque! May 2008 bring you joy, good health, and the blessing of good friends and family.
A Shiny 2008 to each and every one of you! :)
Happy New Year to all and may this year bring us closer to an end to strife (and strikes!).
Happy New Year to everyone. I am happy and proud to be a member of this community. This forum is my drug of choice.
Happy New Year! I'm hoping that 2008 brings us Dollhouse, and lots of new and exciting Whedonverse stories (we can count on stories for Buffy, Angel, and the crew of Serenity! Yay!).

I hope it is a bright and beautiful year for everyone. Happy 2008!
So... has anyone downloaded the song yet?
HAPPY NEW YEAR! everyone.
Happy new year to all. Best wishes for 2008.
Happy 2008, everyone!
Happy New Year! And thanks Simon - I do so love the Amazon MP3 store! :) Great find gossi!
Happy New Year, one and all.

Was the sky written this morning? I was asleep.
Well, I'm starting the new year off with a head cold.

Hey. Maybe I'm channeling Joss' oogies, and now he'll be all perky and healthy and happy again. That would be of the good.

So...small sacrifice for our Big Purple Joss-god.

I, too, was asleep for most of the parade - did anyone there, or watching at home, see the sky-writing?

And...has anyone gotten their Sarah Connor poster yet?

Happy New Year and a great beginning to all Whedonesquers for 2008. You are all the best on the 'net. Rock on.
A very belated Happy New Year to all connected with Whedonesque and the Whedonverse. I look forward to many more hours of enjoyment from both.
Oh and by the looks of it, Joss commented on the song on the Amazon page.

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