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January 01 2008

'The Chosen' and 'Serenity: Complete' - UK cons for 2008. The Starfury UK website has details of the Buffyverse and Serenity conventions that they are doing this year. The guest list for both cons seems good.

The phrase, "Serenity: Complete" bothers me.
It has a certain... Finality to it that just doesn't feel right, y'know?
I agree, it's an uninspiring choice of words, I want to add "balls up", which doesn't help at all either.
However, Heathrow's not that far away so I feel I should lose my convention cherry, what are these things like? I need to research!
By the way, "Happy New Year".
Jamie Bamber was great in Firefly wasn't he? *daydreams*
Bamber's natural accent frightens me. The fact that he can suppress that and sound like a corn-fed American in BSG is proof positive he's a skilled actor!
I was hoping not to sucumb to booking Chosen (I already have tickets for 'Complete') and then Sean Harry went and confirmed Georges Jeanty and Jo Chen appearances.

It was originally to be Heathrow but now it's Bristol, to which I don't fancy a drive. Hmmm... must check out trains.

As for 'complete' I think it's Sean's way of saying he won't be organising another Firefly/Serenity gig in the UK. Mind you he said that about BtVS & AtS and we have 'Chosen' this year.
Kind of bizarre that Sean's billing it as a Serenity/Firefly con when two of the five guests never actually appeared in the SereniFly 'verse, and one of the apparent guests who *did* have a headlining role in the show and movie isn't included in the promotional poster while the guest star is. And Mark Sheppard's dad as a guest ...?

*scratches head*
Not so bizarre, I'd say, he often invites a guest who is unconnected to the show - at Infinity we had Ellen Muth from Dead Like Me, at Cubed we had Gigi Edgely from Farscape. Those guests are considered to be "bonus" guests and usually aren't included in the headline list, so you have to pay for an autograph if you want one. These bonus guests usually get paid almost entirely from what photo ops/autographs they sell, rather than from the guest budget.

This time has the added bonus of Jamie being from a show that Mark is in, so there'll be a nice guest talk/photo op there. It's also worth noting that as far back as Serenity Squared, Sean had been intending to run a Serenity/BSG event, but the Serenity aspect was always so popular, there was no need. Now everybody over here has met the majority of the guests before, somebody like Jamie will entice a lot of people back who are fans of both things but wouldn't have come back just for the Firefly guests.

As for Mark's Dad - Mark's been saying for ages he wants to drag his Dad along - it finally happened!

I would assume Adam isn't in the promotional graphic because he was only announced on Christmas Day, whereas that graphic has been online for a while now.
The Complete Con is a Firefly/Battlestar Galactica Con (and always has been from the start) - the guest line up has changed a bit since one of the original guests has got worked lined up at the time was on - Sean is usually pretty good at updating things, but you've got to remember it costs money (and time) to correct something when actors pull out for what ever reason.

Looking forward to Complete even if have to travel each day to keep the cost down.

Having Alan *and* Adam there should be a riot (providing they both can remain un-busy)

btw the guys thinking of heading to Bristol for Chosen, it's not that hard to get to, some people seam to think it's the Wild West or something ;-)
It's Alan and Adam's busyness that rather concerns me. I might be in England at that time but they are both such busy actors and if the strike (please please) is over, then they might well have to cancel.
I'm booked for Complete, would love to go to Chosen but it's just impossible for me.

To answer Two flower's questions. You should expect a fun time at a Starfury convention. During the day there are guest talks where you can ask questions of the guests. They usually last an hour each (except where Jonathan Woodward is having communion!). In the morning you have the opportunity to have photos taken with the guests and in the afternoon there are autograph sessions.

At night it is party time. There is usully a 'theme' for the parties and lots of people come in fancy dress (costumes), but you don't have to. On the Saturday is usually a fancy dress competition. The guests usually come out and party with us too.

I have had lots of fun times at conventions and made many, many dear friends.
Thanks Cider, maybe see you there!
based on past experience, just because sean announces a guest doesn't mean he acutally has an agreement with them to attend.... I feel I need to bring this up because nobody else has yet... he did this with Nathan Fillion for the LA con and then lied about why Nathan "cancelled" by saying that Nathan had to suddenly film out of the country - funny how Nathan decided to make an appearance on the last day - very clever of him to be there while he was out of the country filming.

Also, I believe Sean Maher told people when he was at the Creation event in LA that he'd never acutally made an agreement with Sean H to attend the last UK con - so when Sean H announced that Sean M had had to cancel two weeks before the event... it was not a cancellation at all, but rather he had just never agreed to be there in the first place.

So please people, be careful if you want to attend these events based on who is supposed to be there because professional committments aside, there's still no guarantee they'll be there

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