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January 01 2008

Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica Coming to DVD in March. Universal Studios finally released an official date (March 25) for the third season R1 DVD release of "Battlestar Galactica" after months of keeping fans in the dark. This set will include Jane Espenson's premier episode.

Iím pretty sure this post is relevant to this site. Season three of BSG is Jane Espensonís first year writing for the show and Joss, as well as many of his fans, are self proclaimed fans of the series.

Its a nice New Years gift for the fans to finally get this news.

Finally! I didn't get the SciFi channel when Season three aired so it'll be nice to know what happens.
UK have it already, we never get anything first, what?!
Well its about frakkin' time. I've rewatched the first 2 seasons of BSG so many times I'm becoming fearful that my Buffy discs are getting jealous and may stake me in my sleep.
On a side note, saw the Universal HD promos for Season 3 the other night. Not sure when S3 will start, but noticed they are airing "33" (first ep season one) this coming Saturday, so anyone who hasn't caught the series yet can start from the beginning :)
About frakkin' time indeed.
UK have it already, we never get anything first, what?!

The Region 1 release will include extras not available in the rest of the world - including a 70 minute version of "Unfinished Business" (which, personally, sounds like too much of a good thing).
Oh Holy Gods!! "a 70 minute version of "Unfinished Business"" That's my favorite episode. I think I may faint! And yes, it is most definitely multiple exclaimation point worthy!!!
I wonder if season 3 will include "Razor"? I held out buying that because I heard that it would.
I havn't read that "Razor" is included in the set but I really don't know.
Ooh, if it does, I'm holding out as well. And yes, it IS about time - Razor, while only two hours as opposed to an entire season, took less than a month to be released on DVD.

I really hope that She's pretty much my favorite character. More so before she got her "destiny", though - the badass smoking stogies and dealing with her demons through denial and punching the XO and ignoring direct orders was pretty fun to watch, even if character progression is a good thing.
Psst, want some signed Battlestar Galactica scripts and stuff:
And yes, it IS about time - Razor, while only two hours as opposed to an entire season, took less than a month to be released on DVD.

Granted, but the reason is simple: DVD releases for TV shows are (in addition to being money-makers) are an opportunity to promote the show itself. That works best when there's new episodes on the air. Hence, the delay of the release until the new season starts.
So, why exactly do I already have this DVD on my shelf... and you guys havent even had it released yet?

I mean it IS an american show afterall.
Now comes the personal torture... I've held off buying any dvds until the strike is settled and I know the writers are getting their fair piece from my purchases. Please, oh please, let the strike be settled by March!
About time! Though, I have to admit, if they do the same stupid thing they did with Season 2 (what with the whole 2.0 and then 2.5 nonsense), I will not be amused...
The whole season is being released, no split up.
WOOHOO! Just for once, I can be a smart-arse and say I got my S3 boxset on 21st November - R4 came out first! The boxset sucks as a boxset though: absolutely no extras at all - no commentaries, not even a photo gallery, just nothing, except 20 episodes of a wonderful TV series.

Love's Bitch - my take on the strike is that this is work done before the strike and no deal is going to cover retrospective material. Even if it does, isn't the current deal 4% for DVD's and the new deal is 0 for DVD's? Writers may be better off if we buy DVD's.
isn't the current deal 4% for DVD's and the new deal is 0 for DVD's

Erm, no. Why would the writers be negotiating a deal that gives them nothing for DVDs?
B!x, I don't see a point in picking on people for not understanding the very confusing position the WGA has taken on DVDs. I don't understand it myself. Apparently they were willing to set aside new percentages for DVDs, in exchange for real discussion of internet on the owners' part. But that was just a ruse on the owners' part and there was no real negotiation on either. Then the WGA suggested, but didn't endorse a ban on DVD's. If you've gotten clarification on that, please share it with us.
I once read that the reason for the delay in releasing season 3 on DVD was because of legal issues over the "Resistance" webisodes, which were going to be included in the form of a bonus episode. In view of the current strike, perhaps they've decided this issue is not going to be settled in the near future, and so the webisodes will not be included after all. If so, I'll be disappointed. I've been waiting for the R1 release, as there's no other legal way to watch the webisodes here in the UK.
Just to be clear... there is no official stance, that I'm aware of, declaring a kabosh on the buying of dvds as a part of the strike effort. It's my own conscience directing my choice to hold off on buying dvds. I'm not telling other people what to do.

[ edited by Love's Bitch on 2008-01-02 11:41 ]
I knew there were a reason why I didn't get our local R4 release, which came out months ago. Won't get it now, but nice to know it.
1. The R1 bos is prettier.
2. They do keep the widescreen ration, and don't cut it down to 4:3.
3. There are actually relevant extras.

tichtich, I do remember reading about that. But, I also remember reading that Resistance webisodes were included in the Razor DVD. Didn't get my copy of Razor yet, so wonder if it's really true.
'The Resistance' isn't on the R1 'Razor' DVD (unless it's an easter egg) don't know about other regions. The 'Razor Flashback' episodelets are on there but Ron Moore has said that, since they were effectively treated as deleted scenes from 'Razor' itself, there aren't the same legal problems with those.

... R4 came out first!

Well, first after R2 obviously, rare that we get to be smug about stuff like that ;). £40 buys the complete seasons 1-3 from Amazon UK BTW, cracking deal (it includes the mini-series but not 'Razor', the box set being released before that came out).
Since Anonymous1 mentioned the auction, thank you btw. Jane E herself is donating a writer's draft of her first episode for BSG "The Passage".

It's currently the 3rd item from the bottom on the auction page. Right between a Law & Order: Criminal Intent script and a Lost script.

If you get a chance you guys should check out the description of Jon Cryer put for the bike he donated. It's way cute and funny. Plus, dude, it's Duckie's bike (for those who get that reference - 8 cool geeky points).

As for DVD residuals, the going rate is a little less than .03% which equates to 4 cents per $20 DVD you buy. Also that $0.04 per $20 is divided amongst the writers of a series or a movie it's not what each receives per sale, it's what the group receives as a total and then it's dispensed from there.
catalyst2, so good to hear from you! I was starting to worry about you, my friend. Hope you been well.

Yeah, I'm still can't figure out what NBC Universal is thinking here with such a delay on the release of the region one DVD. Considering that BSG season four will be starting up in the same time frame, this isn't making much sense since many fans wish to watch/review three season before hand. Then again, watching the progress of the strike, the studios aren't making any sense (or progress) at all.

Still, region one set looks pretty sweet with 15 hours of extras. I'm kinda' curious if the season 2/3 websoids will be included?
I thought I'd read that "Razor" was going to be included on the season 4 DVD, if season 4 is ever produced and ends up on DVD (hopefully with the writers receiving a fair share of the profits).

I'm kind of annoyed about missing out on the Resistance webisodes too, although obviously because there's some contention over how people were paid for their production I suppose that's understandable. I'm really hoping that something like that will end up on the final season four DVD.

It really irritates me whenever there are big differences in the different regional variations of DVDs, particularly in relation to extras. I don't like the idea of these half season boxsets which are obviously just designed to be more expensive than waiting for the inevitable full season boxset.

And it's even more unfair when they release full series boxsets with a lot more extras not available on the individual releases. Given that these sort of sets are usually released alongside, or not long after, the appearance of the final season DVDs, would it be too much to ask to include a bonus disc with all the extra special features with the final season DVD too?

I know that they like being able to advertise the full series boxsets as having more extras, but surely mmost people who would buy it are't going to care whether other people are getting the same extras too. Of course the real reason is corporate greed, and the possibility that those who have supported the shows all along by buying the individual season boxsets (which also work out a lot more expensive than the complete sets) will also buy the full series for the additional extras.
Apparently they were willing to set aside new percentages for DVDs

The key word there is "new percentages". The statement to which I replied had the "new deal" as giving nothing at all for DVDs, which would be less than they get under the current deal, and certainly no one was trying to negotiate that. (And I didn't attack anyone. I said the idea that the new percentage for DVDs would be zero made no sense.)
I'm sorry if I misunderstood, B!x, but I thought what they set aside was a proposed new agreement on DVDs. If I'm wrong, I deeply apologize. But if someone else also thought that the new agreement was for an actual percentage, then their points would make sense. Even if wrong.
A seventy minute version of Unfinished Business? I am so there, as soon as it can be ordered. Not that I wasn't already, but hey, icing on the cake.
This is the most exciting news I've heard in weeks. Yes, I'm that much of a nerd.
Youíre among friends here; it was the most exciting news I heard all week too, thatís why I posted it.
Most exciting news for me as well! I have been so impatiently waiting for this announcement. I'm thrilled with the extra content that we'll get and I do hope the webisodes are on there as well because those were fantastic and add so much more to the storyline.

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