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January 02 2008

The Best and Worst Movies of 2007. Check out Moviefone's list of the best and worst movies of 2007. Take a gander at #44 (Waitress, with Nathan Fillion). Coming in at #4 is the much acclaimed 3:10 to Yuma, featuring everyone's favorite leaf on the wind, Alan Tudyk.

I have to admit that I saw this movie for the first time last night, and I loved it!

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I don't really agree with the list. I didn't see "Waitress" but Nathan Fillion is one of the tags, is he in the movie?
Yes, he's one of the leads.
I have yet to see Waitress, and have no good explanation for not having seen it... Next time I'm at Blockbuster, I promise!
Cool! I didn't even know about this movie but I will have to check it out.
Do a search on Whedonesque on "Waitress" - you'll find lots of discussion on this lovely movie. Nathan was excellent - definately leading man quality.
I saw Waitress and loved it. Nathan plays a loveable philander and plays it rather well.

But Juno is the best film of the year, hands down, and I am in crush with Ellen Page.
Way up the list is Number 4 - 3:10 to Yuma ... Good role for Alan. Saw it and enjoyed very much indeed.

ps: That maybe should be added to the header.

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Added 3:10 to Yuma to the info.
Good role but simultaneously a very Alan role. I'd like to see him do something nasty in a film (i'm aware of the CSI ep he did, not seen it yet though).

When I first saw the trailer I thought (a transformed) Alan was playing Ben Foster's role as evil hench-villain, must confess I was slightly disappointed when I realised he wasn't.
:P Alan also acted in "Knocked Up", which is also on the list.

I loved that "Once" was so high up on a moviefone list, and "Juno" too. Though I guess I can't argue with the top 2 films.
No Country for Old Men came out on top; that's all I need to know. :-D

I just rewatched Waitress on New Year's Eve with some friends who had never seen it before, and they all loved it. The featurette on Adrienne Shelly was sad.

I'm also pleased that Juno, Sweeney Todd, Ratatouille, and Sicko got spots on the list.
Definitely give that CSI episode a look, Saje. Alan managed to be creepy and endearing almost simultaneously.
Glad to see Juno ranked so highly. No props for Stardust?
Yeah, I'd definitely put Stardust (or Darjeeling Limited) in there in place of Transformers, which I thought failed on almost every level that it could.

I need to check out some of those movies, though. Good list.

Sweeney Todd also features a (very very very brief) appearance by Anthony Stewart Head.
Everyone should watch "Once" at least twice.
I just bought Once, and I've already seen it! Next- Ratatouile...
Haven't seen "Once", but I have bought "Ratatouille." It's that good! I'm also glad "Juno" made the top 5. I may go back t osee it again this weekend.
I would say Sweeney Todd has been the highlight of 2007 for me but I haven't seen other releases like Into the Wild or No Country For Old Men yet (I haven't looked at the list yet). Nor have I seen Sunshine, which I'm gnashing my teeth in anticipation of seeing through Netflix (available 1/8/08) soon. However, since it was released in the U.S. in January 2007, I would say that Away From Her (I'm sure it's not on the list) is one of the loveliest films I've seen in a long time. Powerful. Sarah Polley is going to be a major director.
Although I knew it wouldn't make the list, I was hoping beyond hope to see Death at a Funeral make the cut. That's another little Alan Tudyk Gem, and well worth seeing.

Also, I just recently saw The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, and I recommend that one for it's wonderful story, and the Uncanny resemblance of supporting Actress Priyanka Xi to a young Jewel Staite.

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Death at a Funeral releases sometime in February according to Netflix. 3:10 to Yuma releases on January 8th, so I'm close to seeing that. If quality is any indication, it sounds like this is the "Open Range" of 2007. Both highly-anticipated watching for me.

ETA - Now that I see The Lookout is on the best list, I would love to see the pairing of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a Joss Whedon film or television series. I can't believe he's the same kid from Third Rock From the Sun. His acting has become so refined.

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Though I liked a lot of things on the list, I do have to agree that Transformers was mind-numbingly awful, cringe-worthy in nearly every imaginable way. Maybe there is some sort of rule that lists like that have to include at least one testosteriffic explodey boy movie and by boy, I obviously mean of the twelve and exceedingly obnoxious variety.
Waitress is number 1 in my book!
Seen a lot of these lists lately.. Sweeney belongs there.. (and by the way.. I know he was cut as a ghost.. but right after Sweeney challenges Pirelli to the contest.. is that Tony head asking about his business... I think it may well be)

I want to nominate Serenity as the best movie of 2007, becuase, despite its original release date.. honestly.. there isn't a movie I've watched more in the last year.
deepgirl187, I agree with you about Alan's performance on CSI. I actually had trouble looking at the TV near the end. It was like finding out the adorable Golden Retriever puppy you got for Christmas is the devil incarnate and you have to put it down.

I had never heard of Once until the Boston Rally when someone strongly suggested it to me. In fact, I think I was commanded to watch it. Heh. And now it's everywhere! Fine. I get it! Consider it Netflixed. :)

I loved Waitress. I saw it a few times in the theater. (They played it forever in the theater down the street from my house. I love that theater!) It gets better with each viewing.

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