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January 02 2008

The Republican Party primary field in Buffy villains. Obviously in the interest of parity we need to come up with the Democratic Party equivalent.

This is simply beautiful!
I nominate Obama to be Mr. Trick, he's so cool you just can't believe he could be evil.

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Funny without being too hostile; dig. Even the left-leaning among us can play this game with the Democrats...

Hillary Clinton --> Professor Walsh. Smart, a bit chilly, & believes that the end justifies the means.

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Hmm... would it be too obvious if I nominated Reagan for The First? ;)
I think that Ted Kennedy could be The First, but that may just be me :) This could be an incredibly fun thread if people have fun with it and don't take it too seriously!

ETA - its been suggested to me that perhaps Robert Byrd is actually the first, being the oldest and longest serving current member of Congress (having been in office since January 3rd, 1959).

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Hillary Clinton --> Professor Walsh. Smart, a bit chilly, & believes that the end justifies the means

Given the whole having seen a UFO situation, Kucinich might make a lovely Drusilla.
Kucinich as Drusilla...that is awesome.

Anyway, great link. Romney as the Mayor and Giuliani as Angelus are spot on.

Need to share this.
I vote Hillary C. for Glory, I believe her other part Ben, I mean Bill seldom shows up at the same time and place.
That whole brain sucking thing, just an ugly rumour spread by political opponents.
If the slogan 'two for the price of one' haven't been used yet, it should have been. :)
I think Hillary C.-Faith, Both feel pressured to put on an extra tough act so as not let everybody know that they are vulnerable like the rest of us.
Oh, I thought of Professor Walsh for Hillary instantly, too!

Obama: Mr. Trick
Edwards: Lindsey (hey, it's still in the Buffyverse)
Richardson: The big fat demon in Season 3 who needed to be wet down all the time.
Kucinich: Gnarl

Speaking of the Gentlemen, one of them is a dead ringer for Fred Thompson.

Biden: The Mayor
Dodd: The Judge
Huckabee as Caleb, no where near as attractive, but spot-on!
Gives me chills...

I'm torn between Hillary as Profressor Walsh or Glory, both arguments on this tread seem viable. :)
My only question is if she doesn't win in Iowa will her minions offer to bring her the beaten and broken body of Drew Carey ?

Obama or Edwards as the Mayor, I am torn, I am sure both have closets with some useful occult artifacts, isn't that a prerequisite for a political career ?
I'm leaning towards Obama, isn't the support of Oprah the closest thing to an indestructible spell you can get in US politics ?

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Maybe Hillary could be Darla? Her mate was very powerful and charismatic and slept with other women...
Pretty funny. I think the Hillary -- Maggie Walsh connection is almost too easy (although I love the Bill is Hillary, Ben is Glory matchup). And I'm seeing Obama as Gunn -- bad-boy youth, but (until After the Fall) spent his "best day" working for the underprivileged and looks good in a suit.

Kucinich as Darla is perfect. And Huckabee as Caleb -- couldn't find a better counterpart in my book.
W. Bush-The Beast (from Angel, not Glory). Heís a destructive fighter who is mistaken as the master of his own agenda but is in fact a minion to others.

Destructive fighter-War
Minion-He is considered, by many, as a puppet to others in his administration.

Maybe this is breaking the rules too much seeing as Gorge Bush isnít a candidate and the Beast isnít a Buffy villain.
From the Slate "Sen. Barack Obama is promising free baby-sitting on Thursday", if (band) candy is being offered, run people, run :)
Gorge Bush isnít a candidate

Neat typo :) To be fair I lead us off the topic (which is candidates as Buffyverse villains) when I mentioned Kennedy and Byrd.
Love the McCain as the Master.

I'd say Hillary thinks she's a god, but in reality is Prof Walsh.

Edwards as the Mayor
Kucinich as Dru (especially as his wife is getting more press than him, and Spike got much more time in the Buffyverse)
Dodd/Biden are the nameless vampires that get slayed before the opening theme and aren't relevant to the plot.

Can't figure out Obama, though Trick is a good thought.
I have to try this:
I agree with Hilary as Prof. Wash. (It's almost too perfect.)
Edwards could be Spike, charming, a little crazy.
Like others said, Obama is Mr. Trick.
Kucinich is Snyder, short, funny, but ultimately irrelevant.
Biden is Jonathan, slightly dangerous, ultimately good, but irrelevant at the end.
Mitt Romney is so the Mayor. Ok, I'm totally skeeved out now.
Well personally I think all the Buffy bad guys are way too powerful and cool to have to be connected with these losers. But that is just my opinion.
Works for me; I always go for the traditional and long-established :-). (I'm assuming you know what I mean.)
No, it is not fair to equate Obama with Mr. Trick, simply because both are black. If we go that route, I'd say Obama=Gunn, you know?

Obama = Gunn
Hillary Clinton = Cordelia S1 BTVS
John Edwards = Ted
Dennis Kucinich = Minion
Dennis Kucinich's wife = Ilyria

Gorge (love that!) Bush = Jasmine
OK, so Hillary=Glory=Ben, which means Clinton = Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men?

(Only Brits will get the joke.)
This is good. Huckabee as Caleb is spot on. But I think John McCain is the general of the Knights of Byzantium-- he's always pushing his military experience and he seems to have misplaced his perspective. Clinton is definitely Prof. Wash.
Hillary is so Walsh. hmm... Obama is a hard one, maybe he's Moloch.
Ron Paul=Granchnar
Hilary is Lilah. No question.
A lot of people have said that Hillary is Walsh, and I guess I donít really see it except for a slight physical resemblance and a stern attitude. I do recall a powerful, ambitious, (demonically possessed) and well poised female politician who was also a Black Thorn member at the end of Angel. I even recall her saying she had an eye on the Whitehouse in 2008. I guess she is kind of like Hillary, though perhaps Iím just seeing a female politician with attitude and making the same connection.

Dennis Kucinich-Principal Snyder, not because they have similar personalities but they are both short and kind of funny looking.
Wasn't Senator Brucker already a pretty thinly veiled Hillary? But, going strictly from Buffy, I'll say she's the First Evil -- plotting for years, assuming whatever shape is needed, and can't be pinned down.

Dennis Kucinich is Dalton, the bookish vampire.

Al Gore is Ken from "Anne" -- Carlos Jacott could even play him.
Several of you know that I'm a hardcore conversitive(SP) republican, never hidden that fact.

Thing is, what's the differience within this room? I find it strange. Whatever the strange, I wish to say something. I don't find it makes a difference and I would rather just to speak my friends in my own way. To their heart.
I'm a hardcore conversitive(SP) republican,

That must be a Republican who likes to discuss politics. :~P

Otherwise, I'm afraid I don't understand the rest of your post. What is the difference between what? And what is strange? In my defense, it feels like a Monday here in the office, so I'm sure I'm not absorbing at the right pace yet.
Gill - or people with Google.
The only problem I have with comparing politicians to Buffyverse villains is that I actually *like* some of those villains...

That said, I think Kucinich is probably the leading candidate for Gachnar. He's tiny and funny looking, yells a lot, and gets squashed easily. I agree with Hilary as Walsh, going for a tough image while coming up with grand schemes that go awry and eventually get destroyed by her fellows.

But I want to know what Mike Gravel could be. I'm intrigued by his "Rock" video (and a little worried each time I watch it that seven days later I'm going to die...) but I can't peg him to any Buffy villains.

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Mike Gravel could be Holland Manners, one of the most experienced lawyers at Wolfram & Hart ... okay, it's not Buffy, but it's close!
Oh, Rogue, bless your heart!
Gnarl and Kucinich:

Just sayin'.
z, who you looking for?
So, zeitgeist, the real question has to be, is Little Weed, Glory?
Obama = Sweet (Once More w/ Feeling)
Guilliani = Loan Shark Demon (Tabula Rasa)
Mike Gravel = One of the Gentlemen (Hush)
John Edwards = Holden Webster (Conversations w/ Dead People)
Ron Paul = Gnarl (Same Time, Same Place)
I think the Romney = The Mayor thing is perfect. On top of the psych stuff, the physical resemblance is a little *insert Twilight Zone Theme here*

And Obama as Mr. Trick? Classic (Hey, the clothes make the man!)
Not Buffy, but how about Obama as Jasmine? Tall, attractive, came on the scene suddenly. The message seems new, but is actually the same old stuff. Promises to unite but then attacks opponents.
Oh no, that cannot pass. You mean, like promises to be a compassionate conservative, but isn't? Lies about the war intelligence? Ran the most incompetent administration in US history? Broke the Geneva convention and lied about it? Tortured and renditioned people? Put them in prison without a hearing? I can go on, you know, which is why I put Gorge up at Jasmine in the first place. Peace without thinking or reasoning.

PS. I am caucusing for Obama tomorrow night. :-) In my book, Obama really equals Tara, and you all know how I feel about Tara. She was the only Scooby who remained true to a moral ideal save for two instances related to her believing something about herself that was not true.
"W. Bush-The Beast (from Angel, not Glory). Heís a destructive fighter who is mistaken as the master of his own agenda but is in fact a minion to others."

If you mean GW Bush, does that make Cheney Cordelia? Because I don't want to see him in that black dress.
Obama is Sweet? Maybe I'll vote for him after all. If we're going down, let's go dancing!
I was kinda thinking Ron Paul and Principal Snyder. Must be the ears.
OMG, that's so funny. We should have the Democrats as the good guys. LOL. Like we should have Hillary as Buffy maybe.

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Hillary as Buffy? Not in a million years. Hillary can only wishes she was as awesome.

Though all this makes me wonder which would actually be the best president...

(starts pondering)
Yeah, you're right.

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Allen Doyle - and other newbies, - just a friendly reminder to please use standard spelling and punctuation in your posts, as per site rules:

"Please use proper grammar, capitalization and spelling as best as you can. This will help keep the discussion on topic and it makes your posts easier to read."
I really want to match someone to Doc, and I think Ron Paul kind of resembles him, but the personalities just don't match.

(Yes, I'm still thinking about this. I loves me some Buffy villains. And grammatical correctness.)
Dana5140 - it is months later and I STILL love your brain! And redeem147 I do believe you are correct. We all stand the chance of living a longer, happy more fulfilling life if we never have to see Cheney in a little black dress! Thank you for saving us all.
I can totally see Kucinich as Doc.
How about Obama's wife as Drusilla and him as Spike? She seems to be a lot scarier than he is, and he's got all that charisma. She doesn't seem insane, though. None of these matches can be perfect.

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Hey, no worries, and no need to 'pologize AD. :-)
Giuliaini is so much more evil than Angelus.

I'm totally on board with Reagan as The First. And Hilary as Maggie Walsh, she's not nearly funny enough to be Glory. Although the Glory/Ben, Hilary/Bill thing is really funny.

crazygolfa said: Edwards/Spike, charming & a little crazy. And with the potential to save the world? Just sayin' ;-) (No burning to a cinder necessary, though).

Good points for Dubya = The Beast (AtS), redeem147 except the beast is smarter. BTW, love your screen name :)

There is no Big Bad in the entire jossverse as evil as Cheney. Well maybe Holland Manners, or the little girl in the White Room.
Huckabee=Warren Mears

Just trying out some of the minor characters to see if they fit.
Edwards is arrogantly inept in a Maggie Walsh/Holland Manners-like way.
Obama as Jasmine or Ethan Rayne, promising unification but delivering chaos.
Hillary as The First. There is no Big Bad in the entire Jossverse as malovent as Hillary.
Jeez, hate much?
I still fail to see how people keep equating Obama with chaos. He has an effective and efficient campaign organization, nimble and quick. He's done very well here in Iowa. This thread is fun in a barbed kind of way, but the danger, as always, is that when anything gets political, it also gets nasty. Let's be careful out there.
Best of luck tonight, Dana5140, and I mean that sincerely. (I'm not in an early primary state anyhow.)
Yay, Dana5140!
Get us off to a good start tonight, will ya?
In California, watching with bated breath.

Oh, and to be on topic, I'm afraid that a lot of politicians are Buffy's friend Ford--nice on the surface, leading gullible followers to sure destruction out of a twisted sense of what's right and fair.
I do recall a powerful, ambitious, (demonically possessed) and well poised female politician who was also a Black Thorn member at the end of Angel.I even recall her saying she had an eye on the Whitehouse in 2008. .

I like this comparison quite a bit, I wonder if the writers were thinking of Hilary when he wrote the character of the Senator for the season five episode, "Power Play".

The Glory/Ben= Hilary/Bill comparison is very humorous as well.

If Hilary were Walsh then who would Bill Be? My guess is either Forrest or Riley because both were brainwashed by Walsh.
I think Bill Clinton would be Adam. She helped define him, and he's her greatest liability.
Can I just say that this thread is hilarious? Having a good time reading all your comparisons!
I'll hijack the thread for a moment and offer my own thoughts on the Iowa primary, just hours before I head to caucus. Were I to predict the results, I would do so as follows:

However, the spearation between all three will be small, just 1-2 percentage points either way. I give Edwards second because I think he has been here more than anyone else, he has built a very effective grassroots program, and he is well liked. Obama has excited the younger crowd, and the problem for him is that some colleges are not yet open, so some students will not be back; however, he has done very well here. And Mrs. Clinton has in the last couple of weeks done better as her campaign has used Chelsea Clinton as a spokesperson.

Here, we have some notable confusion. Huckabee had been building momentum based on hard core campaigning at evangelics. He ran TV ads that called himself a "Christian Leader" and has invoked Christ in his public meetings. This may work in Iowa, which is largely rural, but his recent foreign policy gaffes, coupled with his odd decision to forego a negative ad but still show it to the media, and the fact that he just crossed the picket line of the WGA (while claiming he supports them) hurt him with labor. His bounce may have been hurt by this. Romney has been able to decrease the Huckabee surge significantly in the last week- he has capitalized on those gaffes, and so I think it will be close but that Huckabee will still prevail, only by 1-3 percentage points. McCain is gaining some ground as well, and Paul attracts free-spirit conservative/libertarian students. Giuliani essentially gave up here some time ago.

Check back tomorrow to see how close I am to right. :-)
Just to be annoying, given we're doing comparisons here, I wonder who Amber, or anyone else in the casts (besides Emma *g,) is pulling for?
If we could get back to the topic in hand instead of meandering elsewhere down the policitical road it would be greatly appreciated.
Given the topic of the thread, it invites meandering...
seriously, given that we may have good ideas but none of us actually came up with this, I'd really like to see this guy's versions of the dEmocrats.
If we could get back to the topic in hand

Edwards is Ben: I think he's a good guy, he seems really down to earth, and his heart seems to be in the right place-- helping other people who need it. But there's something weird about him that I can't quite put my finger on.
I believe they are ALL senior partners and groomed to be so.

I also think Huckabee is the spitting image of that weasel President Logan in "24". JMO
Just back- it was way too neat!

I was wrong on one person. Fred Thompson polled third among republicans, and will stay in, with 13% of the vote. Huckabee won with 34% to Romney's 25%. McCain was 4th, Giuliani 5th at 10% and Paul also had 10%.

The democratic caucus was way cool! In our precinct, Obama had more than 55% of the total vote! (199 out of 349 total)Overall, he took 37%, to a tie between Edwards and Clinton at 30%.

So, Dodd, Biden, and Richardson are out; Keyes is out. Obama has the big mo, as does Huckabee, but the republican side of things remains quite unsettled. Clinton is likely panicking right now, and it will be interesting to see how she responds to this.

My read: The public is tired of the same of hate, and wants new faces on both sides of the aisle. It is Bush fatigue and hate. The right has to be beyond panicked as they based their entire campaign on fighting Clinton, and she may not win.
Dana5140: appreciate the news, but please heed Simon's admonition above. This isn't primarily a political site. Thanks.
I think this is on topic since it comments on the candidates/characters comparisons. If not, just delete me and I'll consider myself chastised.
Dana5140 said:

Jeez, hate much?
I still fail to see how people keep equating Obama with chaos.

Isn't that a little hypocritical, considering your own previous post, "

Huckabee=Warren Mears

Hate doesn't require a comment and it seems that Dana5140 is applying a different standard to others' posts and her(his?) own. It's all comedy until someone says something about her/his? candidate of choice.
If any post doesn't belong on this thread, it's Dana5140's rundown of each candidate's chances, accurate as it turned out to be (with the exception of noting that Edwards was outspent in Iowa by more than 2 to 1 by Clinton and more than 3 to 1 by Obama).

Just pointing out who turned this thread into a serious political commentary, which it was obviously not meant to be.

Off to watch Bill Mahr on Lettetman, reasonably on topic?

edited for spelling.

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Sorry, Simon- thought it was germane as a follow-up. Shey, no evil was intended; I was going on looks (ie, Kucinich-Jonathan), not attributes. Sorry that was not clearer.
No problem Dana5140,we all get sensitive about politics.

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