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January 02 2008

The new Buffy contest on Slayerlit. Name your fave book and win an author's signed copy of the new and likely last Buffy novel.

Okay, this makes me so sad. I know I'm a grown woman and these are aimed at teens, but, for me, the novelizations have been a fun way to fall back into the Buffyverse from time to time (longer and more satifying than the comics, no matter HOW much I adore them...) and I'm going to miss them dearly . I guess I'm off to fanfic land from now on... sigh :(

(not knocking fanfic people, I like me some good fanfic, but it's just not the same)

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This makes me sad too and I've only read one of the novels. I actually prefer reading fanfic but this? Just makes me feel like it's the end of an era. *sighs*
Even though I've ever been impressed with the books, I have to admit I own quite a few of them. Sometimes they just feel right, even if you know that what you're reading doesn't quite count as good literature. My favorite was Monster Island, by Chris Golden and Thomas Sniegoski.
I've only read three I really like: Christopher Golden's Oz: Into the Wild, Ashley McConnell & Dori Koogler's These Our Actors, and and Robert Joseph Levy's Go Ask Malice: A Slayer's Diary. I suppose the publisher doesn't feel that they are selling well enough to continue? It is too bad, because no one is discontinuing all the Star Trek novelizations any time soon.

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I'm not a huge book reader, but I love Buffy books. They are the only books that I can sit down, read and enjoy. Of course they arn't the best written novels of all time, but there are quite a few great ones. I just love stories with these characters. I'm very sad they are ending.
What's a slayerlit? A slayer on flames or what? embers, you kill me.
Wait, why will there be no more Buffy novels?
By the way, there's also an article in the 'Feature Story' section on the site in which a number of the BtVS authors discuss the end of the book line.
Tibbittz...several reasons for the termination of the books, all inter-related:

1. The big box book stores have been uninterested in stocking the BtVS novels since the show went off the air, deciding that shelf space is limited (particularly in the world of YA novels, which is the growth field in publishing right now), and there was an ever-shrinking fan base of Buffy readers to support them.

2. Editorial changes at the publisher kept moving the Buffy license through various hands since the original editor left the company, meaning there wasn't one firm, committed vision for the line these last few years, resulting in some unsuccessful experiments like the 'Stake Your Destiny'

3. As a result of all of this, sales dropped. And that's the bottom line in the publishing business.
Okay, thanks. Dark Horse should pick up this licence -- their illustrated novel Creatures of Habit was pretty good.
The strange thing is that there seems to be a renaissance in chick lit vampire fantasy books at the moment. It seems odd that the Buffy publisher doesn't try and cash in on this.
Finally, one of my specialties.

So, rumours began spreading aorund February and March at and possibly before that. In my chat with Alice Henderson on June 23rd (which can be viewed in the Files section of my Yahoo! Group and at the Yahoo! Group's site after its construction is finished)she told me that the novels (at the time at least) were selling very well and there were a number of authors who had Buffy book proposals sent in that they never heard back on.

So, although the line could have continued for probably two more years at least (with a new book every 4 months), the line was still ended for the reasons Shiai has stated above.
I'm such a completist. I have all the Buffy novels, as well as virtually every Buffy academic book there is, so my collection has to number like 100 books or more now. For me, the best Buffy novel eer was Monster Island- Chris Golden has a way of writing Willow and Tara that is heads above everyone else, and he has one scene in that book that is as good as any in the TV series, when the two girls meet up on the island after being apart. I also felt that novelization of Chosen was well done, and gave insight into scenes that did not make sense when I saw them, like when Willow looked up at the window after confessing her loss to Kennedy in TKIM. I think the series could have done well; Buffy has a certain cache that they could cash in on, if only they could creatively market the book beyond the YA market- which they could had they done things right and gone in a more adult direction.
I enjoyed the Faith-focused Go Ask Malice.
I also enjoyed Go Ask Malice by Robert Joseph Levy. Other favorites are The Lost Slayer by Christopher Golden and Portal Through Time by Alice Henderson
I remember back in '98 when I was 12 or 13 I just ate these books up. Some of the early ones were really cute. I haven't read one since then, but I do own a few. I actually think the first hardcover book I read was a Buffy book. Its a sad day. These books were a special part of my childhood.
What do you mean by "Last"?

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