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January 02 2008

Meet the Cast of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer Glau and her castmates will be appearing at the Golden Apple comic book store in Los Angeles on January 5th. She'll also be appearing at the Los Angeles Comic Book and SciFi Convention on January 13th.

The free in-store event features a screening of the pilot episode, cast Q&A, autographs and photo ops.

That is too cool, we go to that store all the time. (Though a couple of weeks ago it was 'get your picture taken with an Alien and a Predator dressed like Santa', so this is much better.)

I'm wondering though...the shop is kind of small. I mean, to be hosting a viewing and Q&A and such...ah well, curious to see!
YAY GEEK CHAOS! I'm sooo there!
The event sounds great. I do wish GA hadn't moved from its old Melrose location, which was just a lot cozier. I've never warmed to the La Brea store.
I feel old, I didn't even know they weren't on Melrose anymore. Perhaps I will check it out.
They're still on Melrose, Mal'sGal, just not at the original Melrose location, which was between Spaulding and Stanley, if I remember correctly.
The event sounds great. I do wish GA hadn't moved from its old Melrose location, which was just a lot cozier. I've never warmed to the La Brea store.

I feel exactly the same way. The old store was bigger, but somehow, yes, cozier. Even if it was right next to the Scientologists. But hey, this new place is right by Pinks, so that's something, right? At least you can see the ridiculously long line there, even if you don't indulge.

But let me tell you, I had a freakin' out husband on my hands when we pulled up to the old location, not knowing they had moved!
I feel it is my duty to go, yet I am dreading the chaos that will ensue trying to fit a whole lotta geeks in a not so lotta space.
I've never been to this store. There are and were ones closer. I'd really like to see the official pilot. How afraid should I be?
I've added some info about another appearance Summer will be making in Los Angeles.
I'm also thinking of (and somewhat dreading) going. Never been to Golden Apple before.
I was at Golden Apple for the first time over the holidays. I was very impressed with the service and the selection. I was made to feel welcome and appreciated. And unfortunately it is still pretty rare for a comic shop to treat a 40 year old woman that way. Yay, Golden Apple!
Yeah, I liked the old premises and location, right across from the Fairfax High School and much closer to home, but I hafta say my shopping experience in the new store has been waaaaaay better. Those folks treat this fifty-two-year-old Lady Customer like a Special V.I.P. Buyer, while some years ago at the old store I felt like I was dealing with Comic Book Guy4.


I actually enjoy going to the comic book store now.

*tries not to think about its proximity to the evil, evil Pinks.*

I just might maybe possibly consider going to this...

"Tell you what. I'll show you something very special, if you promise to put your grubby little hands behind your back and keep them there." -- CBG, "Three Men and a Comic Book," The Simpsons, written by Jeff Martin

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