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January 02 2008

Best Comic Book Writer of 2007. Comic Book Resources' Emmett Furey (a reviewer, not a character, despite the name) puts Joss at the top of his list.

His work on “Astonishing X-Men,” “Runaways” and “Buffy: Season 8” has been consistently top-notch. I’m excited that Whedon plans to return to TV when the writer’s strike wraps up, but am simultaneously disappointed that this will almost certainly result in a hiatus from his comics work.

My comic book store won't have Buffy #10 until Friday.

*(Drums fingers through kitchen table.)*
Hey, is there like an oscar for comics or anything like that?
Looks like most comic shops won't, Pointy.

As for wheat-on and comics, one of the good things to come of the strike (if any), is that he has the opportunity to write more for comics!
Pointy, like a fool (or rather, as a fool), I walked to my store today. I always forget that holidays delay shipments. Friday arrival, which sometimes has meant they're not on the shelf until the next day. I think it depends on the time of day the shipment arrives.

Hey, is there like an oscar for comics or anything like that?

The Eisner Award.
As Sunfire says, the Eisner is the closest (named for the genius that was Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit, and author of one of my very favorite books, A Contract With God).

And, indeed, Joss and John Cassaday won an Eisner for Astonishing X-Men in 2006.
Good point, Sunfire. I should call before showing up on Friday. No need to expose defenseless clerks to the Glower of Power.
There's also a mention of Brian K. Vaughn on another reviewer's list, though not for his work with Faith. And Stuart Immonen (okay, not Whedonverse related, but he's brilliant and he did draw a Spike for me once.)
Best Comic Book Writer of 2007?

Alan Moore for Black Dossier. It was like reading high art.
I had not read a comic prior to 2007. I've read a few in 2007. Such is the power of Joss. So my favorite writers of 2007 are Straczynski for Midnight Nation and Joss for Sugarshock. I bold love Sugarshock! I bought Firefly and Buffy (joss's, not other peeps') and read some of Joss' X-Men stuff but his favorite creation is Sugarshock. I experience pure joy as I read SS. Thanks, Joss :) And for introducing me to the graphic novel scene, too.
Midnight nation is very very good (although it came out a few years ago, I re-read it last week ;) ). In fact I would say it might be my favourite comic by someone who isn't a comic book writer (I'm aware I might have to back that statement up at some point). It might even be better than Babylon 5 (which I love)

Best comic (collected trade paper back, graphic novel, whatever) last year.
The end of Strangers in Paradise and Terry Moore.
Absolute Sandman vol 2
Cario (just read this and it was cool)
Promethea (final vol which I think came out last year) and Alan Moore, not read Black Dossier yet, it's on order ;)
Pride of Baghdad

To be honest as a comic Series 8 is a really good TV show so far, although Joss' last one (the standalone) was really good.

And obviously all the above is my opinion only :)

have fun
"Sugarshock" was amazing ("Squirrels have NO SOULS!"). BKV's Season 8 arc was more fun for me than Joss's issues. I was out of it on "Runaways" early on and am being anal about reading it out of order, so it'll be some time before I get to the Whedon run of that ... and some more time before Terry Moore ...

I've not read as many comics as usual this year. Hurrah for trade paperbacks.

I'm waiting for the Absolute edition of "The Black Dossier," which apparently will feature a record -- vinyl and all -- by a fictional band (i.e. Alan Moore pretending to be a fictional band). And Alan Moore as musician is really good, actually ("March of the Sinister Ducks" anyone?). Plus he knows Giles, so it's even better.

(Giles and Alan Moore in a band. Would be awesome. Just saying.)
I have to agree fmwt about Strangers in Paradise. I've read the whole series since Dragoncon, I've been a comic reader since I was a wee little kid, and it's the best thing ever.
As much as I like Joss, my best comic book writer of 2007 would have to be one of the four writers involved with 52, which was far and away my favorite series of the year. And of those writers, Geoff Johns was the one whose non-52 output I liked the best, so my vote goes for him.
March of the sinister ducks is sooooo coooooool :) and very silly

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