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January 03 2008

Supporting Actors stand out. Chiwetel Ejiofor gets some recognition for "Talk to Me" and "American Gangster."

Personally, I thought Chiwetel was completely wasted in American Gangster (which was a pretty average movie all around). He deserves much better.
As far as I'm concerned, there was nothing "supporting" about his performance in Talk to Me. Cheadle was fantastic, but there would not have been a movie without Chiwetel. Classic case of how people focus on loud, showy performances and ignore others in the cast who shine with more understated characters. The scene where he quietly showed up the self-righteous Cheadle by hustling him at pool was awesome. Another example of Joss's eye for great talent.

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Not seen 'Talk to Me' but have to agree UpC that Chiwetel's role in 'American Gangster' was a bit of a nothing part (I thought the film itself was better than average but not by a whole helluva lot). Reckon the best performance i've seen from him is probably still 'Tsunami:The Aftermath' - when Sophie Okonedo (also brilliant) tells him it's his fault, his face just does this thing that'd break a heart of stone.

Also have to agree with the article about Steve Zahn in 'Rescue Dawn' and Ben Foster in '3:10 to Yuma', they both managed to at least hold their own against Christian Bale, no small feat. And Robert Downey Jr is one of those actors who, no matter what's going on in their personal life, I could watch reading the phone book. He was great in 'Zodiac' but also had a blink and you'll miss it role in 'Lucky You' and still (in about 5 minutes onscreen) had more charisma and presence than Eric Bana (who I normally rate quite highly) did throughout.
I loved Chiwetel in Kinky Boots. He's so talented, and so very pretty.

I just happen to have extra tickets to see him (and my imaginary boyfriend Ewan McGregor) in Othello next month, on the 12th and 14th. Anyone in London want to meet an American Browncoat for a drink and the show?
IMO, Ben Foster was one of the best things about "3:10 to Yuma"... and that was in a movie *full* of extremely good performances IMO. I could go on and on, but I won't.

I haven't seen "American Gangster" or "Talk to Me" (yet). But everything else I've seen Chiwetel Ejiofor in, he's always been fantastic. Quietly fantastic.
Ah, Chiwetel. That young man'll go far, methinx... (only narrowly beaten to being my very favouritest actor by one Cillian Murphy.) One of those guys who can display incredible range without ever once letting you catch them acting. Pity he's so often overlooked in favour of flashier fellows.

Also, managed to hold his own against both Denzel Washington AND Clive Owen's unassailable coolness in Inside Man. And that, ladies and gents, is an achievement. ;)
NYP, Check out Talk to Me as soon as you can. It was just as good as anything else that's being talked up for "Best Picture" nominations, but is likely being overlooked because it came out much earlier in the year. It's funny, heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time. And more impressive, the story, which is based on two real people, necessarily goes into territory that most Hollywood films typically regurgitate with tired stereotypes and cliches, but they nonetheless always manage to keep it feeling real.
deadbessie - thanks so much. I'm going over at the end of March and you have reminded me that I should look to see what is playing and get tickets now.

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