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"The end of the world, right? You've got apocalypse written all over your face."
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January 03 2008

Best futures of 2007 - Angel: After The Fall. The post-apocalyptic adventures of Angel and co in Los Angeles gets included in this article about tomorrows that "give us the "I want to be there" zoom".

io9 is Gawker Media's new scifi blog and is proving to be a really good read so far.

Good review, just a pity they didn't know the publishers were IDW or how to spell Gunn's name. Still can't have everything, and very pleased Angel: After the Fall was mentioned.
'Tis true, Hell is the new black, it's where all the cool kids are going in 2008.

Strictly though (unless the article has a huge spoiler) we don't know if BSG is actually set in the future or not.
Plus we got to meet the tough-as-nails Kendra Shaw, who made even the Cylon-punching Starbuck look kind of wussy.

should not be said lightly ;).
Good mention! I like the representation of the apocalypse too. Very apocolypsy:)
and Firefly gets a mention under the Audacia Ray bit (Sex Workers)



"AtS" ending with the world ending.

Why even bother writing a little blurb like that if you know nothing about the show OR the comic except the basics? I mean, it's not like IDW is on the front cover or anything... or that Gunn's name is said only about a thousand and eleven times on the show... or that the world didn't end because, in Season Eight, Buffy and the others are still living in it...

I havn't read the comic yet but if this artical is correct than I must say that is shocking news about Charlie Gunn.

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