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January 03 2008

The Philistine and Nathan Fillion. "If everything works out, Nathan Fillion will star in it."

Dawn (on our favorite myspace with over 40,000 friends) found this information.

Exciting news, although judging by the cover art at this looks like more of a job for a "Captain No-Pants". The Fillionaires should be very pleased though.

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So what does this mean, is he going to get it, or not???

He better.
Sweet. Hope it pans out.
I'm looking forward to hearing more...and about trucker too - i believe we'll be hearing more about that one before too long
Already a friend of mine joked that, "if he does get the role, the movie will hence forth be known as The Fillistine." Well. I thought it was funny...
That was funny, and it's cute.
But hey guys should we care about this one too.

Naughty Dog President Confirms Uncharted Sequel

[Also, when they make the Uncharted movie--and you know they will--if there is any justice in the world, Nathan Fillion will nab the lead role.]

I didn't want to do a story about it because I wasn't sure that it was news.

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