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August 06 2002

(SPOILER) Location shoot pictures. There's a report and pictures from a "Sunnydale High" location shoot of Episode 1 S7 on the Cross and Stake Board. (UPDATE: new URL, LeoffOnline's hosting the pictures)

The shoot was at Cal State Northridge (CSUN)

The scenes filmed included Xander (in stylish suit) dropping off Buffy and Dawn at school, and both of them meeting the new principal. Pictures include car, actors and a sign saying "Future Home of Sunnydale High School Science Building."

A crew member was overheard saying 20 episodes required shooting at the school.

(If you're quick you can still catch the thread at the Cross and Stake board.)

Sunnydale UNIFIED School District? Hunh? I always thought it was *Name-Of-City* Independent School District.
Hellmouth High, anyone? ;)
[OT]Heartbreak High ruled...[/OT]
Anyone recognise the actor playing the principle? Someone at TWOP suggested it was D.B. Woodside, whom I've never heard of.
Here is his page link, for whatever it is worth, from IMDB:,+D.B.

Interestingly enough, he's a Yalie who has been on stage in numerous Shakespearean productions---hmmmmmm.

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Here's a ZapIt article on Joss and the actors he hires. Nothing on the principal, though.

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