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January 04 2008

More Serenity Tales. Three new comic strip adventures set in the 'Verse. There's the stunningly powerful "Yarn", the follow up to the fan favourite "Notes on a Fridge [on a Spaceship]" and South Park Book.

Yarn was really lovely. I enjoyed the art a lot, and the soliloquy of Mrs. Cobb would have worked all by its lonesome as a gorram live journal entry.

Lovely. My kudos to Mark Bourne and Neal Skorpen. And thank you so much for the link, Simon. It's an uber comic day for me.
Yeah, the Yarn comic was really great. Notes on a Fridge is darn impressing too, but it hasn't got the wow-factor as much now as this was the sequel :)
I enjoyed Yarn very much also - the knitting motif couldn't help but remind me of The Kindly Ones but, of course, used to very different effect. The design of all three strips is terrific.
Yarn was beautiful, but now I feel an urge to do a fan comic explaining how that scarf ended up on the TARDIS.
Yarn just made me cry. It's gorgeous. All of them are good, but that one is my favorite.
As a knitter of many Jayne hats, Yarn is my fave. Thanks for the link! I'll be passing it on to other 'Coats for their enjoyment and edification.
Wow. Great stuff.
I agree, "Yarn" is a standout.

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